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Modern Favorites|YLighting

5 Modern Favorites

Here are my 5 modern favorites for your Friday. All New, Some Exculsive and Most LED, I’ve been admiring these beautiful lights all week long. Plus, we’ve got a little giveaway going on you might be interested in entering…

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Modern Workspace Lighting |YLighting

How to Light Your Modern Workspace Right

If you have the advantage of working from home, congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones! Having a home office means having the flexibility of designing your own set-up. While you may pay more attention to the styling, it’s a good idea to take into account the ergonomics of your environment, including your modern workspace lighting. 

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Feiss Modern Lighting|YLighting

Introducing Feiss

As always, we’re so excited to be adding new brands to the YLighting family. Here’s a look into our newest modern lighting addition: Feiss. 

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Modern Ceiling Lights|YLighting

7 Modern Ceiling Lights

It’s Monday, and maybe you’ve got the Monday blues, so let these 7 modern ceiling lights brighten up your day. Elegant and classic, minimal and chic, there’s something for every space and every need. 

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Cerno + ICRAVE Collaboration

While trying to offer the best in modern lighting, our team at YLighting is always looking for new and exciting brands, unique designs, as well as handmade and one of a kind beauties. Even better, when such gems are produced in accordance with best technological and environmental practices. Here’s a look at the much anticipated Cerno + ICRAVE Collaboration

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Calx Large Pendant Light from Cerno

New + Exclusive from Cerno

Here at YLighting, we’re always on a lookout for the new bold designs, and this season, Cerno has delivered a series of modern luminaries to meet and beat our expectations. One of the most prominent designs, no doubt, is the Calx collection: exclusive to YLighting, the Calx collection is represented by these gorgeous designs:

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LED Lighting |YLighting

LED Lighting 101

Not used to LED lighting? Uncertain of how bright a particular LED light will be in comparison to incandescent watts? If you’re looking for lighting and have found yourself confused by or unsure of LEDs; you’re not alone! We’ve been getting a few questions regarding LEDs and figured it was time to help clear the air. 

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Capitone Ceiling Light from Alma Light | YLighting

Five Favorites: Alma Light

Alma Light is a Spanish lighting company that designs and creates pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Drawing inspiration from everywhere, Alma Light‘s fixtures are characterized by their unique, thoughtful, and familiar designs, as well as their superior quality.

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Oak and Silk Pendant Light from Brunklaus Amsterdam | YLighting

Brunklaus Amsterdam

Brunklaus Amsterdam is an innovative Dutch design company known all over the world for their unique combination of printed textiles and modern lighting. Going far beyond traditional, colored fabric shades, designer and company founder Nicolette Brunklaus transforms her fixtures by adding her own images that she plays with and manipulates.

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Modern Bathroom Lighting |Ylighting

How to Light a Bathroom Vanity

So, the lighting over your bathroom vanity isn’t doing much good is it? Mine either. I have one single wall mounted glass fixture from the 70’s over my vanity, which seems super practical, but doesn’t really meet the stylish and functional modern bathroom lighting combo I’m going for. So, while I’m dreaming of a total lighting redo for my bathroom vanity, I’ve decided to put together a snazzy how-to just for you:

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Modern Valentine's Day | YLighting

Make it Red or Pink for Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day! There’s something about all those hearts in pretty shades of red and pink that just get me. For some modern Valentine’s Day inspiration, here’s a roundup of some pretty lighting in a heart day color palette of reds and pinks:

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Kyoto Chandelier from Lumifer

Brand Spotlight: Lumifer

When we launched Lumifer here at YLighting, we were thrilled. Being obsessed with modern designs, honest practices, high quality,  and imaginative creativity, we know that it’s a rare combination to discover in a brand. To our delight, Lumifer actually follows the above principles while manufacturing great designs, one masterpiece at a time. Each of their unique fixtures is made to order, and customization opportunities are virtually endless. 

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Modern Bathroom Lighting |YLighting

Modern Forms’ Modern Lighting

We’re sharing some favorites from the all LED lighting company, Modern Forms. Their modern lighting is full of fixtures with clean lines and contemporary appeal. Here are some brand bests, all of which boast energy efficient LED lights, and at a good price point too. 

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