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Big Bang Chandelier

Price: $1,210.00
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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Price: $1,210.00

Big Bang Chandelier



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Design by Enrico Franzolini with Vicente and Garcia Jimenez, 2005.

The apparently casual pattern with which the composition of irregular planes creates a volume around the light source, determines the dynamic character of Big Bang's exuberant personality. A powerfully structural luminous body, characterized by a play of shadow and light, with great visual impact yet airy in appearance, it is ideal for personalizing rooms in any style, even when used alone. It provides an intense, vivid and direct light. In the new LED version, affording high energy efficiency levels and durability, Foscarini wanted to retain all the emotion of the original model. For this reason, the new version with LED light retains the unmistakable effect of this lamp, in which every panel recreates the image of the light source inside it and of its surroundings. The panels that compose the lamp and function as translucent diffusers are made out of methacrylate and are available in white or in two-tone version: white/red.

Halogen version offered with 78 or 200" of suspension cable, LED version offered with 188" of suspension cable. LED version is dimmable.


  • Diffuser: 37.75"W X 78.75"H
  • Overall: 78 - 200" Max Length



  • Halogen: 1 X 200W 120V R7S 118mm linear halogen lamp (not included)
  • LED: 1 X 37W 120V dimmable LED module, 3260 lumens, 3000K, 90 CRI (included)

Listing: UL, CUL

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Instructions Sheet 1, Instructions Sheet 2

Model(s): 151007S2-10 151007S2-63 151007-10 151007-63 151007LD-10 151007LD-63

Vicente Garcia Jimenez

Vicente Garcia Jimenez was born in Valencia, Spain in 1978. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Castellon de la Plana and after graduation, moved to Barcelona where he collaborated with Santa & Cole. After developing a need to hone his creative skills, Jimenez went to Udine. There he set up his studio that collaborates with companies developing lighting and furniture.

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Enrico Franzolini

Enrico Franzolini began his career as an artist and his work was known for its expression of sculptural elegance and an aesthetic refinement. He exhibited work at the Venice Biennale, as well as other exhibitions and galleries in the 1970s and then turned to design and received a degree in architecture in 1979. Like Vico Magistretti and many other designers in Italy, Franzolini has been active across the spectrum of creative fields from fine art to architecture to the various arts of the craftsman. He uses a variety of materials on both the large and small scale.

Franzolini's work epitomizes the integrity, the technical innovation and the ingenious forms for which Italian design has long been admired. In addition to his pictorial research, he spreads his commitment between architecture and industrial design fields and over the years he has been collaborating with some of the most prestigious companies in the furniture industry such as Cappellini, Foscarini, Knoll International, Moroso, Pallucco.

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The Foscarini collection brings together objects that express strong ideas with special character of their own. Ideas are transformed into a tangible reality thanks to the contribution of leading personalities from the world of design. Foscarini lights up their creativity and guides their proposals.

The cornerstone of Foscarini is research into forms and materials. Established in 1981 in Venice. Foscarini started out by exploring the opportunities offered by Murano glass. Over the years, the range of materials used has expanded to include glass, polyethylene, wood and aluminum, as well as patented materials such as an exclusive textured glass and Kevlar ® or carbon fiber composite.

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
It took me two years to find a fixture like this , and let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

First the plusses:
The engineering is beautiful.
The light distribution is uniform; it can be bright or romantic. The glow of the panels is mezmerizing.
The light source is 90% hidden at all angles.
The assembly is elementary.
Now the minuses:
The fixture does not hang parallel to the steel cables. The ceiling rose (the part that attaches to the ceiling electric box) has two steel cables that attach to the main part of the fixture. If you want the two to stay parallel with each other, you must twist the cable, and secure it some how. It took me four hours to do this, so it would hang over my table correctly.
The diffusers have letters printed on them and some of them show. This is not acceptable for the money I spent.
The fit of the diffusers is too loose and creates gaps between them.
Other than that, if you are average, you will love it, but if you're discriminating, be warned!

By:Thomas H. , Homeowner (Woodbury NJ)

5 out of 5
Its a piece of art!

We love it, it is a stand-out piece in any room. The price point was good.

By:Anna M. , Homeowner (Scottsdale, Az USA)

4 out of 5
A beautiful piece of art that will make any room shine!

I love the fixture but it took my electrical contractor 3 hours to install. He a had a difficult time getting the fixture to hang centered between the wires. It is it worth it - YES!

By:kelly m. , Homeowner (denver, co)

5 out of 5
Great fixture, makes a statement.

This is certainly a conversation piece. It hangs over my dining table, and I couldn't be happier. The Big Bang looks amazing!

To the previous reviewers: you can get it to hang parallel to the cable my simple adjusting the point at which the cable attaches to the bulb housing. Once the steel cables level-out, you simply need to slide one attachment point slightly. I was fiddling with the cable and really eschewing the alignment until I figured this out.

By:CW , Homeowner (Durham, NC, USA)

5 out of 5
absolutely fabulous

this product is really sculpture.. beautiful. This was a "splurge" for our new condo but it is worth every penny. Transforms a room...

By:Edna C. , Designer (Buffalo, NY)

5 out of 5
Handsome, effective, and makes a statement

We ordered a pair of these fixtures to light a large, cubic space bisected by a timber beam. They are handsome sculptures when off, and provide a significant amount of well-diffused light at night. Their multi-dimensional form provides interest to the eye from many angles, and each seems unique even when paired. In white, they are a presence against the white ceiling without being a distraction from the rest of the space.

Although forewarned about tricky cable balancing, the fixtures went up quickly and easily in the hands of a professional electrician. Miles of cable supplied makes installation from a high ceiling possible. Bulbs are not found everywhere. Fixture quality is pristine, and the coding on the translucent vanes is very subtle. It is needed to reassemble after bulb replacement (And the instructions are long gone!). Packaging is not good enough for the fixture cost- the main frame was slightly bent in one of two, but easily straightened ad no harm done.

Overall the fixtures provide a unique statement that can really set off a space. The materials are costly, but the effect is worthwhile.

By:R Sanders , Architect (Wilton, CT)

5 out of 5
Unique Contemporary Piece

Bold, geometric piece with modern kick. The large scale is perfect for the oversized kitchen island, given it's cleanability it's a perfect kitchen fixture. Great juxtaposition for a traditional dining room; versatile, bold, it will be received as art.
Not as easily assembled as described, but worth the challenge.
McGregor Design Studio

By:McGregor Design Studio , Designer (San Francisco area)

5 out of 5

Looks like a sculpture hanging in my dining room. my kids are taking a while to get used to it, but it makes a really neat statement without overpowering the room. the bulb was very very difficult to get in.

By:MH , Homeowner (Silver Spring, MD)

1 out of 5
this was not the quality we expected

While this was not the right color red it was also not the quality of material we had hoped for our dining room - we are returning it

By:stacie , Homeowner (NJ)

5 out of 5
stunning piece of art

bought this after seeing the red version in a model condo unit and i would say that the white version is every bit as beautiful. a bit expensive--set up took 2 hours without any major complications. overall, very happy with the purchase and y-lighting.

By:jason , Homeowner (san francisco, california)

3 out of 5
I am surprised that it came in pieces.

I am waiting for the electrician to come over, put it together and hang it. Only then can I give an informed opinion on this good looking , at least in the photograph, light fixture. Maybe when it's assembled it will be a five star rating.

By:Rowlands D. , Architect (Phoenix,AZ)

5 out of 5

The price point seems high until Big Bang is installed and then -- WOW! It is truly transformative. I cannot stop staring at it so I figure I'm making back the cost by never leaving the house to spend money.

Installation was effortless. I especially appreciated the miles of cable as BB hangs from our 25-ft living room ceiling.

By:Chanco , Homeowner (central VA)

5 out of 5
Good item

I love the way it looks. Wish it could be a bit brighter, but I am pleased

By:Soraya F. (Miami)

5 out of 5
These lights are amazingly beautiful!

If you are looking for a piece of art to be suspended from your dinning room ceiling, then look no further. These lights are absolutely stunning and make a room! Given the unique architecture of my home they were a perfect find!

By:Nikki , Homeowner (Los Angeles)

4 out of 5
It's very dramatic.

I love the shape of it. However, the red is much more orangy and bright than the photos. The photos make the red look deeper

By:Fleabag1 (New Yorl)

4 out of 5
A piece of art!

It's beautiful! A piece os art, indeed. But be careful with the height if your ceiling is low. the chandelier can be inconveniently low.

By:Vivian F M. , Homeowner (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

5 out of 5
Illuminated Art

I was very hesitant about this light. Wrestled with the purchase for nearly three weeks before taking the plunge. Now that it's up, I could not be happier.

My Big Bang is hung over my dining room table. It's a statement piece - no doubt, in the most artful way. The light is gorgeous. I have mine on a dimmer and it looks stunning at full light, and - if possible - even moreso the dimmer it goes.

A couple of technical things: there is a "front" to the light, in my opinion. The light has more of an elongated presence from the front - ever-so-slightly oblong. I've had two friends look at the light and agree. My electrician is coming back to turn the light 90 degrees so its "front" is facing my entryway.

Secondly, the light fixture itself is white. White - not cream, and not off-white. This was my biggest hesitation about purchasing the light as I was concerned it would have a giant glaring WHITE presence and look cheap in my dining room. It looks anything but. Interestingly, the light takes on a softer, almost off-white tone at night, at least in my home. Simply beautiful.

Foscarini Fan
Atlanta, GA

By:Ginaswork , Homeowner (Atlanta, GA)

5 out of 5
Aptly named

This fixture is stunning. The effect is equally dramatic turned on or off, but a dimmer is recommended to take advantage of all it's effects! The scale is impressive, and it works well in open spaces to anchor and define the room. I don't have a high ceiling so it does hang slightly low, but at an appropriate height over a dining table.

The hard cleanable surface is nice too for real dusting and wipe down, I have other modern white molded lights that are much more difficult to clean. This light is one of my favorite things about my remodel!

By:Anonymous , Homeowner (Washington, DC)

5 out of 5
Hanging Art Work

This light is exactly what we were looking for to finish off our dining room...truly a statement piece....hanging art!

Unlike a previous review, our diffusers don't have gaps between them and we don't see the little letters printed on them. If you put it together correctly both issues are non-issues since the letters face the inside of the fixture and the diffusers sit together snug. Was actually quite fun to assemble!

Only complaint is that for a fixture of this price one would expect the bulb to be included!!! Not to mention the fact that the recommended wattage for the bulb is not something routinely carried at Home Depot or has to be special ordered.

By:abransky , Homeowner (Dallas, TX)

4 out of 5
Fun Light

Easy install
Well Built
FUN fixture

Does not cast interesting shadows like you might assume it would, this is one thing we wish it did.

By:Chris , Homeowner (Illinois)

3 out of 5
Gorgeous lamp with a few character flaws

This lamp is like buying a light and a sculpture at the same time, the visual impact on the space is dramatic and equal on all sides. If you can get it up it is worth the effort.

The lamp has a few character flaws. The instructions are visually appealing but short on words, so require some ingenuity. Luckily the ceiling mount is universal and fits almost any box, unlike other European fixtures. The installation requires that a 1/2" screw, requiring a small Allen wrench, be placed vertically into the center plate. which I challenge anyone to do while holding the plate in place. I do not exaggerate to say that I had to have my wife standing on our dining room table with one foot on the ladder to get this thing in. Not for the faint of heart.

Also, unless you pay an enormous amount for the LED version, which the lamp should have had originally, you are using an RSC base T3 halogen bulb, which burns extremely hot after only a few seconds on. Also, you don't want to touch this bulb with your fingers while at the same time it requires about 60 lbs of force to jam into place. For a bonus, it feels like it's going to shatter as you try to get it in because the force required is so great.

Once up it looks terrific, so if you can get that far you have accomplished a lot.

By:Howard B , Homeowner (Madison, WI)

5 out of 5
A work of art

A fantastic piece of art for our dining room. It does take a little work to hang but given the nature of the product I personally think that's to be expected. A wall dimmer is a must to get the best out of it and set a variety of moods.

By:Charlie H. , Homeowner (NJ)

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