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Bruck Lighting Monorail Systems

Bruck Lighting Monorail Components and Fixtures

Bruck Lighting is an internationally recognized leader in the development of innovative lighting systems and fixtures. With an extensive offering of low-voltage systems and fixtures. Bruck continues to design new and innovative products utilizing the latest in lighting advancements while keeping the highest standards in aesthetics, product quality and safety.

Bruck's systems can be ordered as per-configured kits or build a system to suit your needs. Then to complete the system, choose from a large assortment of Uni-Light Fixtures and Pendants.

Bruck's Low Voltage Systems:

Enzis is a sleek single circuit track system with flowing curves and angels. It moves effortlessly and elegantly whether semi-flush mounted or suspended, free from obtrusive angle connectors. Enzis track is composed of a flexible extrusion with conductive braiding and integral malleable rods that allow field bent smooth curves or sharp angles (2" minimum radius) without rigid supports. Enzis track is also available with rigid rods for straight track segments. See the Enzis Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

V/A is a pleasant, versatile track system with an extensive range of options. This low-voltage light system runs through the room cleanly and quietly. V/A is made with 2 connected round tubes of only 3/8" diameter each. The current carrying round tubes are isolated from each other. Configure your own system or choose one of the rail kits or chandeliers. See the V/A Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

BOA ultra lightweight aluminum track has dual circuit capability delivering a powerful 2 X 300W per track segment within a low profile of only 1" X .4". Each circuit can be controlled individually to provide even greater lighting options. No tools are required to fit the support and mounting elements to the track. The same applies to the plug-in corner and angle connectors, which allows BOA to change direction without disruption to the clean lines of the track. See the BOA Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

The Flight system allows you to design free flowing light displays that fit any application. It is composed of two 1/16" x 1" aluminum profiles with festoon lamps. The track is made of pliable aluminum and may be customized for larger curves or bent with a template to achieve smaller radii. Sections can easily be joined together to create longer systems. Mounting options allow for semi-flush or suspended track. See the Flight Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

The exceptional character of Flex-Line is demonstrated when straight runs blend seamlessly into harmonious curves. The track material, MACROLON®, is stable and flexible which allows the track to be shaped on site to any curve or series of curves. The natural "spring-back" effect ensures that curves are always smooth and free of kinks. This characteristic also allows the track to be re-curved and shaped again should the mood or requirement change after initial installation. Conductors that are safely embedded in the track provide two separately controllable 300W circuits. The conductors are woven, tin-plated copper and are set in translucent track material. See the Flex-Line Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

High-Line is based on two conducting copper cables, which are parallel mounted with a 4" separation. The position and direction of the system is almost infinitely variable due to the small dimensions and wide variety of mounting and rerouting devices. The minimalistic system construction and the range of rerouting devices allows for three-dimensional spatial design, which lends itself to any location where modern and varied lighting is required. Large areas can be freely and easily spanned. See the High-Line Guide to Generating a Bill of Materials.

Bruck's Line Voltage System:

Zonyx Line Voltage Track System:
Zonyx is Bruck Lighting's line voltage track system. It is made with anodized extruded aluminum and allows design with function to any space. It features an array of high performance spot fixtures as well as the versatility of most of Bruck's decorative glass pendants using G9 or CFL lamps. Fixture lamp sources include ceramic metal halide, halogen, CFL and LED. Most of Bruck's Uni-light, low voltage spot and pendant fixtures can be used with an adapter. A wide range of supports and accessories allows versatility to any application. In order to obtain the ever growing need for LEED certification through US Green Building Council, Zonyx also offers a required current limiting circuit breaker.

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