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Top 10 Outdoor Table Lamps for Entertaining + Giveaway

When it comes to entertaining, great lighting sets the tone for any space, whether it be indoors, or even outside. Give your backyard living area some much needed warmth and ambiance with these outdoor table lamps. Illuminate the outdoors with our top 10 outdoor table lamps for entertaining. And, we’re kicking off the weekend with a giveaway, so keep reading to see our favorites and find out how you can enter for your chance to win a Garota Outdoor Table Lamp.

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Modern Outdoor Lighting | YLighting

How to Light Your Deck

With summer in full swing, we’re turning our attention to outdoor living spaces… namely, the decks, porches, and patios that host so many of our favorite summer activities. Whether you’re grilling at dusk on your deck, dining under the stars on your patio, or just trooping up and down the stairs into your backyard, well-considered modern outdoor lighting is key for both style and safety.

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Paradox LED Outdoor Wall Sconce from Troy Lighting | YLighting

Troy Lighting: A Vital Force in Illumination

Lighting should not simply illuminate architecture or landscape design — it must empower and transform it. After all, light is the vital force that brings human-made structures to life. It’s with this ethos that Troy Lighting, founded in 1963, creates design-forward lighting fixtures for the interior and exterior, and for residential, commercial and trade applications.

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Inspiration For Lighting A Courtyard

Courtyards are beautiful outdoor spaces, but being almost entirely enclosed on all sides by tall walls can make them feel more like a prison courtyard rather than an inviting place to relax outdoors. Here are some inspiring images for the perfect outdoor lighting in your modern courtyard: 

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Modern Outdoor Lighting |YLighting

Dark Sky Compliance 101

So what is the dark-sky movement? It’s a campaign to help reduce the amount of light pollution. Light pollution is mostly caused by the over use of poorly designed lighting fixtures. Gladly, here at YLighting, we believe in the importance of well designed lighting fixtures and helping to reverse the affects of light pollution. Here’s a 101 on making sure your modern outdoor lighting is Dark Sky Compliant. Bonus: All of the lights featured in this post are Dark Sky friendly.

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Outdoor Lighting 101

Having proper outdoor lighting is more important than you think. Visitors will appreciate being invited to your home for an evening dinner party with welcoming and well lit landscape lighting. If you don’t know where to start with revamping your outdoor lighting, we’re here to help. This outdoor lighting 101 is going to lay everything out for you, from planning to explaining the different types of lights, you’ll be an expert in no time!

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