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Terzani on Light, Shadow and Drama in Design

There’s just something magical about the way light and shadow can be made to play across a wall or ceiling. It sparkles and surrounds you in unexpected ways. The exact pattern and breadth of the light are dependent primarily on the design of the central light source. To find out more about the phenomenon of shadowplay–and the best kind of lighting designs to maximize the effect–we chatted with a lighting designer who specializes in it, Nicolas Terzani of Terzani.

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Material Love: Concrete

A new trend is pouring itself into the design world and solidifying its position there. It’s strong, but it’s also malleable. It’s been around for years.

That’s right, I’m talking about concrete.

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A Visit to a Spanish Design Atelier

During our recent trip to Milan Design Week, we took a little detour to Rubí, Spain (a suburb of Barcelona), to tour the studio of Xavier Mañosa, one of the top designers for the Barcelona-based lighting brand, Marset. Rarely do we get the opportunity to see our brands’ designers at work in their personal studios. So it was exciting for us to experience in person a space that regularly produces intriguing and artistic ceramic pieces.

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Wireflow 2D 2-Light Pendant By Arik Levy, from VIBIA

Editor’s Picks: Award-Winning Pendant Lights

There are many factors that define a successful product. From innovative materials to energy efficiency and even a beautiful silhouette, each of these elements play a part when considering whether a new lighting design is award worthy. They are especially dramatic when it comes to award-winning pendant lights.

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Design Destinations the Whole Family Will Love

It may seem an impossible task to find a vacation spot that is both inspiring enough for modern design-loving adults and entertaining enough for their kids. However, most larger cities in the U.S. offer a great array of options for modern design lovers to think and play, while simultaneously providing activities and attractions for restless offspring. 

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Modern Lighting Design: Material Matters

Lighting designers and architects pay close attention to what materials are incorporated into a lighting fixture, as well as how each material is used to help curate a specific look and feel. Different materials perform better than others when used for different design purposes, thanks to the way factors such as chemistry and workability affect light play, texture, suspension, weight distribution, and more.

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The Coolest Exhibits At Salone del Mobile

Every year, the best furniture, lighting and home accessories designers in the world gather for Salone del Mobile and Euroluce. Taking over the city of Milan for a week, exhibitors introduce their latest designs to the world in a variety of ways.

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Design Trends: Transparent Lighting

Transparency is hardly a new idea when it comes to design, particularly modern design. Shimmering and bright, this see-through aesthetic has been emblematic of ultra-modern, almost futuristic, style. For nearly two decades now, the trend has been to look backward rather than forward, with styles reminiscent of the 1950s-70s.

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