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Vertical Bar Wall Sconce - 217185 -Open Box

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Now: $213.00
Compare: $284.00

Vertical Bar Wall Sconce - 217185 -Open Box


Availability: This is a returned item in new or like new condition. Offer limited to quantities in stock. Please call our Sales Department to check availability: Toll-Free (866) 428 9289.

1. Model: 217185- Incandescent Lamping / Metal Only

2. Metal Finish: 07- Dark Smoke

3. Glass: G65- Opal

Note: Open Box

Material(s): Metal, Glass

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Available options may differ from photo.

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Vertical Bar Wall Sconce - 217185 is a direct wire wall sconce. The combination of modern materials result in a sophisticated wall sconce that can add a modern decorative touch to interior spaces. Available with incandescent lamping, Vertical Bar provides ambient diffused light. Suitable for damp locations.

Shown in dark smoke finish with opal glass.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

Material(s): Metal, Glass

Dimensions: 5"W X 15"H X 4"extension


Bulbs: Incandescent: 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) BT15 incandescent lamp (not included)


Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Model(s): 217185-03-G65 217185-03-H65 217185-03-ZW65 217185-03-ZX65 217185-05-G65 217185-05-H65 217185-05-ZW65 217185-05-ZX65 217185-07-G65 217185-07-H65 217185-07-ZW65 217185-07-ZX65 217185-08-G65 217185-08-H65 217185-08-ZW65 217185-08-ZX65 217185-10-G65 217185-10-H65 217185-10-ZW65 217185-10-ZX65 217185-20-G65 217185-20-H65 217185-20-ZW65 217185-20-ZX65 217185-CH-03-G65 217185-CH-03-H65 217185-CH-03-ZW65 217185-CH-03-ZX65 217185-CH-05-G65 217185-CH-05-H65 217185-CH-05-ZW65 217185-CH-05-ZX65 217185-CH-07-G65 217185-CH-07-H65 217185-CH-07-ZW65 217185-CH-07-ZX65 217185-CH-08-G65 217185-CH-08-H65 217185-CH-08-ZW65 217185-CH-08-ZX65 217185-CH-10-G65 217185-CH-10-H65 217185-CH-10-ZW65 217185-CH-10-ZX65 217185-CH-20-G65 217185-CH-20-H65 217185-CH-20-ZW65 217185-CH-20-ZX65 217185-CP-03-G65 217185-CP-03-H65 217185-CP-03-ZW65 217185-CP-03-ZX65 217185-CP-05-G65 217185-CP-05-H65 217185-CP-05-ZW65 217185-CP-05-ZX65 217185-CP-07-G65 217185-CP-07-H65 217185-CP-07-ZW65 217185-CP-07-ZX65 217185-CP-08-G65 217185-CP-08-H65 217185-CP-08-ZW65 217185-CP-08-ZX65 217185-CP-10-G65 217185-CP-10-H65 217185-CP-10-ZW65 217185-CP-10-ZX65 217185-CP-20-G65 217185-CP-20-H65 217185-CP-20-ZW65 217185-CP-20-ZX65 217185F-03-G65 217185F-03-H65 217185F-03-ZW65 217185F-03-ZX65 217185F-05-G65 217185F-05-H65 217185F-05-ZW65 217185F-05-ZX65 217185F-07-G65 217185F-07-H65 217185F-07-ZW65 217185F-07-ZX65 217185F-08-G65 217185F-08-H65 217185F-08-ZW65 217185F-08-ZX65 217185F-10-G65 217185F-10-H65 217185F-10-ZW65 217185F-10-ZX65 217185F-20-G65 217185F-20-H65 217185F-20-ZW65 217185F-20-ZX65 217185F-CH-03-G65 217185F-CH-03-H65 217185F-CH-03-ZW65 217185F-CH-03-ZX65 217185F-CH-05-G65 217185F-CH-05-H65 217185F-CH-05-ZW65 217185F-CH-05-ZX65 217185F-CH-07-G65 217185F-CH-07-H65 217185F-CH-07-ZW65 217185F-CH-07-ZX65 217185F-CH-08-G65 217185F-CH-08-H65 217185F-CH-08-ZW65 217185F-CH-08-ZX65 217185F-CH-10-G65 217185F-CH-10-H65 217185F-CH-10-ZW65 217185F-CH-10-ZX65 217185F-CH-20-G65 217185F-CH-20-H65 217185F-CH-20-ZW65 217185F-CH-20-ZX65 217185F-CP-03-G65 217185F-CP-03-H65 217185F-CP-03-ZW65 217185F-CP-03-ZX65 217185F-CP-05-G65 217185F-CP-05-H65 217185F-CP-05-ZW65 217185F-CP-05-ZX65 217185F-CP-07-G65 217185F-CP-07-H65 217185F-CP-07-ZW65 217185F-CP-07-ZX65 217185F-CP-08-G65 217185F-CP-08-H65 217185F-CP-08-ZW65 217185F-CP-08-ZX65 217185F-CP-10-G65 217185F-CP-10-H65 217185F-CP-10-ZW65 217185F-CP-10-ZX65 217185F-CP-20-G65 217185F-CP-20-H65 217185F-CP-20-ZW65 217185F-CP-20-ZX65 217185F-SL-03-G65 217185F-SL-03-H65 217185F-SL-03-ZW65 217185F-SL-03-ZX65 217185F-SL-05-G65 217185F-SL-05-H65 217185F-SL-05-ZW65 217185F-SL-05-ZX65 217185F-SL-07-G65 217185F-SL-07-H65 217185F-SL-07-ZW65 217185F-SL-07-ZX65 217185F-SL-08-G65 217185F-SL-08-H65 217185F-SL-08-ZW65 217185F-SL-08-ZX65 217185F-SL-10-G65 217185F-SL-10-H65 217185F-SL-10-ZW65 217185F-SL-10-ZX65 217185F-SL-20-G65 217185F-SL-20-H65 217185F-SL-20-ZW65 217185F-SL-20-ZX65 217185-SL-03-G65 217185-SL-03-H65 217185-SL-03-ZW65 217185-SL-03-ZX65 217185-SL-05-G65 217185-SL-05-H65 217185-SL-05-ZW65 217185-SL-05-ZX65 217185-SL-07-G65 217185-SL-07-H65 217185-SL-07-ZW65 217185-SL-07-ZX65 217185-SL-08-G65 217185-SL-08-H65 217185-SL-08-ZW65 217185-SL-08-ZX65 217185-SL-10-G65 217185-SL-10-H65 217185-SL-10-ZW65 217185-SL-10-ZX65 217185-SL-20-G65 217185-SL-20-H65 217185-SL-20-ZW65 217185-SL-20-ZX65

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