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Now: $187.00
Compare: $220.00

Cortina Lamp


Availability: Ships within 3-5 business days.


Material(s): Polycarbonate, Polyester, Iron

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Design by Pablo Pardo, 2000.
Made in the U.S.A. by Pablo Pardo.

This timeless lamp epitomizes architectural simplicity. Its alluring translucent fabric diffuser shields the lamp's dimmable light source. Polycarbonate shade with white polyester fabric diffuser and cast iron base. Includes full range dimmer.

Material(s): Polycarbonate, Polyester, Iron


  • Base/Cortina 24-In.: 8"L X 3"W X 2.5"H
  • Base/Cortina 48-In., 60-In.: 10"L X 3.5"W X 3"H
  • Base/Cortina 72-In.: 11"L X 4"W X 4"H



  • Cortina 24, 48, 60: 2 X 60W max PAR16 bulbs (included)
  • Cortina 72: 2 X 75W PAR16 bulbs (included)

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Pablo Pardo

At the forefront of American lighting design, Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo's designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usefulness, fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material pallet to create unique and precious designs that transform any environment.

Born into a family of designers, musicians and engineers, Pablo Pardo has combined the best attributes of each to form a more holistic approach to the creative process. A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial design program, his diverse career includes designing children's roller skates for Fisher Price to creating automobile concepts for Daimler Chrysler.

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The interpretation of light in its many forms, refined design solutions, and a distinctive timeless style; these are the underlying elements of Pablo's design mission. At the forefront of American lighting design, Pablo's designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usefulness, fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material pallet to create unique and precious designs that transform any environment.

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Love the lamps!

They look great from the so from the side. Very edgy modern design that doesn't take up alot of space on your night stand/ end table. Price isn't bad either.

By:Roger A. (Jersey City, NJ)

5 out of 5
This light is so beautiful and sleek.

By:Sandy L. , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
The tall light fits great in the corner of my living room/dining room!

The Cortina Lamp fills a need for a lighting fixture that provides soft light behind a set of chairs in a large multi-purpose room with mid-century furniture.

I appreciate the ability to dim the light which, even at full power, this softly illuminates the room.

A great addition to the modern home.

By:Rose M. M. , Homeowner (Rhode Island)

4 out of 5
The cortina floor lamp is elegant and modern.

By:KRISTIN T. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
An elegant and adaptable light to suit almost every purpose.

This was my second purchase of one of these lamps -- this one a gift to my nephew. I've had my own for a couple of years, also purchased from YLighting. Quite apart from its architectural simplicity, whether illuminated or just sitting there, the Cortina's functionality is unmatched, in my view. At lower light levels, the granular structure of the halogen bulb lenses plays interestingly on the milky fabric that wraps around the plastic upper part, and the glow has a pleasing degree of warmth; with the dimmer set to full, it gives a very substantial amount of light that is, nevertheless, easy on the eye. I really like this lamp, and one day I plan to buy the floor-standing version as well.

By:Julian H. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Attractive and reasonably priced lighting, plus it offers mix and match sizing.

We purchased two heights of this lamp and put them together in a corner behind the couch. The lamps come with a dimmer, so you can adjust the intensity. The pair cast a nice glow and provide architectural interest, when they are on. When they are off, the white shades blend in with the wall, which is fine. The lamps have a heavy base, but if you have little kids you might wait to buy these lamps. The shades are made of plexiglas and cloth, which will get scratched if knocked over, possibly exposing small fingers to the (hot) light bulbs. If you are not doing roller-derby in your living room, then these lamps offer a lot of design possibilities, from merely contemporary to extremely modern. The range of heights makes it an easy lamp to design with. Note that since the light is cast upward, these lamps are not suited for reading. But for general ambiance, 5 stars. YLighting had the best prices we found, too.

By:Renee , Homeowner (Los Angeles)

5 out of 5
Love this clean and modern light

Was trying to freshen up our living room by replacing a very old lamp. We searched and searched for a new light but all the lights out there looked the same. That is until we came across this floor lamp. I love its clean lines and way it emits light. The word that comes to mind is ethereal. It mixes well with contemporary furniture but can also work mid-century/regency style.

By:D'vora G. , Homeowner (NYC, NY)

4 out of 5
Beautiful lamp. Looks like a museum piece.

This lamp is excellent. It has a beautiful white light that is very soft. It doesn't illuminate the whoe room but accents it very well. Highly recommended.

By:Shawn , Homeowner (Venice, CA)

5 out of 5

The Cortina Lamp is a wonderful addition to any modern space that requires ambient lighting. We will need to add another (they stack nicely next to each other), but it is just a stunning piece of art.

By:alan f. , Homeowner (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
We could not take our eyes off it... it's giving us new ideas on how to decorate other parts of our house.

The assembly was really easy. In no time, we had it standing in our living room. The light os so beautiful that we are having second thoughts about the rest of our living room. The simplicity really adds to the calm and uncluttered environment I am trying to create for our home. I love the warm glow of the light.

By:Emily G. , Homeowner (Raleigh, NC, USA)

5 out of 5
Great Design, Great Product

If you have a dark corner to refresh this is one of the best option on the market. I've searched a lot and then I decided for Ylighting, fully satisfied by their service. I'll buy more light with them.

By:Gastone P. , Renter (New York City)

3 out of 5
Look great; workmanship ?

Bought the 3 smaller Cortina lamps (24", 48, 60") and they're stunning, work great, easy assembly, quick shipping & delivery. They are spectacular in lighting a hallway and we were all thrilled with them.
Then decided to purchase the large 72" Cortina as well and the problems began...dimmer switch didn't work, difficult to unpack and heavy to assemble, poor customer service (no reply)...a real challenge.
These items are great to look at, throw off wonderful light and are sculptural and beautiful in every way - except I'd stick with the 3 smaller sizes as they're just easier to work with and handle.

By:Mary B , Designer (Los Altos, CA)

5 out of 5
... where transparency, warmth and design meet. "belleza" (in spanish)

Because of its high (and almost invisible if in a "white" environment,) you have to take care not to make it fall.

By:Sara , Homeowner (Hollywood, Fl.)

4 out of 5
Generally, a very nice lamp

The lamp is quite beautiful and well-made, but what makes it special is that it takes up very little space (only 3.5" deep), which makes it extremely versatile. It will fit into corners and tight spaces most other floor lamps will not go. My only complaint is that with the dimmer turned up all the way, the light coming out of the clear sides of the lamp is relatively harsh, and can be distracting depending upon the lamp's placement. This wouldn't prevent me from buying another though.

By:John D. , Homeowner (Toronto, Canada)

4 out of 5

Very classy piece. Perfect for a corner light in a living room. It spreads the light in a very nice uniform way, and during the day is very "silent" barely noticeable. But the 72'' is quite unstable. If you have carpet you have to put somthing rigid underneath, and if you have kids you better tuck this lamp behind something that prevents it from falling.

By:John L. , Homeowner (Seattle)

5 out of 5
the perfect lighting solution

The Cortina is the perfect lamp for a small space. The dimmer is an added bonus.

By:Penny , Homeowner (Chicago)

4 out of 5
Not very bright, but great design

I love the design of the Cortina light, and it looks great in any residence. However, I am a little disappointed by the overall brightness provided by the lamp. It is not bright enough to represent the primary light source in a room. However, I am still pleased overall with the Cortina and still recommend it.

By:killercars , Homeowner (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Love this product as a sculptural lighting feature

The light was purchased to sit in an area which was difficult to light with a source from the ceiling or wall. The column of light fills in a dark corner while it's beautiful simplistic styling compliments the space. It also is fully dimmable which allows one to change the lighting's appearance to suit the ambience one is trying to create.

By:Jacqueline R. , Architect (Calgary, Ab. Canada)

5 out of 5
I really love this product.

Great looking, stylish contemporary light.
I have purchased other Pablo products (the Elise and Isabella) and this is just as nice.

By:Larry , Homeowner (Newton MA)

5 out of 5
A New Modern Classic

it is amazing that there is such a well designed and functional lamp for such a low price. This will become a Modern Classic, I'm sure, like the Tizio by Artemide.
I was sceptical when I ordered it and thought there has to be something wrong with it - but I LOVE it. It's like a sculpture in your room but not at all dominant, and makes great light. If you're looking for a contemporary design, BUY THIS!
And the lamp arrived within a day or two, before I even got the shipping confirmation from Ylighting.

By:Roth , Homeowner (California)

4 out of 5
Great amount of light at a great price.

This fixture is a beautiful lamp used for a hotel roof top terrace. It gives a great amount of light that is dimmable which is perfect for a nightclub atmosphere.

By:Colleen P. , Designer (Chicago, IL)

4 out of 5
Cortina lamp

The Cortina lamp is a perfect addition to my condo. I have a view and for both sides of the main living/dining area framing the patio windows they are really spectacular. They are understated and a great design.

By:housewife , Homeowner (Boca Raton, FL 33431)

5 out of 5
Beautiful accent lamp

My Cortina 24 sits on top of a bookcase in my room. It's rectangular shape gives it a very architectural appearance, but at the same time the fabric shade gives it a soft and ethereal quality almost like a block of mist. Towards the base of the lamp, streaks of light shine onto the fabric shade and they take on the appearance of soft flames as if from a gas powered light.

At full brightness the light is white and cooler, when dimmed down it's yellow and warmer. I just repainted my bedroom walls a light blue-grey color, and the Cortina lamp seems to magically change the color of painted walls depending on it's brightness.

My concerns though are that the lamp shade must be handled very carefully when cleaning, as the fabric seems very fragile and could tear. Also the cardboard packaging is VERY TIGHT on the lampshade so use extreme caution when unpacking.

By:Dex , Homeowner (NJ)

5 out of 5
The Cortina lamp is a stylish and practical addition to any room.

It requires minimal assembly, and is a great value compared to similar products. The lamp casts a bright and comforting light throughout the room and its clean lines are an attractive addition. The Cortina lamp is really a work of art which is not only practical, but is reasonably priced as well.

By:speedracer , Homeowner (Vancouver, WA, USA)

5 out of 5
The Cortina lamp is a beautiful and clean design for a modern space.

The lamp shipped perfectly with no defects. It only takes two steps to set up and the base is very sturdy. It was needed as a fifth light source in the living room and its height makes it substantial. The Cortina gives off plenty of diffused light and includes a dimmer which is essential for any light. The only drawback I have found so far is that the opening at the top allows for dust to get inside the lamp and stick to the sides which is visible when the lamp is on. It requires frequent cleaning. Overall, the lamp is simple and elegant, so go buy one now.

By:peter t. , Homeowner (phoenix)

5 out of 5
Beautiful and very stylish.

Perfect for ambient light, with a contemporary feel

By:Tami C. , Homeowner (Carlsbad, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
Great looking lamp.

I bought this lamp after reading favorable reviews from other purchasers. I was a little apprehensive about getting the 72" light, because of mention about its potential instability... but on thin carpet, it is quite stable. The lamp was received with the both ceramic housings around the bulb socket shattered. However, a quick call to Pablo's great customer service line got the pieces shipped directly from the company painlessly.

By:Benson Y. , Homeowner (Chicago, IL, USA)

4 out of 5
Architectural and beautiful at a reasonable price

The Cortina Lamp casts beautiful ambient light and its clean lines are a work of art.

I purchased two for my condo which I have used to frame a windowed seating area.
With the use of the dimmer you can control the perfect amount of dramatic lighting.

Overall, they are a great design. I'm very pleased with my purchase!

By:Melissa G , Homeowner (Washington DC)

5 out of 5
Elegant, sleek design

I purchased 2 of the Cortina lamps and love them. We had been looking for the "right" floor lamp for many months. We saw this one in a local lighting store and knew it was the one. I went online to Y-lighting and they had it and a lower price. Unfortunately one arrived with a cracked shade but there was no problem with exchanging it for another. The ability to vary the light setting adds an extra touch to it. It was very easy to set up.

By:Anne Clancy , Homeowner (Miami)

5 out of 5
what I expected

I have several Cortina Lamps. This is in perfect condition, though the shipment was not as fast

By:Ilaria B. , Designer (chicago)

4 out of 5
Great Value, Nice Light Pattern

The box that contained the light arrived absolutely crushed; I was sure that the lamp would be damaged but it wasn't. Unpacking and assembling the lamp was easy. I was a little distressed to see that what I had thought was frosted glass was actually a nylon fabric scrim. I love the light and patterns that it throws. They light really warms up a section of my loft in exactly the way I had hoped and their is a subtle cross-hatch pattern on the ceiling from the scrim. Not sure how the scrim will hold up but nice, affordable solution for now.

By:Matthew , Homeowner (Pittsburgh)

5 out of 5
they are great lamps and the price beats DWR.

we own a larger version of the lamp and it is one of the favs in the apt. these two go on either side of the fireplace in the weekend home and couldn't be more perfect.

By:ann w. , Homeowner (new york, new york)

4 out of 5
Beautiful lamp

Great product with an easy ordering process. It takes a few weeks to be delivered though the company doesn't charge you until the product has shipped. Assembly is trivial and I particularly liked that the light bulbs were included. The is "curtain" covering the lamp is beautiful if flimsy and I would have liked the option to buy replacements

By:Thomas L. , Homeowner (Washingtn DC)

4 out of 5
Gorgeous! Highlight of the room.

Price-matching was a breeze and my gorgeous lamp arrived safely and promptly. It was almost too easy- ordering, receiving, unpacking, installing- for such a beautiful, dramatic effect. I put it in the corner of my living room with floor-to-ceiling glass and it looks amazing.

By:Janet K. , Renter (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
I was really pleased with the Cortina lamp that I purchased from YLighting

the lamp works perfectly and is a great fit for my contemporary living room. It arrived within a few days and was in great condition. Assembly was very simple. I am thinking about buying a second light for my study. This was my first experience with YLighting and I am very happy and have already referred them to some friends.

By:Richard V. (califronia, USA)

5 out of 5
A delightful piece of art!

Judging from the pictures on the internet I was not sure what to expect. But once I had the product in my hand and properly set up it was just amazing how it altered the entire impression and atmosphere of the room. The built-in dimmer is very useful, yet the dimmer switch could be designed in such a way that it really matches the lamp and its shade which are just superb both in design and craftmanship.
YLighting did an excellent job regarding keeping me informed about the shipment and seeing to it that all went well. It only can be recommended further.

By:Christoffer G. , Renter (Valparaiso,, IN)

4 out of 5
Love it

Very stylish yet non-obtrusive. Perfect addition to a modern apartment.

By:Regang O. , Homeowner (NYC)

4 out of 5
Great lamps

We got two of these for a house in California, and for a recent move to New York, we got two more--that's how much we like these lamps. They are attractive and give off a nice amount of ambient light.

Some things that might be worth mentioning:

• Cleaning the very thin gauzy white fabric isn't easy. In fact, I'm still not sure how to do it. I've used a vacuum, carefully.

• If you want to move the lamp to position it for the best location in a room, you probably want to have it on. But to move the lamp, you pretty much have to remove the plastic top and move the base separately. Here's where you want to be really careful; the base is heavy and the lamps get hotter than hell. In the process of grasping the base, it's tempting to put your hands on either sides of the bulbs and lift up, but that puts your hands perilously close to the bulbs, and you can burn yourself. (Guess how I figured this out?) Keep your hands away from the top of the base.

By:Mike , Homeowner (New York)

4 out of 5
Although Ylighting keeps thinking I got a Cortina; I bought and quite like my Elise.

Nice product. The shade is a heavy plastic--nicer to see than touch. Good for illuminating a dark corner of my office.

By:Chris , Homeowner (Kansas)

5 out of 5
Perfect unique lighting.

Used for bedside table lamps and adds a nice ambiance to the bedroom. No complaints here. Fast delivery, best price.

By:Edward S. , Homeowner (Jensen Beach, FL, USA)

5 out of 5
Love this lamp.

Minimalist, architectural look. Takes up minimal space due to its narrow footprint. Casts off plenty of diffuse light and has the advantage of a dimmer. Well-made, sturdy, with minimal assembly required. I purchased both the table lamp and the 72-inch models and they are perfect for my pre-war apartment with contemporary interior design.

By:Tenor , Homeowner (NYC, NY, USA)

4 out of 5
Perfect lamps for any space

I ordered two of these lamps based on size but had no idea if the quality would stand up to the high end home in which I was placing them. WOW! They are gorgeous. They came extremely well packed. I thought they would be structurally light and flimsy but I was thrilled with the quality. They are certainly substantial. There is nothing inexpensive looking about them. Lighting them was the finishing touch. Great drama to a bland wall.

By:Bonnie B. , Designer (Lansdale, PA)

5 out of 5
A beautifully designed sleek, contemporary floor lamp that is a timeless addition to any home!

This floor lamp provides a wonderful ambient light source in any area of a home. It's simple, contemporary design adds a glow in those areas where you need a light source, but do not want a bold statement. The floor lamp has a dimmer, so that you can achieve any "light mood" you want. I highly recommend this floor lamp!

By:John F. , Designer (Nashville, TN)

3 out of 5
cool lamp, great customer service, poor packaging.

Ylighting was very helpful through this process. I ordered the 72 Cortina, and it arrived damaged. Pablo sends these delicate lamps in very thin and flimsy cardboard, which does little to protect them during shipping. I returned the first one, and was shipped a new lamp. This one was also not perfect, but we were able to work it out. Throughout, Ylighting provided excellent customer service, and I won't hesitate to order with them again.

4 out of 5
Great Looking

I really like the way this lamp looks. The set up was also very easy. I got the short lamp and it is perfect for my chosen location.
Good service from YLighting.

By:John S. , Homeowner (Haddam, CT)

5 out of 5
Fantastic product! Beautiful ambient lighting!

I love the dimmer, you can create the perfect atmosphere for every mood. This is my second cortina lamp, one just wasn't enough.
Recommend highly, and ylighting offers great customer service.

By:Marc C. , Homeowner (Southwest Harbor, ME,USA)

5 out of 5
Perfect floor lamp

I recently ordered the Cortina Lamp 72" after seeing it in person several times. I honestly wasn't sure how beautiful it would look in my place because it's hard to tell when all of the lamps are next to each other in the store. I am in love with this piece and so happy I ordered from ylighting because they had the best price and offered free shipping.

The glow from the lamp is so relaxing and when the light hits the ceiling it refracts like the rays of the sun. I would highly recommend this lamp to anyone who likes modern and simple lighting.

By:Dan D. , Renter (Astoria, NY)

5 out of 5
Nice glow

By:Susan B. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Modern and Sexy

Received the 60 inch light via UPS -- no damage. Light was easy to assemble -- did it myself. I've put the light in a corner with a large plant, and the two go really well together. The lamp gives off of a nice glow when the dimmer is low; the lamp gives off a ton of light when the dimmer is high. I think I'm going to buy the 48 inch as well, since they good great paired together. Halogen light bulbs come with the lamp, and the type of bulb can be purchsed in a home hardware store, which is a plus.

By:Lauren K. , Homeowner (Virginia)

5 out of 5
A bit on the expensive side but well worth it!

I debated for a while on whether to get this style of lighting, I was hesitant because the flood lights were a bit small and I was worried that there would not be enough light since it projects upwards from the floor. Once installed, the light gives a warm glow and provides enough light for my one bedroom. Everyone loves the unique design and I bought a second one to match it.

By:Mellie M. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
Simple, modern and perfect!

The product arrived well packaged and was easy to assemble/install. It works well with the 10-foot ceilings in my condo (I purchased 2 72-inch lights) and the dimmer feature provides wonderful ambiance in my home.

By:Rebecca C. , Homeowner (Atlanta, GA)

5 out of 5
Love the Cortina!

This lamp is really sleek and brings a whole new feeling to the living room. I love the dimmer switch and it is conveniently located on the cord to sit behind the lamp. This keeps it obscured but easy to get to. Very easy assembly. I received it so quickly from ylighting and it was packaged very well.

By:Lisa P. , Homeowner (Eugene, OR)

4 out of 5
Timeless contemporary design

The Cortina Lamp is elegant and minimalist. I was already familiar with it, and I imagine that most people interested in purchasing it will similarly have seen it elsewhere.

I would make one comment about the design. I had previously seen it in rooms with a very high ceiling. In my room, the ceiling is a more standard height. I was surprised that the light cast on the ceiling was not more diffuse ... there is a definite cross-hatch pattern directly above the lamp. Not enough to really detract, but it was certainly more than I expected and something that you might consider.

I was extremely happy with the purchasing and shipping arrangements through YLighting, and their price was equal to the lowest I could find anywhere. It was my first dealing with them, and I would absolutely use them again.

By:DJ S. , Renter (New York)

4 out of 5
Good source of light

The lamp throws a good amount of light for a piece that also works as an architectural design element. The dimmer allows you to set the mood as well. I used two together.

By:Michael R. , Homeowner (los angeles,ca USA)

4 out of 5
Great light for the right space

Initially I used the lamp in the lobby area of our office but with 15 foot ceilings there was little effect from the light.
After moving it to a room with ten foot ceilings the "bounce" off the ceiling and wall threw quite a bit of light in the room. It is not for the understated. You either like this lamp for what it is or you don't.

By:Michael R. , Homeowner (los angeles ca usa)

5 out of 5
Great lines, very modern.

Love this product. Good price, italian design easy to put together and gives a great daytime and nighttime look.
Very modern.

By:Byron , Homeowner (SLC, UT)

5 out of 5
Never knew how great it is to have a dimmer on my lamp until now.

I bought this lamp for the clean lines and neutral color (which I love). However, I'm now a big fan of the dimmer. I use it much more than I would have thought. This lamp is solid and has some nice weight to it (so there is little worry of tipping). All the other reviews I read here about it were on the money.

By:Patricia M. , Homeowner (Kitty Hawk NC)

3 out of 5
Really nice modern lamp

Was surprised by the fabric cover on the outside but I love the clean modern lines of this lamp. Great ambient lighting and quality materials (other than the cover)

By:William M. , Renter (Orinda Ca)

5 out of 5
Excellent light

This light is a great blend design, quality and price. I placed mine in the distant corner of my living room to provide the perspective of a larger room. The diffusion of light is pretty even providing a nice glow along and up the wall. I am now considering getting a second as a complement for the other side (corner) of the room. I would recommend this light for it's subtle sophistication.

By:Casey , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
An elegant lamp.

I got the 60" version. The profile is slim; if you put it next to a wall, it takes up very little space. Light is soft and easily adjustable with the foot-pedal dimmer. What I like best is the variety of patterns the lamp projects on the walls around it. Quite satisfied; going to buy a 24" for the opposite corner of my living room.

By:Edward F. , Homeowner (Eau Claire, WI)

3 out of 5
Nice uplight, materials so-so.

Simple, square floorstanding uplight. Design is nice, materials are average. The base is very rough, the shade is acrylic which is fine, but a little cheap. Throws a nice light. Dimmer is a big plus.

By:K , Designer (San Francisco)

4 out of 5
Beautiful lamps, although one arrived cracked and a replacement is on its way -- very helpful customer service.

By:Thomas , Architect (Louisville, KY)

5 out of 5
Gorgeous and modern

This light is more beautiful than I expected. It accompanies my modern decor perfectly (B&B Italia, Maxalto, Cassina etc.) I use it to frame space. The interesting diffuser creates a light pattern that refracts wonderfully on my ceiling. You can see the two halogen bulbs (they look nice). Easy to assemble.

By:John H. , Homeowner (NY, NY, USA)

5 out of 5
Bright new perspective on our Jack London Loft Space

We were very impressed and satisfied with the packing and shipping of this 6ft tall standing light. It was reinforced by a box within a box, arrived in perfect condition. More importantly, it provides the perfect environment, evening light levels for our spacious apartment. complete with a dimming switch.

By:Nicolette M. , Renter (Oakland, CA)

4 out of 5
Simple, elegant light!

Love this light for the modern look and elegant light it emits - a fun solution!

By:M.C. , Homeowner (Naples, Fl)

5 out of 5
Great modern look, wonderful light

I got the 60" version for a large living room. It's great because it is minimalist yet throws a lot of light. The dimmer is also a nice feature. We like it so much we are buying another one. Highly recommend.

By:E.S. , Homeowner (Boston, Mass.)

5 out of 5
A well made product for the price

Very sleek modern design, when the light are on the illumination of the lamp is really special. Great product, and always a pleasure dealing with Y-lighting....

By:Gary G. , Designer (New York)

5 out of 5
Elegant, simple, amazing light

We bought the tallest Cortina, and love it. When unlit, it is a most elegant, modern piece of furniture, eye catcher. Turned on, it looks absolutely amazing, like two huge tealights on the floor, their flames reaching to the top of the plexiglass frame, splashing beautiful light patterns on the ceiling. The dimmer lets you choose whatever brightness fits your mood. Awesome!

By:Van W. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Unique and useful lamp

I use the 24" lamp on an endtable near a painting that is hung on the wall. It's great for illuminating the art (softly) but is also bright enough to use for reading. I've gotten several compliments on it already. I may get the standing version of this lamp as well.

By:P.L. , Homeowner (Michigan)

5 out of 5
Gorgeous lamps!

I purchased two for my master bedroom and couldn't be happier with them. They're sleek, beautiful and the dimmer function is great. My only concern is if something spills on them (the fabric overlay) they're toast. That said, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for modern. flexible table lamps.

By:Marcie L. , Homeowner (MA)

5 out of 5
Nice bright light

By:Claudia , Homeowner (nj)

5 out of 5
A modern classic

Sleek, modern, and great build quality. Suitable for accent and/or task lighting. Looks great on any hallway table.

By:Douglas W. (Salem, Massachusetts)

5 out of 5
This floor lamp is chic.

Lighting is fabulous! Look is modern and sleek. Love it!

By:Patrick F. (Jersey City, NJ, usa)

5 out of 5
I love the look and function on of this product!

I would recommend this floor lamp to anyone.....and it has a dimmer to make it hi light to low dim light!

By:Patrick F. (Jersey CIty NJ USA)

4 out of 5

The cortina is beautiful...elegant but understated, casts a luminous glow, is easy to install, and warms up our stark white walls.

By:Andrew D. , Homeowner (New York)

3 out of 5
Like the product.

The lamp looks good. Exactly what we needed.Too bad one of the light bulbs shipped with the lamp was defective. Definit need for better Quality control.

By:Gaetan C. , Homeowner (Phoenixville, PA)

5 out of 5
Good size, nice quality.

Nice light. Has only been installed for a week but quality seems good. Substantial but relaxed feel. Bottom diffuser is glass not plastic. Electrician installed with seam facing out, trying to figure out if I can rotate the seam to face the far wall.

By:David H. , Homeowner (nyc)

5 out of 5
Gorgeous lamp!

I was nervous to buy this lamp because I was unsure of how much light it would give off. I was pleasantly surprised! The light is perfect in my large living room as a reading lamp or ambient lighting. I use it in conjunction with a floor lamp. It is sleek and modern. I have received numerous compliments already. I am considering the floor model as well.

By:Victoria O. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
Clean and sleek with ample light for reading

This is a great looking columnar lamp that's perfect for a narrow table. Makes a stunning but subtle statement.

By:Deborah B. , Homeowner (West jester, NY)

4 out of 5
Great Light for my Buffet

I've been looking for a contemporary lamp for my buffet and this one looks great. It has a dimmer switch and the two halogen bulbs make a nice glow without glaring. Looks very clean and modern.

By:Diana N. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Elegant, modern, ambient delight

I bought the desk Cortina lamp at the inspiration of my brother, and it has provided an elegant, stylish essence to my bedroom. The minimal design of the lamp allows it to maintain an understatement while providing a tasteful and classy modern, chic appearance. The illumination is warm and loungy, with calming characteristics. The dimmer switch is a great touch for versatile ambience, adding to the overall value of the lamp. Price point is very reasonable. Highly recommended.

By:Robert S. , Designer (San Jose, California, USA)

5 out of 5
Fantastic quality on a italian light source piece

By:Peter R. , Architect (Fort lauderdale)

4 out of 5
Looks as shown online and provides plenty of light

I was worried about the light output, but it's sufficient for my bedroom. I especially like the height of the 72" version.

By:PK , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
My third Cortina lamp

I absolutely love these lamps. This is my third and I get compliments on them all the time.

By:Derek M. , Homeowner (New York, NY)

5 out of 5

Purchased two 72 inch Cortina lights. They are stunning. There are no defects/imperfections in the plexiglass or material (which really surprised me). They are much sturdier than I expected. It is formed plexiglass on top of a metal bottom. The light diffuses nicely and makes a great pattern on the ceiling. The material is on three sides (opposite sides - front and back, and on the top.) The side view is clear. A possible negative is that I am not sure how easily dust and pollen will come off of it. Everything gets covered in yellow with pollen in the Spring where I live....

This is an awesome light!

By:Lauren , Homeowner (Texas)

5 out of 5
Beautiful Accent Lighting

We had previously purchased the 60 inch Cortina. During the recent lighting sale we finished off the corner by adding both the 48 inch and 72 inch Cortinas. The corner is beautiful and accents the photo wall as additional pieces of art. Love them.

(As an interesting testimony, we had them lit up while handing out candy for Halloween. It was amazing how many kids commented..."cool house"!)

By:Bob , Homeowner (Phoenix)

4 out of 5
Contemporary and versatile

Nice bright light works well with contemporary decor. Shade is flimsy and halogen bulbs show through; hence 4 stars.

By:SpringOfLife , Homeowner (Seattle, WA)

5 out of 5
Beautiful addition to our home

We bought both the 48 in. and 60 in. lamps and can't be more pleased with the aesthetics. They add a beautiful, modern look and a lot of light to our living room. Exactly what we were looking for!

By:Kandon K. , Homeowner (Spokane, WA)

5 out of 5
We love the the simple lines and dimmer controlled light

We needed a tall, simple table top lamp for a narrow cabinet in our stairwell. The lamp fits the space perfectly and lights up the wall with a pleasing delicate pattern. It works well against our pale taupe wall and adjoining framed pictures. I appreciate the fact that the shade is not heavy glass but acrylic. It is very modern and very elegant.

By:Betty , Homeowner (Kingston Ontario Canada)

2 out of 5
Initial impression: GREAT! After a year or two: DUSTY!! Stick to the smaller sizes.

How to clean a 60" Cortina lamp that is dusty inside??

It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, one can get rid of the dust, but to clean it: impossible. The lamp, regrettably looks atrocious from the sides when it is not pristinely clean. I would NOT recommend purchasing this lamp in a floor model size.

By:DallasGuy , Homeowner (Dallas, TX)

Customer Questions:

Q: How do you clean the Cortina?

A: If you remove the shade from the base, you can access the inside of the shade from the bottom part to dust it. You can also wipe the inside and the outside with a damp cloth, but shouldn’t use any cleaning solvents on the polyester fabric.

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