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Now: $229.50
Compare: $270.00

Elise Floor Lamp


Availability: Ships within 3-5 business days.


Material(s): Aluminum, Metal, Polycarbonate, Polymer

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Design by Pablo Pardo, 1998.
Made in the U.S.A. by Pablo Pardo.

The Elise Floor Lamp is an elegant cylinder-inspired accent light designed to provide ambient light and functional art. You will find them in the W Hotels. Larger models need hard surface to insure that they stand up straight. Includes clear cord set with full range dimmer.

Material(s): Aluminum, Metal, Polycarbonate, Polymer


  • 32: 32.25"H X 4.5"D
  • 48: 50.25"H X 4.5"D
  • 60: 60.75"H X 4.5"D
  • 80: 80"H X 4.75"D



  • 32,48,60: 1 X 75W PAR30 NSP bulb (included)
  • 80: 1 X 90W Par38 NSP bulb (included)

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Pablo Pardo

At the forefront of American lighting design, Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo's designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usefulness, fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material pallet to create unique and precious designs that transform any environment.

Born into a family of designers, musicians and engineers, Pablo Pardo has combined the best attributes of each to form a more holistic approach to the creative process. A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial design program, his diverse career includes designing children's roller skates for Fisher Price to creating automobile concepts for Daimler Chrysler.

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The interpretation of light in its many forms, refined design solutions, and a distinctive timeless style; these are the underlying elements of Pablo's design mission. At the forefront of American lighting design, Pablo's designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usefulness, fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material pallet to create unique and precious designs that transform any environment.

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Write a Review
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5
The Elise Floor Lamp from Pablo is a wonderful light with a simple, pure design.

The Elise Floor lamp is a great lamp at an economical price.
With clean and modern shape it can easily be added to any room to create a lovely ambiance.

By:Lisa L. , Homeowner (Silver Spring, Maryland)

5 out of 5
wonderfully modern and simple

wonderfully modern and simple product that I plan to buy another one. also easy website and fast delivery

By:anita c. , Homeowner (palo alto CA USA)

4 out of 5
Beautiful design and function that integrates beautifully into a wide range of styles

The Elise Floor Lamp is a beautifully designed object that integrates with a wide variety of styles, from classic Shaker to austere modern. The lamp is constructed of a sturdy aluminum base and translucent plastic shade. The lighting is controlled by a dial type reostat, which allows the user to dial an almost infinite number of brightness levels. The incandescent flood light casts a warm, focused beam which illuminates a surprisingly large area. The Elise lamp is a stylish addition to any living space.

By:Edward S. , Homeowner (New York City)

5 out of 5

The 60" Elise floor lamp that I just purchased from the YLighting store in Palm Springs looks incredibly sharp in my apartment. The frosted acrylic tube illuminates well and can be used as either an ambient light or a subdued primary lighting source. The construction of this lamp is perfect and the big thrill is the fact that it has a dimmer! Set this lamp in close proximity to a tree against a bold colored wall and marvel at the complex, yet simple, look of your new space. A great lamp for modern or minimalist interior spaces.

By:adam w. , Renter (Sherman Oaks, CA)

5 out of 5
The Elise floor lamp adds the perfect final touch to my living room.

The Elise floor lamp is a simple yet sophisticated design...and it is perfectly constructed.

By:William S. , Homeowner (New York City)

4 out of 5
Elegant but needs a little more punch.

This is a high quality product but somewhat overpriced. 75W Halogen bulb does not provide enough light for the 60" long cylinder. I presume it would be just fine for the 32" or even 48" versions. Aluminum base should have been made heavier for added stability, especially for taller models.

It's a beautiful product and functional unless you use it as the main light source.

By:Cuneyt Y. , Homeowner (Clearwater, FL)

5 out of 5
Elegant, functional design

I already had two of this design of lamp (but smaller) as bedside lamps, but needed a light for the main light - this lamp has worked out perfectly, providing enough light to illuminate the room as you enter, but with a dimmer to provide subtlety when needed.

By:Tim D. , Homeowner (California)

4 out of 5
attractive, but

A very nice light. Very attractive, but use it for its looks and not its function. I have the 80". I am keeping it because it looks so nice. It makes a nice nightlight or alternative light source, but lights the room very little.

By:B , Homeowner (GA)

4 out of 5
form, not function

A very pretty lamp. Output for the large lamp is pretty insignificant in my room, but it looks nice.

By:Cat (GA)

3 out of 5
Lovely, but unstable

I bought both the table-top Elise and the floor lamp. The floor lamp is unsecured to the base, and wobbles. It cannot be places on carpeting, and the top of it has no way to secure it to the base, so that it is easily knocked over. This is in contrast to the table-top version, which has a secure top piece, and is constructed well.

The light it gives off is a beautiful ambient light, but unless you are putting this on hardwood or solid floor and don't plan to move it often, it may not be your best option.

By:Nita F. , Homeowner (Washington, DC)

5 out of 5
I Love My New Elise Lamps!!!!

The lamps are a beautiful addition to my new highrise condo. They're very sleek and modern. I like the dimmer switches, which allows me to make the light brighter or dim for a nice effect. The two lamps placed together is really beautiful. This is definitely a great find!

By:Sherry P. , Homeowner (Houston, TX, USA)

5 out of 5
Great atmosphere!

This lamp is sufficiently stable, and presents nicely. Easy to slip together (2 minutes), easy to clean. Thanks for a good product.

By:Danby166 , Homeowner (The Woodlands, TX)

5 out of 5
Clean & classic.

By:islandview , Homeowner (Bermuda)

4 out of 5

lamp is lovely seems stable and works in a modern design scheme. creates spot of light on ceiling in addition to the ambient light. Has a dimmer switch. Didn't get the taller one because reviewers said it was wobbly, and not the one I got seems a little short with my couch.

By:NYC person , Homeowner (New york, NY)

5 out of 5
Terrific floor lamp that has quickly become a classic

My 2nd Elise. Have 48" model in another space. The design, along with dimmer make it extremely versatile, providing mood to task lighting in any environment.

By:Bill L. , Homeowner (Chicago, IL)

5 out of 5
I love the Elise Lamps, they make such a statement

I have 2 floor lamps and a table lamps. I've had them for about 4 years now. They are made so well and have such a beautiful light. I will have these forever. I love the simple modern look.

By:Melissa L. (Chicago, IL)

5 out of 5
Stylish, easy set up

Provides dramatic lighting effect in dark corner of living room where normal floor lamp wouldn't look appropriate. Easy, one part assembly. Excellent packaging and fast shipping. Highly recommend.

By:Ron C. , Homeowner (Chicago, IL USA)

4 out of 5
I am very happy about our recent purchase with this piece

My wife and I needed a new floor lamp for our living room. We needed something that was not overwhelming and made a statement. This was the perfect piece and we have been very happy with our decision. It puts out just the right amount of light and the dimmer makes it even better

By:William B. , Homeowner (Knoxville, TN.)

4 out of 5
Fantastic lamp

I really love this floor lamp, it was just what I needed for the corner of our living room.

By:Pamela C. , Homeowner (Keene, CA USA)

4 out of 5
Great Product!

This is a fantastic lamp! I was first worried whether it could illuminate my entire apartment but as soon as I turned it on, my worries were gone.

By:Bko , Homeowner (New York, NY)

4 out of 5
functional art

bought one of these (60") couple months back for my new condo. good ambient lighting + style. better (sturdier) on hardwood floors than carpet but overall a great buy. liked it so much that I recently purchased another one.


By:Joan O. , Homeowner (L.A.)

5 out of 5
Elegent and modern lights

I purchased the tallest and the 2nd tallest one and put them side by side. They complete my condo's modern and yet warm and inviting look that I am going for. I love the lamps!

By:Cindy H. , Homeowner (New York)

4 out of 5
I'm extremely happy with this item.

this is a great floor lamp. i use it as my main livingroom light and when i dont need as much light i can dim it to exactly the strength of light i want. its not very sturdy though to be sitting on carpet at least the 60" tall one isnt. i had to get a matching base elsewhere for this light to be sturdy and standing straight if set on carpet. once i found the base i was 100% satisfied and im ordering another 60" very soon so i can have one on each end of my couch. i just caution anybody who is purchasing one that will be using it to stand on carpet without a base. im not sure how the smaller ones stand up straight but i do know the 60" inch that i purchased needs a base.

By:Sheila A. , Renter (rancho cucamonga)

5 out of 5
Excellent Lamp

This lamp is great. It produces sufficient light to fill the room, and it's very well made.

The only surprise was the small circle of light on the ceiling directly above the lamp. I should have expected this given that the top is uncovered, but I didn't think about it before I had the lamp in my apartment. Not really a problem, though.

By:Jon , Renter (San Francisco, CA)

4 out of 5

The lamp is a great value. Looks good and provides ample light. Other reviewers mentioned stability issues - perfect on a wood floor.

By:IGF , Homeowner (Boston, MA)

5 out of 5
Excellent Website

Excellenet Website, great collection and a great service. Highly recommended

By:Fadi H. (New York)

4 out of 5
I like the lamp. Very sleek.

Satisfied with the lamp that we purchased.

By:Kishin D. , Renter (New York, NY, USA)

5 out of 5
The Elise floor lamp is beautiful.

The Elise floor lamp is beautiful. I have the 60" and will use it in a new build on wood floors. It stands steady and adds aambient light, plus the circle of light on the ceiling adds interest. The fact that you can dim these lights is also a plus.

By:Kim M. , Homeowner (Maine)

5 out of 5
I have 3!

I have 3 of these in 28", 60" and 80". Guests say it looks like Superman's fortress of solitude. They create a dramatic visual impression and a pleasant, livable light that fills the room.

By:Karus I. , Homeowner (Denver, CO)

5 out of 5
Minimal footprint, maximum impact !

Great product, inobtrusive in any setting, and extremely elegant

By:L. B. , Designer

5 out of 5
Great light but it's time for a higher efficiency bulb

We love our 80" Elise lamp. So simple, contemporary, and functional. But it comes with a 90 watt halogen PAR38 NSP bulb (narrow spot, 8-10 degree beam spread). What's more is that the bulb we got was a 130v which means that it has a longer life, but is dimmer than one designed for 120v circuits. to remedy this we have on order a 18 watt NSP PAR38 LED bulb which is stated to be the equivalent of the 90 watt halogen. With LED bulb prices dropping quickly, this should be the standard bulb for this fixture. LED bulbs, BTW, are dimmable.

By:Stan H. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Great Lamp

In my review of the lamp a few hours ago I forgot to mention that there is a design flaw in that the power cord passes throught a hole drilled into the aluminum base and there is not a protective stain relief-type covering over the cord to prevent it from chaffing and eventually shorting out. I'm surprised this passed UL approval. To remedy this, I wrapped that portion of the line cord with a bit of electricians tape, pulled it through so the taped portion is in the passageway and then used a plastic tie to hold it there. Even with this, this is a 5 star lamp!

By:Stan H. , Homeowner (New Jersey)

4 out of 5
Awesome; retro-futuristic

The lamp lights up a large area with even, soft lights. The floor dimmer is a nice and user friendly touch. We are overall very satisfied. The only question we have is that the bulb might be not energy efficient (enough) as it appears to be a spotlight-style bulb.

By:PCS , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY)

5 out of 5
Perfect Lamp for my Living Room

This was my second purchase of an Elise Lamp. The first purchase dates back to 2005 when I was looking for a floor lamp for my bed room. Living in NYC means to make the best out of the little room one has available and so I needed a good looking, sleak lamp that did not need much space, with a dimmer to create ambient light. The Elise Lamp delivered. This time around I needed to make room for a lounge chair in my living room so the old floor lamps with big paper shades had to go. I tried the Elise Lamp I already had as an alternative by placing it next to my sofa. It looked brilliant and gives exactly the right amount of indirect light for that part of the room. To even things out ( and to get light for the remaining room) I bought a second lamp and placed it next to the sofa on the othe side. Very sleak, airy and still roomy! A winner!

This time around I decided to switch things up a little. My old living room floor lamps had big paper shades an after I bought a new lounge chair I felt I needed more airspace to maintain the


5 out of 5

The Elise Floor Lamp is absolutely beautiful! It is simple, sophisticated and creates a perfect glow to a room. I purchased 3 different sizes so that I could use the floor lamp in a room by itself or change things around and use as a group.

By:Carole , Designer (Indiana)

4 out of 5
Love the lamp, but $ for value lacks a bit.

I absolutely love this lamp, but for the price, I think the cover could have been something a little more expensive than plastic.

By:Justin S. , Renter (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Excellent lamp for modern settings

Very pleased with this lamp. It is well constructed, gives off a nice diffused light, has convenient floor dimmers and it has an unobtrusive but attractive modern style. We have two of them in our guest bed/study on either side of the daybed and they light up the room well and look wonderful.

By:A.A. , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY)

4 out of 5
Modern, ambient mood lighting

I have a couple of the Elise Floor lamps in two different heights. Together they provide a warm environment with a modern look.

The dimmers work well. At the brightest setting, it can light up a room quite well. But it provides more disperse light and therefore is not well suited as task lighting.

Overall, the materials are of a reasonable quality and the value for the money is ok (not bad, not great).

By:Eric , Homeowner (New York, NY)

4 out of 5
Modern, sleek and elegant

Well-constructed, top-grade materials and with the warm glow of the shade, a true mood changer.

By:Byron H. , Homeowner (Chicago, IL)

5 out of 5
Minimalist at it's best

This is my 4th Elise lamp, have all sizes except one, good quality, very nice adjustable ambient light for any room & great classic design...

By:D.P. , Homeowner (Los Angeles)

5 out of 5
Great Lamp

Very beautiful and well made. Striking to look at, especially in a group of similar lamps.

By:Dave (San Francisco)

5 out of 5
Perfect for multi purpose room

Great buying experience from YLighting - great communication and fast shipping. Elise Floor Lamp looks fantastic in my dining room (room also has wet bar/lounge area). Most likely will be buying a second one!

By:Andrea M. , Homeowner (Seattle, WA)

5 out of 5
Love the lamp and services

I am very happy to make business with Yliving, their services is great.

By:Tatiana , Designer (Miami)

5 out of 5
High quality lamp at an excellent price with great service

The Elise 80" lamp came as advertised 100%. Shipping was fast and free. Great looking lamp with supplied bulb and floor dimmer. I would purchase again from this company without reservation.

By:Michael L. , Homeowner (Miami Beach, Florida)

5 out of 5
Excellent & Modern Floor Lamps

We first saw these lamps at the Room & Board store in Washington, DC and were immediately impressed. During a recent sale at YLighting, we purchased the 80" and 60" sizes for our home. We've received numerous compliments from friends about the uniqueness of the lamps. The light they provide is excellent and can be dimmed with the dimmer built in to the power cord.

By:Clsms , Homeowner (Alexandria, VA)

5 out of 5
It is a beautiful lamp and looks great in my home.

Looks great and I love the dimmer. I would recommend it to anyone.

By:Stephen G. , Homeowner (Dallas, TX)

5 out of 5
Love my new lamp!

I originally purchased two of these lamps (different heights) at a local store but after getting them home found that the taller one was too big for the space. The store didn't carry a shorter one so after an on-line search I came across the lamp at YLighting. The lamp shipped within two days of ordering and arrived at my home in perfect condition less than a week after ordering. I would purchase again from this company.

By:Jeanne R. , Homeowner (Chicago, IL)

4 out of 5
the elise floor lamp is beautiful, I am very pleased.

i am in the process of trying to get the bulb into the lamp. very nice design, very nice floor lamp. service was great from Ylighting.

By:Susie , Homeowner (tulsa,ok)

5 out of 5
Great, small scale light

I purchased this light to be used on a desk to add ambient light. I really like it. It is small scale and has a dimmer so it works well for my purpose. It is not a primary lighting source and I am unclear if it would work as such. The design is very clean and minimal so I imagine it would work in a variety of decorating scenarios.

By:Kate H. , Homeowner (San Francisco)

5 out of 5

minimal but elegant and important.

By:Helene J. , Homeowner (new york)

5 out of 5
Great lamp, cool design

Beautiful design and very cool floor lamp. Good for mood/ambient lighting in a smallish family room without a lot of floor space. Not for reading or tasks, but very appealing ambient light.

By:Marcus C. (Boston, MA, USA)

5 out of 5
The light was awesome.

The shipment was fast, and the product was what I was expecting.

By:Nguyet N. , Homeowner

4 out of 5
really beautiful fixture, takes up little floor space and lights the room with s soft glow.

Literature says that it can handle 75 watt bulb but only came with a 60, made no difference, i still have it dimmed most of the time. loved that there was not cost for shipping and can return for free.

By:Ned , Architect (Brooklyn, NY)

5 out of 5
Exactly as described, but read the reviews

The lamp is perfect for ambient light. It is great in a corner sitting on a hard floor where the light reflects out into the room. It looks super. I bought the largest version and the proportions are excellent. It is not for carpeting or floor areas where it could get easily bumped. The dimmer is an important aspect of the lamp. It takes a second to get the difuser on straight, but once aligned it is fine. I would think it is best as an accent light to fill in a dark spot in a large room or to light a corner of a small room where it can be used as a general floor lamp.

By:Tom , Renter (New York City)

5 out of 5

these things are so freaking cool!!! I bought a lower wattage frosted bulb. The dimmer is something I use constantly... the shade is also unbreakable, which is nice because of the height of the lamp

By:Christopher R. , Homeowner (idaho)

5 out of 5
The Elise Floor Lamp is beautifully minimalist.

The lamp's carefully balanced diffusion creates a calm atmosphere; moreover, its slender form-factor integrates seamlessly into small spaces and accentuates rather than dominates a modern decor, especially for the minimalist-minded.

By:Anonymous , Renter (Orlando)

5 out of 5
Excellent purchase

Love this piece. One positive addition beyond what others have already said - the lamp does not get hot even if its been on for awhile, safe for kids to touch.

By:wheaten13 , Homeowner (New York, NY)

4 out of 5
light saber for grown-ups

Despite the obvious similarity to a light saber - I love this lamp! I've had the desk version for many years and recently bought 2 of the 80" floor lamps. the ambient light it creates is simply beautiful.

By:billieburgirl , Designer (brooklyn,ny)

4 out of 5
Great addition to our new home!

We have high ceiling first floor - put these lights in living room - it suddenly changed the atmosphere. We are have many great compliments for these two light. We bought two Elise floor lamp 48" and 60"

By:Anonymous , Architect (St Louis Park MN)

4 out of 5
Like it so much, bought a 2nd one!

We originally purchased our Elise Lamp from Y-Lighting back in 2005 for our home in Seattle. Moved it to Tucson and then to Connecticut, where it continued to be a fabulous source of mood and accent lighting for us. The base canister sits solidly on a hard floor, the plastic cylinder is easy to clean and easy to remove. What did our Elise in was a clumsy cleaning lady who knocked it over and the cylinder cracked. The cleaning service paid for a replacement Elise lamp and we gave them the cracked one, which is still usable, with the crack turned to the wall!!

By:John K. , Homeowner (Connecticut)

5 out of 5
Great stylish, modern floor lamp

Love look of this floor lamp! It has a simple, clean modern design and its a unique uplight. it nicely lights a dark corner. I also like that it has a dimmer switch so can easily adjust brightness. Like it so much may purchase another!

By:Steve M , Homeowner (Boston)

4 out of 5
Lovely Decorative Lamp

Nice modern lamp. Lights up area from the base very well. Nice touch of art for the room.

By:Samantha P. , Homeowner (NYC)

5 out of 5
Nice ambient floor lamp

Very well built. Nicely packed. It will provide nice soft ambient light for a medium size room. We put ours in a corner of our living room and it really lit up that entire side of the apartment. We would consider a matching lamp for the other side of the apartment. The good reviews are accurate.

By:Urban Guy , Renter (NYC)

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