• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Ribbon Wall Sconce from Hubbardton Forge explores an innovative combination of natural materials to form a decorative, delicate wall sconce. Available with two different glass shades, each offered in opal, stone, or pearl. Curving metal wraps around the shade, which houses an incandescent or fluorescent light source. The Ribbon Wall Sconce can add a new dimension to modern hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. Its damp location rating also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens.

Shown in burnished steel finish with an opal glass shade (G236).

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 6.1"W X 8"H X 6.4"extension
metal, glass
Lamp Type
  • Incandescent: 1 X 60W 120V E26 (medium base) A15 incandescent lamp (not included)
  • Fluorescent: 1 X 13W 120V GU24 fluorescent lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
204101-FLU-07-HH0001 204101-FLU-07-ZX0001 204101-FLU-07-G236 204101-FLU-07-H236 204101-FLU-07-ZX236 204101-FLU-08-HH0001 204101-FLU-08-ZX0001 204101-FLU-08-G236 204101-FLU-08-H236 204101-FLU-08-ZX236 204101-FLU-05-HH0001 204101-FLU-05-ZX0001 204101-FLU-05-G236 204101-FLU-05-H236 204101-FLU-05-ZX236 204101-FLU-03-HH0001 204101-FLU-03-ZX0001 204101-FLU-03-G236 204101-FLU-03-H236 204101-FLU-03-ZX236 204101-FLU-10-HH0001 204101-FLU-10-ZX0001 204101-FLU-10-G236 204101-FLU-10-H236 204101-FLU-10-ZX236 204101-FLU-20-HH0001 204101-FLU-20-ZX0001 204101-FLU-20-G236 204101-FLU-20-H236 204101-FLU-20-ZX236 204101-FLU-07-GG0001 204101-FLU-08-GG0001 204101-FLU-05-GG0001 204101-FLU-03-GG0001 204101-FLU-10-GG0001 204101-FLU-20-GG0001 204101-SKT-07-HH0001 204101-SKT-07-ZX0001 204101-SKT-07-G236 204101-SKT-07-H236 204101-SKT-07-ZX236 204101-SKT-08-HH0001 204101-SKT-08-ZX0001 204101-SKT-08-G236 204101-SKT-08-H236 204101-SKT-08-ZX236 204101-SKT-05-HH0001 204101-SKT-05-ZX0001 204101-SKT-05-G236 204101-SKT-05-H236 204101-SKT-05-ZX236 204101-SKT-03-HH0001 204101-SKT-03-ZX0001 204101-SKT-03-G236 204101-SKT-03-H236 204101-SKT-03-ZX236 204101-SKT-10-HH0001 204101-SKT-10-ZX0001 204101-SKT-10-G236 204101-SKT-10-H236 204101-SKT-10-ZX236 204101-SKT-20-HH0001 204101-SKT-20-ZX0001 204101-SKT-20-G236 204101-SKT-20-H236 204101-SKT-20-ZX236 204101-SKT-07-GG0001 204101-SKT-08-GG0001 204101-SKT-05-GG0001 204101-SKT-03-GG0001 204101-SKT-10-GG0001 204101-SKT-20-GG0001