• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

Hand forged in Vermont, the Wren Pendant Light is one of Hubbardton Forges most versatile fixtures. Wren features a simple contemporary design that can fit in with a wide range of interior spaces. Suitable for damp locations, Wren is slope ceiling adaptable to 45° and ships with an adjustable stem. The Wren Pendant Light can be installed in hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, or anywhere diffused light is needed. Available with opal, stone, opal and clear, stone and clear, or pearl glass.

Shown in mahogany finish with stone glass.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 5.1"L X 5.1"W X 5.6"H, 17.3" - 51.9" overall height
  • Canopy Can: 5"sq, Canopy Plate: 5.3"sq
metal, glass
Lamp Type
1 X 60W 120V G9 halogen lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
18660-492-05H242 18660-492-05ZX242 18660-492-05ZU284 18660-492-05ZV284 18660-493-05H242 18660-493-05ZX242 18660-493-05ZU284 18660-493-05ZV284 18660-492-03H242 18660-492-03ZX242 18660-492-03ZU284 18660-492-03ZV284 18660-493-03H242 18660-493-03ZX242 18660-493-03ZU284 18660-493-03ZV284 18660-492-08H242 18660-492-08ZX242 18660-492-08ZU284 18660-492-08ZV284 18660-493-08H242 18660-493-08ZX242 18660-493-08ZU284 18660-493-08ZV284 18660-492-10H242 18660-492-10ZX242 18660-492-10ZU284 18660-492-10ZV284 18660-493-10H242 18660-493-10ZX242 18660-493-10ZU284 18660-493-10ZV284 18660-492-20H242 18660-492-20ZX242 18660-492-20ZU284 18660-492-20ZV284 18660-493-20H242 18660-493-20ZX242 18660-493-20ZU284 18660-493-20ZV284 18660-492-05G242 18660-493-05G242 18660-492-03G242 18660-493-03G242 18660-492-08G242 18660-493-08G242 18660-492-10G242 18660-493-10G242 18660-492-20G242 18660-493-20G242 18660-492-07H242 18660-492-07ZX242 18660-492-07ZU284 18660-492-07ZV284 18660-493-07H242 18660-493-07ZX242 18660-493-07ZU284 18660-493-07ZV284 18660-492-07G242 18660-493-07G242 18660-491-05H242 18660-491-05ZX242 18660-491-05ZU284 18660-491-05ZV284 18660-491-03H242 18660-491-03ZX242 18660-491-03ZU284 18660-491-03ZV284 18660-491-08H242 18660-491-08ZX242 18660-491-08ZU284 18660-491-08ZV284 18660-491-10H242 18660-491-10ZX242 18660-491-10ZU284 18660-491-10ZV284 18660-491-20H242 18660-491-20ZX242 18660-491-20ZU284 18660-491-20ZV284 18660-491-05G242 18660-491-03G242 18660-491-08G242 18660-491-10G242 18660-491-20G242 18660-491-07H242 18660-491-07ZX242 18660-491-07ZU284 18660-491-07ZV284 18660-491-07G242