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Ideas + Solutions: Classic Table Lamps in LED

Ideas + Solutions: Turn on the Light with Table Lamps

Energy efficient LEDs recently found their way into the most iconic table lamps — the Tolomeo Classic, Fortebraccio + Berenice. We put the original lamps up against their new LED counterparts to see just how well they compare in form, function, energy savings + total cost* to own the lamp. Read on to see how they stand up to one another.

* Total Cost: Approximate cost of purchasing the lamp fixture, bulb costs + electricity consumed over 75,000 hours of lamp use.

Fortebraccio 05 Table Lamp vs. Fortebraccio LED Table Lamp
Compare the Lamps
Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp vs. Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp
Compare the Lamps
Fortebraccio 05 Table Lamp
Fortebraccio 05
Lamp Type: Incandescent
Total Cost of Ownership*: $1,895.00
Fortebraccio LED Table Lamp
Fortebraccio LED
Lamp Type: LED
Total Cost of Ownership*: $637.00
Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp
Tolomeo Classic
Lamp Type: Incandescent
Total Cost of Ownership*: $1,890.00
Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp
Tolomeo Classic LED
Lamp Type: LED
Total Cost of Ownership*: $520.00

The Fortebraccio 05 and Fortebraccio LED Table Lamps share the same style and extraordinary fluidity of movement. The biggest difference lies in the size of their heads. The Fortebraccio 05 Table lamp has a 6" head (large enough to accommodate its incandescent bulb), while the LED version has just a 1.6" head, or a 3.5" head if you purchase the option with a shade. The LED version also comes with an adjustable lens to allow for beam spread adjustability — a great feature allowing you to have more control of your light. The light output and quality of the LED doesn't differ significantly from the incandescent version, both provide adequate task lighting and produce a warm glow.

Virtually the only difference between the Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp (with an incandescent bulb) and the Tolomeo LED Lamp is that the LED is more energy efficient. The LED is slightly dimmer than the Tolomeo Classic, but hardly noticeable for everyday tasks. Both the LED and the Tolomeo Classic produce a warm glow with a slightly yellow tint.

Berenice Table Lamp vs. Berenice LED Table Lamp
Compare the Lamps
Berenice Table Lamp
Lamp Type: Halogen
Total Cost of Ownership*: 3,111.00
Berenice LED Table Lamp
Berenice LED
Lamp Type: LED
Total Cost of Ownership*: $718.00

A notable difference between the Berenice Table Lamp (which uses a halogen bulb) and Berenice LED Table Lamp is that the halogen comes in a wider range color options for its body and shade. Both lamps produce a warm glow, but the halogen light is slightly warmer than the LED version. This is likely why many people believe the Berenice halogen option is brighter than its LED counterpart.

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