• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Cosmo Wall Sconce features a metal accent bar, framed by rectilinear forms of forged steel. The metal element highlights the center of the sconce, while the fabric shade provides gentle, diffused illumination to your modern space. Cosmo is offered in all of Hubbardton Forge's indoor metal finishes, with a variety of fabric shade options and a brass, soft gold, or vintage platinum metal accent piece. Suitable for indoor dry locations, Cosmo is ideal for living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Direct wire sconce, ADA compliant.

Shown with brass metal accent, bronze metal finish, and doeskin micro-suede shade.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 16.5quot;W X 11.3"H
fabric, cloth, metal
Lamp Type
1 X 60W 120V E12 (candelabra base) type B incandescent lamp, (not included) equivalent cfl can be used
Item Number
206350-BR-05-836 206350-BR-05-837 206350-BR-05-838 206350-BR-05-839 206350-BR-05-840 206350-BR-03-836 206350-BR-03-837 206350-BR-03-838 206350-BR-03-839 206350-BR-03-840 206350-BR-07-836 206350-BR-07-837 206350-BR-07-838 206350-BR-07-839 206350-BR-07-840 206350-BR-08-836 206350-BR-08-837 206350-BR-08-838 206350-BR-08-839 206350-BR-08-840 206350-BR-10-836 206350-BR-10-837 206350-BR-10-838 206350-BR-10-839 206350-BR-10-840 206350-BR-20-836 206350-BR-20-837 206350-BR-20-838 206350-BR-20-839 206350-BR-20-840 206350-VP-05-836 206350-VP-05-837 206350-VP-05-838 206350-VP-05-839 206350-VP-05-840 206350-VP-03-836 206350-VP-03-837 206350-VP-03-838 206350-VP-03-839 206350-VP-03-840 206350-VP-07-836 206350-VP-07-837 206350-VP-07-838 206350-VP-07-839 206350-VP-07-840 206350-VP-08-836 206350-VP-08-837 206350-VP-08-838 206350-VP-08-839 206350-VP-08-840 206350-VP-10-836 206350-VP-10-837 206350-VP-10-838 206350-VP-10-839 206350-VP-10-840 206350-VP-20-836 206350-VP-20-837 206350-VP-20-838 206350-VP-20-839 206350-VP-20-840 206350-SG-05-836 206350-SG-05-837 206350-SG-05-838 206350-SG-05-839 206350-SG-05-840 206350-SG-03-836 206350-SG-03-837 206350-SG-03-838 206350-SG-03-839 206350-SG-03-840 206350-SG-07-836 206350-SG-07-837 206350-SG-07-838 206350-SG-07-839 206350-SG-07-840 206350-SG-08-836 206350-SG-08-837 206350-SG-08-838 206350-SG-08-839 206350-SG-08-840 206350-SG-10-836 206350-SG-10-837 206350-SG-10-838 206350-SG-10-839 206350-SG-10-840 206350-SG-20-836 206350-SG-20-837 206350-SG-20-838 206350-SG-20-839 206350-SG-20-840