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Flos USA’s CEO Predicts the Future of Lighting + More

Imagine an evening in the not-so-distant future. Your phone unlocks the front door to your house. As you walk in, the lighting in your house adjusts instantly to your personal preferences. In the morning, a wristband senses when you’re entering light sleep and cues your floor lamp to brighten slowly, simulating the sun rising.

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Eos Mini Pendant Light from Vita Copenhagen

Let’s Hygge! 5 Tips for a Happy Home

If you haven’t been stuck on a remote island for the past year (hopefully DiCaprio was there to show you around), chances are you’ve heard, read, or seen hygge everywhere. After all, even Oxford Dictionaries shortlisted it for the “Word of the Year 2016.” At one point, you must have asked yourself, “What’s that hygge all about?”

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Bertjan Pot |YLighting

Designer Bertjan Pot for Moooi

Designer Bertjan Pot has created a number of unique lighting collection for Moooi, including the iconic Random Light, as well as the Heracleum Collection, and the Prop Light Collection. Capturing the avant-garde essence of the brand, Bertjan Pot’s designs are playful in character, while remaining on the cutting edge of modern design.

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