• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The elongated shape of the Antasia Medium Wall Sconce is balanced by an elegant, and asymmetrical design. Antasia features a metal body available with a wide selection of metal finishes. The glass diffuser, which is offered in a glass tube or dome, adds a decorative element and allows for light to be dispersed evenly. Ideal for providing ambient diffused light in hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms. Available with incandescent or fluorescent lamping. Select from left or right facing.

Shown in dark smoke finish with a stone glass dome diffuser, left facing.

Antasia Family - Winner of the 2010 Pinnacle Design Achievement Award presented by the American Society of Furniture Designers.

Note: This fixture is designed to fit a standard single gang switch/outlet box. A special 4.8"sq backplate is included for use with 4" j-box.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 5"W X 26.7"H X 5.8"extension
metal, glass
Lamp Type
  • Incandescent: 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) A19 incandescent lamp (not included)
  • Fluorescent: 1 X 13W 120V GU24 fluorescent lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
204710FL-20-H182 204710FL-20-ZX182 204710FL-20-H236 204710FL-20-ZX236 204710FL-20-G236 204710FL-20-G182 204710FL-08-H182 204710FL-08-ZX182 204710FL-08-H236 204710FL-08-ZX236 204710FL-08-G236 204710FL-08-G182 204710FL-03-H182 204710FL-03-ZX182 204710FL-03-H236 204710FL-03-ZX236 204710FL-03-G236 204710FL-03-G182 204710FL-10-H182 204710FL-10-ZX182 204710FL-10-H236 204710FL-10-ZX236 204710FL-10-G236 204710FL-10-G182 204710FL-05-H182 204710FL-05-ZX182 204710FL-05-H236 204710FL-05-ZX236 204710FL-05-G236 204710FL-05-G182 204710R-20-H182 204710R-20-ZX182 204710R-20-H236 204710R-20-ZX236 204710R-20-G236 204710R-20-G182 204710R-08-H182 204710R-08-ZX182 204710R-08-H236 204710R-08-ZX236 204710R-08-G236 204710R-08-G182 204710R-03-H182 204710R-03-ZX182 204710R-03-H236 204710R-03-ZX236 204710R-03-G236 204710R-03-G182 204710R-10-H182 204710R-10-ZX182 204710R-10-H236 204710R-10-ZX236 204710R-10-G236 204710R-10-G182 204710R-05-H182 204710R-05-ZX182 204710R-05-H236 204710R-05-ZX236 204710R-05-G236 204710R-05-G182 204710FR-20-H182 204710FR-20-ZX182 204710FR-20-H236 204710FR-20-ZX236 204710FR-20-G236 204710FR-20-G182 204710FR-08-H182 204710FR-08-ZX182 204710FR-08-H236 204710FR-08-ZX236 204710FR-08-G236 204710FR-08-G182 204710FR-03-H182 204710FR-03-ZX182 204710FR-03-H236 204710FR-03-ZX236 204710FR-03-G236 204710FR-03-G182 204710FR-10-H182 204710FR-10-ZX182 204710FR-10-H236 204710FR-10-ZX236 204710FR-10-G236 204710FR-10-G182 204710FR-05-H182 204710FR-05-ZX182 204710FR-05-H236 204710FR-05-ZX236 204710FR-05-G236 204710FR-05-G182 204710FL-07-H182 204710FL-07-ZX182 204710FL-07-H236 204710FL-07-ZX236 204710FL-07-G236 204710FL-07-G182 204710R-07-H182 204710R-07-ZX182 204710R-07-H236 204710R-07-ZX236 204710R-07-G236 204710R-07-G182 204710FR-07-H182 204710FR-07-ZX182 204710FR-07-H236 204710FR-07-ZX236 204710FR-07-G236 204710FR-07-G182 204710L-20-H182 204710L-20-ZX182 204710L-20-H236 204710L-20-ZX236 204710L-20-G236 204710L-20-G182 204710L-08-H182 204710L-08-ZX182 204710L-08-H236 204710L-08-ZX236 204710L-08-G236 204710L-08-G182 204710L-03-H182 204710L-03-ZX182 204710L-03-H236 204710L-03-ZX236 204710L-03-G236 204710L-03-G182 204710L-10-H182 204710L-10-ZX182 204710L-10-H236 204710L-10-ZX236 204710L-10-G236 204710L-10-G182 204710L-05-H182 204710L-05-ZX182 204710L-05-H236 204710L-05-ZX236 204710L-05-G236 204710L-05-G182 204710L-07-H182 204710L-07-ZX182 204710L-07-H236 204710L-07-ZX236 204710L-07-G236 204710L-07-G182