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Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Design Trends: Sculptural Lighting

Say goodbye to the traditional light design restrained by supporting the classic light bulb.  Today’s modern lighting takes on sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs to create a new type of light source – one that is functional and a work of art both at the same time. This growing trend has reached across all types of lighting. 

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10 No-Fail Pendant Lights

Today’s modern pendant lights function not only as ceiling lights, but also as important pieces of home décor. They incorporate a mix of materials and textures to create looks that can range from minimal and industrial to ornate and sophisticated. All the while, they bring the form-meets-function factor, producing direct and versatile lighting using all kinds of possible shapes.

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Try This: Designing with Multiple Pendant Lights

If you are looking to make a statement in your space, you’ll find strength in numbers. A clever, on-trend solution we love is finding a pendant light you love—and pairing it with several more. A lighting design with multiple pendant lights is great because you get to put your creative cap on and make your own work of art that will have a strong effect on your room’s look.

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Suspenders® 36 Inch 3-Bar In-Line Linear LED Lighting System - Bar-Mounted Single Cylinder / Parachute Reflector from SONNEMAN

Suspenders Precise: Exclusive Behind the Design with Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman, “Lighting’s Modern Master”, has pioneered contemporary lighting design for over fifty years. Since their introduction in the 1960s and ‘70s, many of his designs have become classics of the modern era. Sonneman has gone on to release over 3,000 products you can find in high-end showrooms and galleries. Here, the creative visionary speaks to us about Suspenders Precise, which adds lighting functionality and performance to the Suspenders System introduced in January 2016.

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Mini Pendants |YLighting

10 Modern Mini Pendants For Every Look

Mini pendants are great for adding ambient lighting in an area, but they’re also ideal for concentrated task lighting elsewhere in the kitchen and office. Hanging multiple mini pendants either in a row or at vary heights can create a stunning lighting display over the kitchen island, dining room table, or in the entryway.

Better yet, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, whether bold, minimal, industrial or luxe. For your inspiration, here are 10 modern mini pendants worth checking out.

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2016 Best Chandeliers | Juniper Design THIN LED Chandelier |YLighting

The Best Chandeliers of 2016

2016 put out a lot of beautiful lighting, including some outstanding chandeliers. While we’re always looking forward to the new designs coming to us this year, we can’t help but marvel over these fantastic designs. If these chandeliers weren’t already at the top of your list, here’s why they should be for 2017. 

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Spotlight on David Trubridge

David Trubridge has been making a name for himself in the design world since 2001, when the Italian brand Cappellini purchased the rights to his Body Raft lounger. From there, the New Zealand-based designer has focused mainly on his signature, modern lighting made from sustainably sourced bamboo plywood.

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Choosing the Right Pendant Light for a Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen where we spend countless hours prepping, cooking, and sitting around. We expect it to function on many levels and besides needing it to be well lit, we want it to be the jewel of the space, as it’s often the first thing we see. To make that happen, it’s smart to spend some time considering the pendant lights that will hang above it.

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Modern Lighting |YLighting

Introducing: Seascape Lamps

New to YLighting is Seascape Lamps. This California based company has been creating breezy modern lighting in their Santa Cruz studio since 1980. These simple, contemporary pieces are made out of fine silks, woven materials and printed linen. Each shade is handmade in your choice of silk fabric or a wood veneer. 

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