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Landscape Lighting Accessories by Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting Landscape Lighting Accessories

Hinkley offers a variety of accessories to control and enhance your landscape lighting system:

Transformers - Transformers convert your 120-volt household current to 12-volts. Outdoor transformers can be installed on the side of your house and plug into an exterior outlet. They must mount at least 12" above the ground.

Cable - 12-volt fixtures take power from a weatherproof, flexible cable that can be used above or below ground and generally does not need to be housed in conduit or buried as deep as 120-volt wiring. 12 AWG cable is the most standard. However, for cable runs over 100', 10 AWG or 8 AWG is recommended.

Controls - Controls enhance landscape lighting, just as they do interior lighting. Photocells, timers and special lenses can help control your lighting plan.

Photocells - Photocells turn the lighting on when the sun goes down. You can combine a photocell and a timer to avoid wasting energy after the household has retired for the night.

Timers - Timers provide automatic on/off control, according to how you program them and can be used in conjunction with photocells.

Lenses - Hinkley lenses are available for use with spotlights to create directional beams of light, diffuse lamp beam spread, enhance color, and reduce overall glare.

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