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Titan M Pendant Light

Price: $112.50
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Price: $112.50

Titan M Pendant Light


1. Model:

2. Shade Style:

3. Finish:

4. Canopy:

5. Designer Shade Color:

Material(s): Metal

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Made by Bruck Lighting.

The Titan M pendant uses a simple, cylindrical design that is a compliment to any palette or space. The standard series features classic plated chrome or anodized Bronze and Matte Chrome, while the Designer series features a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Uni-plug design allows fixture to be mounted on any Bruck lighting system through the use of an appropriate adapter (not included) or select from ceiling canopy options. Available with Low Voltage Halogen (MR16)or LED lamping options.

Mounting Options:

  • None: No canopy, for use with Uni-Light Systems, purchase adapters separately. Choose this option when using with Bruck's lighting systems.
  • MP: 4.5" Kiss Canopy with integrated transformer, dimmable with Trailing Edge Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer.
  • MP2: 2" Kiss Canopy with integral transformer and includes 1.75" junction box, dimmable with Trailing Edge Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer.

Material(s): Metal

Dimensions: 4"D X 11.88"H



  • Halogen: 1 X 50W 12V GU5.3 MR16 bi-pin halogen lamp (not included)
  • LED: 1 X 6.5W LED Array (included)

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Model(s): 137205bz 137205bz/MP 137205ch 137205ch/MP 137205mc 137205mc/MP 137206bz 137206bz/bk/gs 137206bz/cp/gs 137206bz/gld/gs 137206bz/gm/gs 137206bz/gr/gs 137206bz/mp 137206bz/MP/bk/gs 137206bz/MP/cp/gs 137206bz/MP/gld/gs 137206bz/MP/gm/gs 137206bz/MP/gr/gs 137206bz/MP/rbl/gs 137206bz/MP/rd/gs 137206bz/MP/sb/gs 137206bz/rbl/gs 137206bz/rd/gs 137206bz/sb/gs 137206ch 137206ch/bk/gs 137206ch/cp/gs 137206ch/gld/gs 137206ch/gm/gs 137206ch/gr/gs 137206ch/mp 137206ch/MP/bk/gs 137206ch/MP/cp/gs 137206ch/MP/gld/gs 137206ch/MP/gm/gs 137206ch/MP/gr/gs 137206ch/MP/rbl/gs 137206ch/MP/rd/gs 137206ch/MP/sb/gs 137206ch/rbl/gs 137206ch/rd/gs 137206ch/sb/gs 137206mc 137206mc/bk/gs 137206mc/cp/gs 137206mc/gld/gs 137206mc/gm/gs 137206mc/gr/gs 137206mc/mp 137206mc/MP/bk/gs 137206mc/MP/cp/gs 137206mc/MP/gld/gs 137206mc/MP/gm/gs 137206mc/MP/gr/gs 137206mc/MP/rbl/gs 137206mc/MP/rd/gs 137206mc/MP/sb/gs 137206mc/rbl/gs 137206mc/rd/gs 137206mc/sb/gs 221205bz 221205bz/MP 221205bz/MP2 221205ch 221205ch/MP 221205ch/MP2 221205mc 221205mc/MP 221205mc/MP2 221206bz 221206bz/bk/gs 221206bz/cp/gs 221206bz/gld/gs 221206bz/gm/gs 221206bz/gr/gs 221206bz/MP 221206bz/MP/bk/gs 221206bz/MP/cp/gs 221206bz/MP/gld/gs 221206bz/MP/gm/gs 221206bz/MP/gr/gs 221206bz/MP/rbl/gs 221206bz/MP/rd/gs 221206bz/MP/sb/gs 221206bz/MP2 221206bz/MP2/bk/gs 221206bz/MP2/cp/gs 221206bz/MP2/gld/gs 221206bz/MP2/gm/gs 221206bz/MP2/gr/gs 221206bz/MP2/rbl/gs 221206bz/MP2/rd/gs 221206bz/MP2/sb/gs 221206bz/rbl/gs 221206bz/rd/gs 221206bz/sb/gs 221206ch 221206ch/bk/gs 221206ch/cp/gs 221206ch/gld/gs 221206ch/gm/gs 221206ch/gr/gs 221206ch/MP 221206ch/MP/bk/gs 221206ch/MP/cp/gs 221206ch/MP/gld/gs 221206ch/MP/gm/gs 221206ch/MP/gr/gs 221206ch/MP/rbl/gs 221206ch/MP/rd/gs 221206ch/MP/sb/gs 221206ch/MP2 221206ch/MP2/bk/gs 221206ch/MP2/cp/gs 221206ch/MP2/gld/gs 221206ch/MP2/gm/gs 221206ch/MP2/gr/gs 221206ch/MP2/rbl/gs 221206ch/MP2/rd/gs 221206ch/MP2/sb/gs 221206ch/rbl/gs 221206ch/rd/gs 221206ch/sb/gs 221206mc 221206mc/bk/gs 221206mc/cp/gs 221206mc/gld/gs 221206mc/gm/gs 221206mc/gr/gs 221206mc/MP 221206mc/MP/bk/gs 221206mc/MP/cp/gs 221206mc/MP/gld/gs 221206mc/MP/gm/gs 221206mc/MP/gr/gs 221206mc/MP/rbl/gs 221206mc/MP/rd/gs 221206mc/MP/sb/gs 221206mc/MP2 221206mc/MP2/bk/gs 221206mc/MP2/cp/gs 221206mc/MP2/gld/gs 221206mc/MP2/gm/gs 221206mc/MP2/gr/gs 221206mc/MP2/rbl/gs 221206mc/MP2/rd/gs 221206mc/MP2/sb/gs 221206mc/rbl/gs 221206mc/rd/gs 221206mc/sb/gs

Bruck Lighting

Bruck is internationally recognized as a leader in the development of innovative lighting systems with particular emphasis in the application of low voltage, halogen light sources. The pioneer of a new approach to design, Bruck places three-dimensional technology at the forefront.

Since the beginning, Bruck has been a developer and promoter of new standards in aesthetics, product quality and safety. Low voltage halogen light has evolved into one of the most highly demanded forms of lighting, finding extensive and varied applications in most styles of architecture. Much of the interior architecture of our living, working, and leisure spaces would be difficult to conceive without this brilliant, versatile, and stable light.

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