• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Moreau Collection expands on the sculptural vocabulary of the original Moreau table lamps. The Moreau 137655 Pendant Light features an organic design resembling branches, leaves, or antlers. The fabric shade is offered in doeskin micro-suede, terra micro-suede, eclipse micro-suede, flax, and natural anna. Select from a wide variety of Hubbardton Forge metal finishes. Available in with three adjustable stem lengths to best suit your space.

Shown in dark smoke finish with a doeskin micro-suede shade.

Note: Moreau is slope ceiling adaptable one-way to 45°. This double down-rod fixture can be used in one direction only. The two down-rods must remain the same length. The fixture will run parallel or along the slope, but not perpendicular or up the slope.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 42"L X 10"W X 10.4"H; 34.9" - 72.6"adjustable overall height
metal, glass
Lamp Type
4 X 60W 120V E26 (medium base) A19 incandescent lamps (not included)
Item Number
137655-20L-592 137655-20S-592 137655-20-592 137655-20L-764 137655-20S-764 137655-20-764 137655-20L-591 137655-20S-591 137655-20-591 137655-20L-590 137655-20S-590 137655-20-590 137655-20L-589 137655-20S-589 137655-20-589 137655-10L-592 137655-10S-592 137655-10-592 137655-10L-764 137655-10S-764 137655-10-764 137655-10L-591 137655-10S-591 137655-10-591 137655-10L-590 137655-10S-590 137655-10-590 137655-10L-589 137655-10S-589 137655-10-589 137655-08L-592 137655-08S-592 137655-08-592 137655-08L-764 137655-08S-764 137655-08-764 137655-08L-591 137655-08S-591 137655-08-591 137655-08L-590 137655-08S-590 137655-08-590 137655-08L-589 137655-08S-589 137655-08-589 137655-07L-592 137655-07S-592 137655-07-592 137655-07L-764 137655-07S-764 137655-07-764 137655-07L-591 137655-07S-591 137655-07-591 137655-07L-590 137655-07S-590 137655-07-590 137655-07L-589 137655-07S-589 137655-07-589 137655-05L-592 137655-05S-592 137655-05-592 137655-05L-764 137655-05S-764 137655-05-764 137655-05L-591 137655-05S-591 137655-05-591 137655-05L-590 137655-05S-590 137655-05-590 137655-05L-589 137655-05S-589 137655-05-589 137655-03L-592 137655-03S-592 137655-03-592 137655-03L-764 137655-03S-764 137655-03-764 137655-03L-591 137655-03S-591 137655-03-591 137655-03L-590 137655-03S-590 137655-03-590 137655-03L-589 137655-03S-589 137655-03-589