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Model / Downrod Length
Metal Finish

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Optional downrods for Fanimation ceiling fans. Available lengths range from 12"-72", match the metal finish to the finish on your fan.

  • 1" D
Item Number
DR1-12AB DR1-12AZ DR1-12BA DR1-12BZ DR1-12CH DR1-12DS DR1-12LT DR1-12MG DR1-12MH DR1-12MW DR1-12OB DR1-12PN DR1-12PW DR1-12 DR1-12RB DR1-12RS DR1-12SB DR1-12SN DR1-12TB DR1-12TS DR1-12VZ DR1-12WH DR1-18AB DR1-18AZ DR1-18BA DR1-18BZ DR1-18CH DR1-18DS DR1-18LT DR1-18MG DR1-18MH DR1-18MW DR1-18OB DR1-18PN DR1-18PW DR1-18RB DR1-18RS DR1-18SB DR1-18SN DR1-18TB DR1-18TS DR1-18VZ DR1-18WH DR1-24AB DR1-24AZ DR1-24BA DR1-24BZ DR1-24CH DR1-24DS DR1-24LT DR1-24MG DR1-24MH DR1-24MW DR1-24OB DR1-24PN DR1-24PW DR1-24RB DR1-24RS DR1-24SB DR1-24SN DR1-24TB DR1-24TS DR1-24VZ DR1-24WH DR1-36AB DR1-36AZ DR1-36BA DR1-36BZ DR1-36CH DR1-36DS DR1-36LT DR1-36MG DR1-36MH DR1-36MW DR1-36OB DR1-36PN DR1-36PW DR1-36RB DR1-36RS DR1-36SB DR1-36SN DR1-36TB DR1-36TS DR1-36VZ DR1-36WH DR1-48AB DR1-48AZ DR1-48BA DR1-48BZ DR1-48CH DR1-48DS DR1-48LT DR1-48MG DR1-48MH DR1-48MW DR1-48OB DR1-48PN DR1-48PW DR1-48RB DR1-48RS DR1-48SB DR1-48SN DR1-48TB DR1-48TS DR1-48VZ DR1-48WH DR1-60AB DR1-60AZ DR1-60BA DR1-60BZ DR1-60CH DR1-60DS DR1-60LT DR1-60MG DR1-60MH DR1-60MW DR1-60OB DR1-60PN DR1-60PW DR1-60RB DR1-60RS DR1-60SB DR1-60SN DR1-60TB DR1-60TS DR1-60VZ DR1-60WH DR1-72AB DR1-72AZ DR1-72BA DR1-72BZ DR1-72CH DR1-72DS DR1-72LT DR1-72MG DR1-72MH DR1-72MW DR1-72OB DR1-72PN DR1-72PW DR1-72RB DR1-72RS DR1-72SB DR1-72SN DR1-72TB DR1-72TS DR1-72VZ DR1-72WH

Optional downrods for Fanimation ceiling fans. Available lengths range from 12"-72", match the metal finish to the finish on your fan.


Fanimation Ceiling Fans. Function. Innovation. Quality.

All Fanimation motors are built using high quality materials and components, insuring years of reliable and dependable operation. As technology in motor design advances and energy efficiency becomes an important criterion for all product designs, Fanimation is committed to the constant research, development and testing of these advances to assure the appropriate application.

Fanimation has a two pronged approach in bringing products into the marketplace. First are it's original designs and secondly reintroducing antique fans with modern safety and control features. This approach has placed Fanimation in a league of it's own.

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