Dining Room + Kitchen Lighting


Advice + Inspiration

From cooking to entertaining, the dining room or kitchen is often the center of the home, and it is important that these spaces are properly lit. To create a well-lit kitchen, install a dynamic combination of ambient and task lighting. A ceiling light in your kitchen will provide general, ambient light. While undercabinet lighting will cast bright, direct light onto countertops to create functional workspaces for adequate cooking and food prep.

If you are looking to add ambient light while creating a compelling design statement with your dining room lighting, consider adding a modern chandelier above your dining room table. Or if you would like a more classic look, add a flush mount ceiling light that complements the existing decor. Make sure your room is evenly lit by installing multiple wall sconces.

At YLighting we offer a wide assortment of lamps that will complete your dining room and kitchen lighting.