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New Exos Square Small Semi Flush Ceiling Light

Price: $690.00
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Price: $690.00

Exos Square Small Semi Flush Ceiling Light


Availability: Ships within 3-4 weeks.

1. Model: 126507

2. Finish:

3. Inner Shade:

4. Outer Shade:

Material(s): Fabric, Cloth, Metal

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Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Exos Square Collection from Hubbardton Forge features clean and contemporary shades accented by simple steel plates. A natural extension of the popular Exos family, the Exos Square Small Semi Flush Ceiling Light is available with a variety of shade and metal finish combinations. Provides ambient, diffused light.

Shown in dark smoke finish with natural linen outer shade and natural anna inner shade.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

Material(s): Fabric, Cloth, Metal

Dimensions: 16.6"L X 16.6"W X 7.3"H


Bulbs: 2 X 60W 120V E26 (medium base) A19 incandescent lamps, (not included) equivalent cfl can be used

Listing: CUL, UL

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Model(s): 126507-03-QANA 126507-03-QANB 126507-03-QANC 126507-03-QAND 126507-03-QANF 126507-03-QANH 126507-03-QBNA 126507-03-QBNB 126507-03-QBNC 126507-03-QBND 126507-03-QBNF 126507-03-QBNH 126507-03-QCNA 126507-03-QCNB 126507-03-QCNC 126507-03-QCND 126507-03-QCNF 126507-03-QCNH 126507-03-QDNA 126507-03-QDNB 126507-03-QDNC 126507-03-QDND 126507-03-QDNF 126507-03-QDNH 126507-03-QFNA 126507-03-QFNB 126507-03-QFNC 126507-03-QFND 126507-03-QFNF 126507-03-QFNH 126507-03-QHNA 126507-03-QHNB 126507-03-QHNC 126507-03-QHND 126507-03-QHNF 126507-03-QHNH 126507-05-QANA 126507-05-QANB 126507-05-QANC 126507-05-QAND 126507-05-QANF 126507-05-QANH 126507-05-QBNA 126507-05-QBNB 126507-05-QBNC 126507-05-QBND 126507-05-QBNF 126507-05-QBNH 126507-05-QCNA 126507-05-QCNB 126507-05-QCNC 126507-05-QCND 126507-05-QCNF 126507-05-QCNH 126507-05-QDNA 126507-05-QDNB 126507-05-QDNC 126507-05-QDND 126507-05-QDNF 126507-05-QDNH 126507-05-QFNA 126507-05-QFNB 126507-05-QFNC 126507-05-QFND 126507-05-QFNF 126507-05-QFNH 126507-05-QHNA 126507-05-QHNB 126507-05-QHNC 126507-05-QHND 126507-05-QHNF 126507-05-QHNH 126507-07-QANA 126507-07-QANB 126507-07-QANC 126507-07-QAND 126507-07-QANF 126507-07-QANH 126507-07-QBNA 126507-07-QBNB 126507-07-QBNC 126507-07-QBND 126507-07-QBNF 126507-07-QBNH 126507-07-QCNA 126507-07-QCNB 126507-07-QCNC 126507-07-QCND 126507-07-QCNF 126507-07-QCNH 126507-07-QDNA 126507-07-QDNB 126507-07-QDNC 126507-07-QDND 126507-07-QDNF 126507-07-QDNH 126507-07-QFNA 126507-07-QFNB 126507-07-QFNC 126507-07-QFND 126507-07-QFNF 126507-07-QFNH 126507-07-QHNA 126507-07-QHNB 126507-07-QHNC 126507-07-QHND 126507-07-QHNF 126507-07-QHNH 126507-08-QANA 126507-08-QANB 126507-08-QANC 126507-08-QAND 126507-08-QANF 126507-08-QANH 126507-08-QBNA 126507-08-QBNB 126507-08-QBNC 126507-08-QBND 126507-08-QBNF 126507-08-QBNH 126507-08-QCNA 126507-08-QCNB 126507-08-QCNC 126507-08-QCND 126507-08-QCNF 126507-08-QCNH 126507-08-QDNA 126507-08-QDNB 126507-08-QDNC 126507-08-QDND 126507-08-QDNF 126507-08-QDNH 126507-08-QFNA 126507-08-QFNB 126507-08-QFNC 126507-08-QFND 126507-08-QFNF 126507-08-QFNH 126507-08-QHNA 126507-08-QHNB 126507-08-QHNC 126507-08-QHND 126507-08-QHNF 126507-08-QHNH 126507-10-QANA 126507-10-QANB 126507-10-QANC 126507-10-QAND 126507-10-QANF 126507-10-QANH 126507-10-QBNA 126507-10-QBNB 126507-10-QBNC 126507-10-QBND 126507-10-QBNF 126507-10-QBNH 126507-10-QCNA 126507-10-QCNB 126507-10-QCNC 126507-10-QCND 126507-10-QCNF 126507-10-QCNH 126507-10-QDNA 126507-10-QDNB 126507-10-QDNC 126507-10-QDND 126507-10-QDNF 126507-10-QDNH 126507-10-QFNA 126507-10-QFNB 126507-10-QFNC 126507-10-QFND 126507-10-QFNF 126507-10-QFNH 126507-10-QHNA 126507-10-QHNB 126507-10-QHNC 126507-10-QHND 126507-10-QHNF 126507-10-QHNH 126507-20-QANA 126507-20-QANB 126507-20-QANC 126507-20-QAND 126507-20-QANF 126507-20-QANH 126507-20-QBNA 126507-20-QBNB 126507-20-QBNC 126507-20-QBND 126507-20-QBNF 126507-20-QBNH 126507-20-QCNA 126507-20-QCNB 126507-20-QCNC 126507-20-QCND 126507-20-QCNF 126507-20-QCNH 126507-20-QDNA 126507-20-QDNB 126507-20-QDNC 126507-20-QDND 126507-20-QDNF 126507-20-QDNH 126507-20-QFNA 126507-20-QFNB 126507-20-QFNC 126507-20-QFND 126507-20-QFNF 126507-20-QFNH 126507-20-QHNA 126507-20-QHNB 126507-20-QHNC 126507-20-QHND 126507-20-QHNF 126507-20-QHNH

Hubbardton Forge - The Modern American Blacksmiths.

Hubbardton Forge, American manufacturer of hand forged iron lighting fixtures, first fired up the Forge in a drafty old barn in the town of Hubbardton in 1974. The Vermont based company scavenged through New England gathering rusting anvils, trip hammers, swage blocks and other discarded tools of the trade in order to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art. Today, they have established themselves as a company whose products are recognizable for their quality, timelessness, and functionality.

Hubbardton Forge's designs are classic, elegant, and original. Form and function are inseparable in every piece. From heavier gauge metals, custom turnings and superior internal components, to environmentally sound powder coated finishes, Hubbardton Forge strives to create structural integrity ... products that will endure.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

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Customer Reviews 5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Beautifully designed, great craftsmanship, and soft lighting for any room

I purchased two of these small Exos Square lights and two large ones. Both of them are Bronze with Natural Anna shades on interior and exterior. We've only had the lights up for a few days, but we're extremely pleased. It's exactly as I expected!

Below is the same review for the larger version:

My fiance and I spent the last few months mulling over the type of lighting to purchase for our new condo. We browsed many different store websites from Restoration Hardware to Pottery Barn and Ikea. We even stopped in a few local stores with a pretty diverse selection of lighting fixtures. We did not, however, find anything.

I found in a design magazine and browsed the great selection. I'm the type of consumer that loves to read reviews and see pictures of the product in different settings. While this Exos Square light didn't have any reviews, I felt comfortable with YLighting's return policy and customer service.

I grew up in a Frank Lloyd Wright style home, so I'm immediately attracted to anything with his organic architecture style in mind. We chose the Bronze with Natural Anna shade, which matches our bronze drapery rods with optic white belgian linen shades perfectly! (Drapery from Restoration Hardware) The bronze parts of the fixture have a nice weight to them and the pieces are fused together with great craftsmanship. This is my first Hubbardton Forge purchase, but I'll be very willing to be a repeat customer for future needs.

While customer service estimated a 4-5 week wait for delivery, our patience was happily rewarded with a much faster delivery time. As it turned out, some of the shade corners were bent from shipping, so my fiance called YLighting customer service. With no questions asked, they accommodated our request for replacements.

Thank you

By:DerekB , Homeowner (San Francisco, CA)

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