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That’s a Ceiling Fan?

Cool. Sculptural. Unique. Functional. Modern ceiling fans are anything but typical. In fact, they may not even look like ceiling fans at first. Just like with lamps, fans have moved beyond classic designs due to technology advancements. Gone are the days of having to choose between compelling design or function.

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Gage LED Outdoor Wall Light from TECH Lighting

Ask An Expert: How Do I Choose Lights That Are Bright Enough For My Front Porch?

Q: My front porch light barely puts off enough light to get my key into the lock. I’m ready to replace it, but how can I tell if it’s going to be as bright as I need?

A: When it comes to the front stoop, you want to have enough light to move and function safely. You should be able to walk up the drive with ease, spot your keys in your handbag and create enough illumination that nefarious characters don’t see the space as an invitation.

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String Lights for Summer Nights

Days are longer, temperatures are higher and entertaining outdoors is lasting long into the night. To keep the party going after the sun goes down, you need to add light to your outdoor space. So what’s an easy way to add light that still packs a big design punch? String lights!

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Terzani on Light, Shadow and Drama in Design

There’s just something magical about the way light and shadow can be made to play across a wall or ceiling. It sparkles and surrounds you in unexpected ways. The exact pattern and breadth of the light are dependent primarily on the design of the central light source. To find out more about the phenomenon of shadowplay–and the best kind of lighting designs to maximize the effect–we chatted with a lighting designer who specializes in it, Nicolas Terzani of Terzani.

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