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Arc Ellipse Medium Pendant

Price: $636.00
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Price: $636.00

Arc Ellipse Medium Pendant

Item #: HUB-18825

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1. Stem Length:

2. Lamping:

3. Finish:

4. Glass:

Material(s): Metal, Glass

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Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Arc Ellipse Collection is defined by the integrity and simplicity of Hubbardton Forge design. This adjustable pendant highlights the versatility of the hand-forged ironwork Hubbardton Forge designers are known for. Slope ceiling adaptable to 45°. Available in choice of finish and opal, stone, or pearl glass. Suitable for damp locations. Choose between incandescent or fluorescent lamping.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

Material(s): Metal, Glass


  • 12.9"L X 5.3"W X 10"H; 36.3" to 71.5" overall height
  • Hanging Weight: 9.1 lbs.



  • Incandescent: 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) A-19 incandescent lamp
  • Fluorescent: 1 X 13W 120V GU24 base fluorescent lamp (included)


Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Model(s): 18825-101-03-G194 18825-102-03-G194 18825-103-03-G194 18825-104-03-G194 18825-101-03-H194 18825-102-03-H194 18825-103-03-H194 18825-104-03-H194 18825-101-03-ZX194 18825-102-03-ZX194 18825-103-03-ZX194 18825-104-03-ZX194 18825-101-05-G194 18825-102-05-G194 18825-103-05-G194 18825-104-05-G194 18825-101-05-H194 18825-102-05-H194 18825-103-05-H194 18825-104-05-H194 18825-101-05-ZX194 18825-102-05-ZX194 18825-103-05-ZX194 18825-104-05-ZX194 18825-101-07-G194 18825-102-07-G194 18825-103-07-G194 18825-104-07-G194 18825-101-07-H194 18825-102-07-H194 18825-103-07-H194 18825-104-07-H194 18825-101-07-ZX194 18825-102-07-ZX194 18825-103-07-ZX194 18825-104-07-ZX194 18825-101-08-G194 18825-102-08-G194 18825-103-08-G194 18825-104-08-G194 18825-101-08-H194 18825-102-08-H194 18825-103-08-H194 18825-104-08-H194 18825-101-08-ZX194 18825-102-08-ZX194 18825-103-08-ZX194 18825-104-08-ZX194 18825-101-10-G194 18825-102-10-G194 18825-103-10-G194 18825-104-10-G194 18825-101-10-H194 18825-102-10-H194 18825-103-10-H194 18825-104-10-H194 18825-101-10-ZX194 18825-102-10-ZX194 18825-103-10-ZX194 18825-104-10-ZX194 18825-101-20-G194 18825-102-20-G194 18825-103-20-G194 18825-104-20-G194 18825-101-20-H194 18825-102-20-H194 18825-103-20-H194 18825-104-20-H194 18825-101-20-ZX194 18825-102-20-ZX194 18825-103-20-ZX194 18825-104-20-ZX194 18825F-101-03-G194 18825F-102-03-G194 18825F-103-03-G194 18825F-104-03-G194 18825F-101-03-H194 18825F-102-03-H194 18825F-103-03-H194 18825F-104-03-H194 18825F-101-03-ZX194 18825F-102-03-ZX194 18825F-103-03-ZX194 18825F-104-03-ZX194 18825F-101-05-G194 18825F-102-05-G194 18825F-103-05-G194 18825F-104-05-G194 18825F-101-05-H194 18825F-102-05-H194 18825F-103-05-H194 18825F-104-05-H194 18825F-101-05-ZX194 18825F-102-05-ZX194 18825F-103-05-ZX194 18825F-104-05-ZX194 18825F-101-07-G194 18825F-102-07-G194 18825F-103-07-G194 18825F-104-07-G194 18825F-101-07-H194 18825F-102-07-H194 18825F-103-07-H194 18825F-104-07-H194 18825F-101-07-ZX194 18825F-102-07-ZX194 18825F-103-07-ZX194 18825F-104-07-ZX194 18825F-101-08-G194 18825F-102-08-G194 18825F-103-08-G194 18825F-104-08-G194 18825F-101-08-H194 18825F-102-08-H194 18825F-103-08-H194 18825F-104-08-H194 18825F-101-08-ZX194 18825F-102-08-ZX194 18825F-103-08-ZX194 18825F-104-08-ZX194 18825F-101-10-G194 18825F-102-10-G194 18825F-103-10-G194 18825F-104-10-G194 18825F-101-10-H194 18825F-102-10-H194 18825F-103-10-H194 18825F-104-10-H194 18825F-101-10-ZX194 18825F-102-10-ZX194 18825F-103-10-ZX194 18825F-104-10-ZX194 18825F-101-20-G194 18825F-102-20-G194 18825F-103-20-G194 18825F-104-20-G194 18825F-101-20-H194 18825F-102-20-H194 18825F-103-20-H194 18825F-104-20-H194 18825F-101-20-ZX194 18825F-102-20-ZX194 18825F-103-20-ZX194 18825F-104-20-ZX194

Hubbardton Forge - The Modern American Blacksmiths.

Hubbardton Forge, American manufacturer of hand forged iron lighting fixtures, first fired up the Forge in a drafty old barn in the town of Hubbardton in 1974. The Vermont based company scavenged through New England gathering rusting anvils, trip hammers, swage blocks and other discarded tools of the trade in order to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art. Today, they have established themselves as a company whose products are recognizable for their quality, timelessness, and functionality.

Hubbardton Forge's designs are classic, elegant, and original. Form and function are inseparable in every piece. From heavier gauge metals, custom turnings and superior internal components, to environmentally sound powder coated finishes, Hubbardton Forge strives to create structural integrity ... products that will endure.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

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