Bedroom Lighting


One of the most lived in rooms in a home, bedrooms are often multifunctional spaces that are cozy and comfortable, and need adequate lighting to function properly. A bedroom is no longer a place only for sleeping; it can be used as a space for relaxing, getting ready in the morning and working late into the night.

A table lamp on a bedside table is perfect for providing task lighting for reading. Or if the surface space on a bedside table is limited, consider mounting an adjustable wall sconce next to the bed to provide direct light. When getting ready for the day, bright, ambient light is needed. A decorative ceiling light in a closet provides the generous light needed for picking out clothes, while simultaneously adding a subtle design statement in the space. To keep your bedroom cool and comfortable, add a ceiling fan to your space. And when you have work to finish before bed, a table lamp or desk lamp on a desk will provide the necessary light to finish your tasks.

At YLighting we offer a wide assortment of lamps and fans that will help you create a dynamic arrangement of bedroom lighting.