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Heirloom Pendant

Price: $214.00
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Price: $214.00

Heirloom Pendant


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1. Model:

2. Finish:

3. Shade Option:

4. Optional Wire Guard:

Material(s): Glass, Steel, Metal

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The Heirloom pendant allows you to express your own personal style. All choices begin with our early-electric socket holders, which is cast to industrial standards. Hudson Valley Lighting's monogram on the paddle switch distinguishes the premium fixture from inferior others. The included "Edison style" carbon filament bulb is as attractive on its own as it is when paired with our various shade options. Each beautiful finish creates a distinct look, from weathered antique to attention grabbing glamorous.

Chose either a cloth-sheathed wire suspension or a metal stem attached to a hang-straight canopy. Optional wire bulb guards emphasize industrial characteristics and can be added with or without an accompanying metal shade. Socket Ring Shade Attachment. Available in Old Bronze, Polished Nickel and Historic Nickel metal finishes and includes 6", 12", 2 X 18" Rods.

Material(s): Glass, Steel, Metal


  • 8001: 1.8"D X 2.8"H (Max 73)
  • Canopy: 5.5"D
  • 8002: 1.8"D X 2.8"H (Max 138)
  • Canopy: 5.5"D


Bulbs: 1 X 60W Carbon Filament E26 Medium Base Incandescent bulb (included)

Listing: CUL, UL

Manufacturer Specifications: Specifications Sheet 1, Specifications Sheet 2

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Model(s): 8001-HN 8001-OB 8001-PN 8001-HN-GS4 8001-HN-GS6 8001-OB-GS4 8001-OB-GS6 8001-PN-GS4 8001-PN-GS6 8001-HN-GM4 8001-OB-GM4 8001-PN-GM4 8001-HN-GL4 8001-HN-MS1 8001-HN-MS2 8001-HN-MS3 8001-HN-WG 8001-OB-GL4 8001-OB-MS1 8001-OB-MS2 8001-OB-MS3 8001-OB-WG 8001-PN-GL4 8001-PN-MS1 8001-PN-MS2 8001-PN-MS3 8001-PN-WG 8001-HN-MM1 8001-HN-MM2 8001-HN-MM3 8001-OB-MM1 8001-OB-MM2 8001-OB-MM3 8001-PN-MM1 8001-PN-MM2 8001-PN-MM3 8001-HN-MS1-WG 8001-HN-MS2-WG 8001-HN-MS3-WG 8001-OB-MS1-WG 8001-OB-MS2-WG 8001-OB-MS3-WG 8001-PN-MS1-WG 8001-PN-MS2-WG 8001-PN-MS3-WG 8001-HN-ML1 8001-HN-ML2 8001-HN-ML3 8001-HN-MM1-WG 8001-HN-MM2-WG 8001-HN-MM3-WG 8001-OB-ML1 8001-OB-ML2 8001-OB-ML3 8001-OB-MM1-WG 8001-OB-MM2-WG 8001-OB-MM3-WG 8001-PN-ML1 8001-PN-ML2 8001-PN-ML3 8001-PN-MM1-WG 8001-PN-MM2-WG 8001-PN-MM3-WG 8001-HN-ML1-WG 8001-HN-ML2-WG 8001-HN-ML3-WG 8001-OB-ML1-WG 8001-OB-ML2-WG 8001-OB-ML3-WG 8001-PN-ML1-WG 8001-PN-ML2-WG 8001-PN-ML3-WG 8002-AGB 8002-HN 8002-OB 8002-PN 8002-AGB-GS4 8002-AGB-GS6 8002-HN-GS4 8002-HN-GS6 8002-OB-GS4 8002-OB-GS6 8002-PN-GS4 8002-PN-GS6 8002-AGB-GM4 8002-HN-GM4 8002-OB-GM4 8002-PN-GM4 8002-AGB-GL4 8002-AGB-MS1 8002-AGB-MS2 8002-AGB-MS3 8002-AGB-WG 8002-HN-GL4 8002-HN-MS1 8002-HN-MS2 8002-HN-MS3 8002-HN-WG 8002-OB-GL4 8002-OB-MS1 8002-OB-MS2 8002-OB-MS3 8002-OB-WG 8002-PN-GL4 8002-PN-MS1 8002-PN-MS2 8002-PN-MS3 8002-PN-WG 8002-AGB-MM1 8002-AGB-MM2 8002-AGB-MM3 8002-HN-MM1 8002-HN-MM2 8002-HN-MM3 8002-OB-MM1 8002-OB-MM2 8002-OB-MM3 8002-PN-MM1 8002-PN-MM2 8002-PN-MM3 8002-AGB-MS1-WG 8002-AGB-MS2-WG 8002-AGB-MS3-WG 8002-HN-MS1-WG 8002-HN-MS2-WG 8002-HN-MS3-WG 8002-OB-MS1-WG 8002-OB-MS2-WG 8002-OB-MS3-WG 8002-PN-MS1-WG 8002-PN-MS2-WG 8002-PN-MS3-WG 8002-AGB-ML1 8002-AGB-ML2 8002-AGB-ML3 8002-AGB-MM1-WG 8002-AGB-MM2-WG 8002-AGB-MM3-WG 8002-HN-ML1 8002-HN-ML2 8002-HN-ML3 8002-HN-MM1-WG 8002-HN-MM2-WG 8002-HN-MM3-WG 8002-OB-ML1 8002-OB-ML2 8002-OB-ML3 8002-OB-MM1-WG 8002-OB-MM2-WG 8002-OB-MM3-WG 8002-PN-ML1 8002-PN-ML2 8002-PN-ML3 8002-PN-MM1-WG 8002-PN-MM2-WG 8002-PN-MM3-WG 8002-AGB-ML1-WG 8002-AGB-ML2-WG 8002-AGB-ML3-WG 8002-HN-ML1-WG 8002-HN-ML2-WG 8002-HN-ML3-WG 8002-OB-ML1-WG 8002-OB-ML2-WG 8002-OB-ML3-WG 8002-PN-ML1-WG 8002-PN-ML2-WG 8002-PN-ML3-WG

Hudson Valley

From their design studio in New York's Hudson River Valley, Hudson Valley Lighting designs an extensive catalog of lighting collections for today's interiors. From the lush wilderness at their doorstep, to the nearby Manhattan skyline or the historical architecture of colonial settlers, Hudson Valley finds inspiration in their studio surroundings. The result is designs that are as varied and exciting as today's eclectic interiors.

Hudson Valley Lighting serves savvy, sophisticated customers, who insist upon superior craftsmanship and style for their lighting dollar. Fixtures are produced to this intractable standard through the use of high-grade materials and superior manufacturing techniques. For nearly thirty years, they have delivered lighting of superior form and finish worldwide and pride themselves on constant, close attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality.

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