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Z-Bar Gen 2 High Power LED Desk Lamp in Metallic Black, Daylight -Closeout

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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  • Energy Efficient
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The slim design of Koncept LED lamps fits perfectly in contemporary living and working environments. Sleek bodies and joints achieve a clean, elegant simplicity of form and function.


  • Energy efficient (8.8 Watts)
  • Long lifespan (40,000 hours to 70% brightness)
  • Ultra adjustable
  • Flicker-free light
  • Low heat
  • Environmentally friendly (no mercury)
  • No external joint cords
  • Long reach
  • Built in 4 step dimmer
  • Warm 3200 - 3700K color temperature.
  • Glossy red or silver finish
  • Includes 9"D base and table clamp which will accommodate up to 1.6" thick table.

Lamp Type: LED

Listing: UL, CUL

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Koncept Lighting

With years of experience in manufacturing and industrial design, the founders established Koncept Lighting in Fall 2002 to design and develop innovative products for home and business. Since then, the company has developed a line of elegant LED desk lamps that are gaining national attention.

Koncept Lighting's flagship product, the Z-Bar LED desk lamp, has been featured in number of media including U.S. News & World Report, Samsung's DigitAll Magazine etc. In 2006, it won "Best of Category" in International Design Magazine's 2006 Annual Design Review in the category of Furniture and was selected into Die Neue Sammlung's permanent collection. The Annual Design Review is America's largest design competition, and Die Neue Sammlung is Europe's largest museum of modern everyday objects of exemplary design, comparable only to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In 2007, Time Magazine named the Z-Bar LED desk lamp one of "The Best Inventions Of The Year" and was titled "a green light", basing on the fact that the Z-Bar generates little heat and has a long lifespan compared to traditional lamps. Since then Koncept Lighting has introduced the Z-Bar High Power, which uses higher wattage LEDs to achieve even more energy saving, longer lifespan, and more light output.

The Koncept Lighting goal is to continue to design innovative products that set high standards in the industry and more importantly, make your life safer, simpler and greener.

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5
The best LED desk lamp hands down (and the best desk lamp overall, if you're willing to spend over $150)

The Koncept High-Power Z-bar desk lamp is more adjustable and sleeker than just about any other lamp available, bright (dimmable, too), and super energy efficient (<10 watts). It's just about the perfect desk lamp. If you're willing to spend more than $150 dollars on a desk lamp, this is without a doubt the one to get (as of early 2008). Even if you *can* spend several hundred dollars more on a competitor's desk lamp (LED or otherwise), you're not going to get a better lamp. I've personally had the original (low-power) version of the Z-Bar for several years now (since late 2005), and it's held up well. My only complaints about the original were that it was never very bright, the light was a little bluish, and the AC adapter was always a little warm even when the lamp was powered off. The new High-Power version of the lamp (which I've had for a few weeks now) fixes all these problems. The only problem now is finding one to buy. YLighting offered these at the same price as the manufacturer (manufacturer didn't have any in stock though), along with free shipping, and I got the lamp within a week. (By the way, if you're not willing to spend $150 on a lamp, go with a simple <$30 50W halogen lamp or a slightly more expensive T2 or T5 fluorescent lamp.)

By:Peter , Homeowner (Houston, TX)

5 out of 5
Best Desk Lamp - bright, pleasant white light in very sleek & flexible design.

I have been looking for an LED desk lamp to replace a halogen lamp. This lamp exceeds my expectations. The warm white light (3200K - 3700K) is a very pleasing color temperature for working with books and journals while looking at the LCD monitor. The light from the six high power LEDs is brighter than expected. The Z-bar frame is made well. Its design allows for a very wide range of lighting angles. Am super happy with it.

By:John M. , Homeowner (Rocklin, CA, USA)

4 out of 5
attractive and affordable

Desk lighting seems to fall into two categories - cheap and designer expensive. This light reaches for a middle ground. Less than $200, well made, and very versatile. The fixture comes with a table clamp as well as a broad base. The reach and adjustability are batter than most lights I have used. The LED array is quite bright with 4 settings. My only quip is that one must push through the brightness settings both in turning on the lamp to its highest setting and shutting down - a simple on/off switch with separate brightness control would be preferable.

By:Brian S. , Architect (Portland, Oregon)

4 out of 5
Nice bright light and easy to use.

A co-worker had this light and I enjoyed what his did for him so I started to watch the site and finally needed to replace my desk lamp and went for this one. Other than one casing around one of the lights not staying in, it's great lamp. Does give out more heat than I thought it would, but less then my other lamp.


By:Adam L. , Homeowner (Auburn, Washington, USA)

4 out of 5
Really like it.

Stylish, unobstrusive, provides the right amount of light without glare. Very sturdy. Would prefer an even warmer light, but I realize that 3000k is currently the lowest LED technology has advance.

By:Mark M. , Homeowner (Chicago)

4 out of 5
Good Product

Some LED lights are very dim. Turned on full this light is bright enough - the dimmer is a valuable feature. The base and joints make it easy to position. For treehuggers, one slight disappointment is the tranformer, that continues to draw power when the lamp is turned off. If not for that, this would be an extremely energy efficient lamp.

By:Geo , Homeowner (MA)

5 out of 5

I have had this lamp for a week set-up next to my home computer workstation and am very pleased. It takes up little space, is well articulated and can be easily positioned depending on needs. The light head turns 360 degrees, and I like pointing it at the ceiling for a wonderful indirect glow that gently fills the room. The intensity settings and choice of base or clamp increase its versatility. I am considering getting another one for my office at work.

By:wilson h. , Designer (missouri)

5 out of 5
efficient, effective and elegant -welcome to the future of lighting.

for 2 years I used the older model (less powerful / no dimming) for as needed task lighting, at my desk -it has worked well.

We needed bedside reading lights so I bought 2. The light color is great, the dimming feature coupled with the higher output is a big plus when my wife wants to sleep and I want to continue reading or vice et versa. The versatility and reconfigurability allow the light to be focused where it is needed so the other person is not disturbed. Clean modern look and much more efficient than halogen or incandescent and better light than cf.

By:DK , Homeowner (NJ)

5 out of 5
I am VERY satisfied with the lamp AND with the retailer.

I was looking for a compact, good looking desk/reading lamp that was also "green". I've read about LED lights and decided to try this one. I could not be happier with this product. Having multiple intensity levels and the white light, makes this just right for any activity: reading, computer desk, task light, etc. I like the included desk stand and the separate clamp to attach it to the edge of a counter. It was unbelievably easy to assemble since there are only 2 solid push together parts. The construction is very good; made of all metal with solid swival joints and it has a good "feel" to it. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for a good looking quality lamp. To top it all off, I received the lamp, very well packaged, within 2 - 3 days with no problems at all. It's a little pricey but I think the technology and material quality make it worth it.

By:Pat , Homeowner (new jersey)

5 out of 5
Great lamp!

I used the original Z-bar (66 LED version) and found it a bit dim. This one is the first LED lamp I have found anywhere that is bright enough for comfortable use. (I mainly use them next to a computer workstation in a dimly lit room.) It's expensive but if you can afford it you will enjoy the great design and lighting it provides.

By:Scott , Homeowner

5 out of 5
A great lamp, better and brighter than the old z-bar.

I'm a graphic designer and I had purchased the original Z-bar light to function as a desk a lamp and for looking at photos and proofs. I liked the temperature of the LED light and the adjustability was fantastic. Unfortunately it wasn't always bright enough at certain times of the day on my desk. So I decided to migrate the old Z-bar to a darker desk and try the high-power Z-bar.

The high-power version solved the problem! It's much brighter and is useful any time of day. The lamp itself is very cleverly jointed and can be twisted and bent for different situations. Unlike the original the high-power version also has a three setting dimmer. I don't use this much, but it's nice to have. I'm very happy with this lamp.

By:MightyElk , Designer (Boston)

3 out of 5
green and flexible

Perfect fit for my client who had very little space on her desk and low shelves overhead but needed more light in a tight space.

By:Jarret , Designer (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Simply awesome .. a desk lamp that's functional and stunning

From the moment I opened the box, this has surpassed any expectations I might have had. Assembly took 30 seconds -- pure plug and play. You can use the heavy/sturdy base or a clip on mount (included). The range of lighting intensity is great from a low that still gives off sufficient light to the most intense, which lights up an entire area. It is sleek, it moves into almost any position, and my guests marvel at it. I liked it so well I bought 2 more. I have the "cool white", which I love. For once, an internet purchase that has been A++++ from the moment it arrived.

By:SmittyNYLA , Homeowner (San Francisco)

5 out of 5
Flexible, Great Looking and a Cost Savings

In a time of going green these lamps help out by saving power while at the same time look great on an end table, or at a workstation. The light is soothing to the eye yet very bright for reading. With its built in dimmer it is perfect for providing accent lighting too.

By:Richard A. , Renter (Orlando, Florida)

5 out of 5
Bought my third one, and I'm going to get another

Lamp works great on a desk, and it works great on a night stand. Point it up to get some ambient lighting. My dad says that his 50w halogen desk lamp is too bright sometimes - so I'm going to get one for his desk since the lamp is dimmable.

By:Peter , Homeowner (Houston, TX)

5 out of 5
Best desk light I could find

I wanted an LED lamp for my desk at work because of the low use of energy as well as the reduced heat output. I initially considered the "leaf" lamp, but it was in excess of $400. This lamp works perfectly, produces plenty of focused light for reading, looks amazing and was affordable. I wish it had an on/off switch rather than having to go through the dimmer settings to turn it on and off. Also, I wish they explained more about the difference between the "warm" version and the "daylight" version. I eventually settled on the daylight version as the warm version I figured would feel like incandescent lights at home and make me sleepy, not alert. I'm please with the daylight version and I'd say that the light produced looks like florescent lighting on steroids(very white).

By:David , Homeowner (Atlanta, GA)

4 out of 5

I bought this lamp because i wanted to conserve on energy. the first thing i noticed when i opened up the box was the lamp was heavy. I put it together and turned it on. I really like the pivoting head with the LED's in them. It is very bright and covers a wide angle of light output. I would recommend this light to anyone.

By:David , Homeowner (New Jersey)

5 out of 5
The best desk lamp

The lamp is thin and will light up the area that is needed.
One way is to attchament the lamp to the end of the table or use lamp face plate to set it on top of the desk. Great design for the product.

By:REG , Homeowner (Dearborn Hts, Mi)

3 out of 5
Not very bright.

Sleek design, easy to assemble, but not as bright as I would've liked.

By:dcaak , Homeowner (New Hampshire)

5 out of 5
Extremely well designed for a task lamp of this price category.

Product is very streamlined, occupies minimal amount of airspace over work desk. 6-way controls to allow for unlimited ways of positioning the light. love the 4 dimmer controls. Unlight other point-source task lamp, the Z-bar spreads light evenly across my computer keyboard, thus lessening amount of eye strain.Aside from functionality, the form and finish of the lamp is very modern and high quality. As an interior designer, I have not seen a better product in this price category.

By:Amy S. , Designer (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

5 out of 5
Wonderfully Surprised!!!

I was wonderfully surprised when I received my Z-Bar Led Desk Lamp. I had been searching and looking for a long time for a desk lamp that didn't have a large footrprint or had a useful base. I also was looking for a lamp that had versatile movement/arm adjustments, built in dimmer, and was attractive to look at, and something other than the standard single bulb desk lamp. This lamp fit the bill perfect. Well designed, attractive, versatile lighting. I am ordering another lamp for my assistant's desk.

5 out of 5
Versatile, efficient, and stylish.

When I was shopping for this lamp, I was impressed with the style and that's it's one of the few LED-based lamps with a dimming capability. The lamp does come with both a base mount and a C-clamp mount. I used the C-clamp so none of my desk space would be used--nice! I also ordered the sun-like (yellow) bulbs and was pleased with the brightness and the ambiance it created. The light color is not warm, different from my previous halogen lamp, but seemed natural and full-spectrum, like daylight. The wall adapter is small and slender, like a cell phone charger, and easily fits into a crowded power strip. The middle joints of the lamp are firm but operate smoothly if you use leverage at the end of the lamp arm, instead of trying to move it with your hand near the joint. The light section rotates up and down with minimal effort, while the lamp floats effortlessly at the base with a finger push. The "black" color I ordered is more of a rich-looking graphite with a low/satin gloss finish, which makes it stand out nicely from my all black computer workstation. It's worth every penny, and should pay for itself over it's lifespan with the energy savings and 100,000 hour bulb-life. An excellent value over high-priced Italian lamps.

By:Justin , Renter (Seattle, WA)

4 out of 5
Striking modern product

Great product. Very sleek and modern design. LEDs are the future and this product is at the cutting edge of the future of lighting. In 10-20 years all lamps will probably be LEDs (unless something better comes out). Comes also with a nice clamp for flexible mounting. I placed it on my window lattice so the lamp won't vibrate when I type at my desk. The arm design is nice, you can swing it over in any fashion for optimal lighting. This thing uses 1/7 of the electricity of a regular desk lamp. 2 of the 6 lights briefly flickered, but has since stopped. Fairly good warranty, however.

By:Justin G. , Homeowner (Seattle)

2 out of 5
Nice design, not enough light

The design was clean, simple, and easy to adjust. However it did not illuminate enough of the desk as the light source, straining my eye. I hope the next generation will correct this.

By:Douglas P.

5 out of 5
Very satisfied...

I am extremely happy with this lamp. I was looking for an LED desk lamp that didn’t cost an arm and a leg – yet had a modern well-made design and a bright light source. This certainly fits the bill!

By:Dean W. , Homeowner (Washington, DC)

4 out of 5
Nice clear light quality.

Interesting pleasing design; simple with easy to manipulate arm. Light adjusts or dims, but at times will flicker.

By:wk , Homeowner (Connecticut)

5 out of 5
Great product.

Very functional and good looking, reasonably priced and solid coverage of work surface. What more could one ask?

By:Work at Home Dad , Homeowner (piitsburgh, pa)

5 out of 5
Dollar for dollar best contemporary desk lamp

Own both warm and cool blue lamp versions... certain settings favor the cool blue. The lamp has a minimal profile and appears well made - yet at a fraction of the cost of a Tizio. Can't go'll like it

By:Scott M. , Homeowner (Sarasota)

4 out of 5
Great value

A new, superclean look. It's about time the classic Luxo lamp was eclipsed. The LED technology is the future. Will the joint tighteners hold up over time?
The c-clamp should be beefed up a notch so as not to bend. Still, an A-minus.

By:Lawrence R P. , Architect (Washiington DC, USA)

4 out of 5
Quite satisfied

This lamp is wonderfully minimal; I love the 4-press light-level control, but next time would get a warmer-colored light bulb.

By:Londa W. , Homeowner (Chilmark, MA)

4 out of 5
Quite satisfied

This lamp is wonderfully minimal; I love the 4-press light-level control, but next time would get a warmer-colored light bulb.

By:Londa W. , Homeowner (Chilmark, MA)

4 out of 5
Excellent Product-

The Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp is bright enough to illuminate your work area and flexible enough to put the light where you need it. I chose the "warm" light-- it is definitely a warm color and I like it. The older LEDs were a harsh blue, but the new warm ones are perfect. and WOW, those 6 LEDs put out a LOT of light!

By:cjp , Homeowner (Gig Harbor WA)

5 out of 5
Z Bar Desk Lamp is sleek and definitely upgrades the look of the office.

This lamp is subtle and sleek looking and easy to operate, priced well and as an added bonus uses vry little energy to operate. You can't beat it!

By:MLH , Homeowner (Illinois)

5 out of 5
great light , good design, and its green

i love this lamp the light is pure clean light. i work at night on my computer an it's perfect light for that. I would recommend
this light to anyone looking for a desk lamp. The other reason i pick this lamp was the fact is was a led , i'm trying to be more conscious of the product that i purchase.

By:Denise M. K. , Designer (sarasota,fl)

5 out of 5
Lives up to my expectations!

Finally a product that is as advertised. The slim, yet sturdy construction, is a clear indicator of the quality put into the lamps design. It looks very modern and is definetly unique.

Everyone who enters my office is intrigued by the Z-Bar design.

The table clamp mount is small and thus best used on drafting tables, or desks that do not have a rounded edge. The desktop base (included) is sturdy and simplistic in design.

The overall appearence and functionality of the Z-Bar LED technology is just plain cool! The adjustable light intensity switch is very nice indeed.

By:Mike S. , Designer (Houston, Tx)

5 out of 5
Great Light - well designed

Good looking desk light, works well, nice use of LED technology, recommended

By:Simon Y. , Homeowner (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

4 out of 5
Well design, affordable lamp

This lamp really meets my expectation. After shopping for a night table lamp and going through many disappointments, either because of the poor quality/boring design or excessive price, I finally find what was I was looking for. Although I had to send it back to replace the switch, I am satisfied. Customer service was great and I didn’t have to pay for shipping it back.

By:Gian , Homeowner (Houston)

5 out of 5

Sturdy and sylish construction, easy assembly, good manuverability, and excellent lighting.

By:Unbiased consumer , Homeowner (Dallas TX)

5 out of 5

Extreme wonderful

By:YANG T. , Designer (Bloomington in USA)

5 out of 5
Fun with light

This is the greatest accessory I could have bought for my young son's redecorated room. He loves having varying levels of light, and the ability to direct the light up, down, backward, for infinite effects. Paired with a frosted glass desk this has kept him busier than most of his other gadgets combined. Great quality will ensure he enjoys it for a long time to come.

By:KK12345 , Homeowner (Chicago, IL, USA)

5 out of 5
I absolutely LOVE it.

It's very easy to put together. Terrific lighting options- dim and bright. It looks even better in person than it does in the picture. Very thin, very sleek, and easy to maneuver. I also own a Tizio lamp. But I like the Z-bar just as much. It actually provides more light with an equally sleek design.

By:Robert H. , Renter (San Francisco, CA)

4 out of 5

We wanted an interesting style that would provide lighting flexibility. We use it as a bedside table lamp and it is great for reading. Also provides interesting lighting for the rest of the room when configured in different ways.

Package came promptly and it was easy to put together.

By:Matthew L. , Homeowner (Washington DC)

4 out of 5
This lamp fits well in the space of my small bedroom.

This lamp, in black, was exactly what I was looking for next to my bed.
It is sleek and contemporary and good for reading .
I am very pleased with it.

By:Sandy S. , Homeowner (Atlanta, GA.)

3 out of 5
Bright, Pretty, but not as solid as I expected.

Overall, I'm slightly disappointed in this lamp.

It is beautiful, comes packaged nicely, and the included base has a very re-assuring weight. The lights are bright, and when facing the floor, won't fire misguided light into your eyes. As has been mentioned elsewhere online, the lamp has myriad possibilities with positioning. However, I failed to notice anyone speaking about the quality of the joints, specifically at the base and tip (the joint that attaches to the "light bar.")

The joints are made of a less than sturdy plastic, which while haven't yet failed me, I worry about. Ugly seams (in the joints) detract from the over aesthetic of the lamp. There is a bit of slack/play in the base and final joint, which I fear may get worse with use.

I've rated 3 stars, but really I would've given 3.5 if i had the opportunity.

By:KC , Renter (San Francisco, CA)

5 out of 5
Beautiful and highly functional

I have the red color -- very sleek, shiny, excellent color. This has a nice heavy base, seems very well made, and moves in lots of directions for excellent lighting control. The "warm" color light is not quite as bright as I expected (I think the "cool" tone might be brighter -- but not certain); it doesn't light up a large area, but it is a great task lamp, and the warm tone is very pleasant. Overall a high quality and aesthetically pleasing product.

By:Lem , Homeowner (Washington, DC)

4 out of 5
Very Good task light

Very well designed task light. Extemely flexible design and much more powerful light intensity than previous models.

By:Jim , Homeowner (SC)

5 out of 5
The ideal work and reading light. I love it!

This has it all. Great style. Very versatile. Great light. I got the 5000k in red. It's perfect. My only issues: I would like it if the pivot points moved a little easier. I worry that repeated stressing or sudden movement (kids!) might lead to breakage. It's the perfect computer area light as it's just as wide as a keyboard. Also use it as a piano light and reAding light. The price makes this an outstanding value too! I think I'm getting another!

By:Randall B.

5 out of 5
Great LED light

I have an L shaped desk. The long arm rotates so that I can easily illuminate either side by swinging the arm. This eliminates the need for 2 lamps. The adjustable intensity is a definite plus. I purchased the "warm" version. It is a lot like the incandescent bulbs I like for their lack of stark light.

By:jimk , Homeowner (Jacksonville,Fl)

5 out of 5


By:ALPHONSE Q. , Homeowner (TX)

5 out of 5
Clean design, functional and plenty of light!

This replaced my hi-tech bedside adjustable halogen lamp for reading before going to sleep. It's great and at half the price! The warm light option is plenty bright on its lowest of four intensity settings, so you don't need to get the brighter lamp alternative for general reading. It adjusts easily and you can keep that perfect setting for bedtime reading and just pivot/rotate the light bar away when you are ready to go to sleep, then pivot it back the next night when getting into bed. Very clean look and functional, you will really like the Z-Bar and its LED (no heat) light source.

By:Robert M. , Homeowner (charleston, sc, usa)

5 out of 5
Lots of light for very little physical space

I'm always trying to reduce clutter. This light takes a small footprint on my glass desk using it's clamp and generates a lot of light. Don't expect the light to fill your room like traditional lights but it provides very focused bright light for my desk surface. I have an L-shaped desk and am considering getting a second to cover the entire desk.

I was initially hesitant to get the daylight model (vs. warm light model) since I tend to prefer warmer light but I'm pleased with my choice.

By:Tom , Homeowner (Powell, OH)

5 out of 5
Wonderful product

I started out with one and now have four. Light beam is focused so all of the light is going on to the work and not spilling off to where its not needed. A snap to assemble. Having the two bases (table top or clamp on) makes placing them very efficient.

By:Bud C. , Renter (Los Angeles)

2 out of 5
not worth the price

this is a beautiful lamp, but has a flaw that makes it impossible to rate it highly. It frequently dims and blinks.

By:William K. , Homeowner (avon, ct)

5 out of 5
Great lamp! Amazing light!

Love this lamp...but I was not surprised. I already had the Z-Bar floor lamp, used this one as an endtable light at other end of couch. But now I have decided that I prefer this one at bedside for bedside reading, will have to get another floor lamp for the couch. And of course that will be Z-Bar too! Terrific products! And really well priced too.

By:drclifl , Homeowner (Northern CA)

5 out of 5
Excellent Product

This is the best lamp you can get for your upright piano.

By:si-kai (Fremont, Ca)

4 out of 5
good light, good style, energy efficient

a great desk lamp for our off-the-grid solar-powered home

By:Knotdot , Homeowner (Maine)

4 out of 5
Great light, energy efficient

We are off-the-grid. Now have handsome great desk light and will be buying floor model too.

By:Dottie K. , Homeowner (Maine)

5 out of 5
great product -- modern, unique and versatile.

the z-bar is a great lamp, currently using it for my bedside table. it has a very contemporary look and its design is very functional. limitless choices to how the lamp can be set-up.

i went with the daylight option and it provides great light -- on the highest setting the light is more than enough.

i like the z-bar so much i'm picking up another for my wife and one for my computer desk.

By:Mike , Homeowner (san francisco)

4 out of 5
Overall seems like a nice product, and I'd recommend it for its elegance and decent lighting quality.

I've had this lamp now for about a month. We use it on a working desk, with my daughter doing homework in the evenings and I also do some office work there. The room is not bright, so a good light source is needed.

The Z Bar LED lamp seems to do the trick. I have the "day" light version, and the light is indeed very much like daylight. It is not harsh at all, and fairly bright. The six bulbs are small and give off almost no heat.

The flexibility of the z bar is impressive; very adjustable in all sorts of directions.

Any downsides are minor. The "+" button is pressed once to switch on, which is fine, and then "-" button for off. But if the + button is pressed several times, to increase light intensity, then several depressions of the button (not just one) to switch off. Also on maximum brightness there is plenty of light to read a book and work on the computer, but be aware it doesnt spread over a large distance (about 1-2 feet I think).

Overall I'm pleased and would recommend it. A bit pricey but assuming it lasts (I hope it will) then it's worth it. Looks good too.

By:Thomas O. , Homeowner (Maryland)

5 out of 5
Flexible head allows user to put light exactly where needed.

It is also very good-looking and more stable than I thought it would be.

By:Marilyn D. , Homeowner (Novelty, Ohio)

4 out of 5
Well made, highly adjustable, attractive lamp.

I wanted an LED lamp to save on electricity and reduce heat output. I was willing to pay a premium as long as the lamp was of high quality. I won't recoup my costs in energy savings but the Z-Bar lamp is a very nice product. It is highly adjustable and sturdy, and I like the look of the long, thin stem. I chose it after reading many reviews and seeing that it won an ID magazine award. I trusted that ID wouldn't give an award to a poorly made product. Four stars because of the high price. No problems purchasing from YLighting.

By:Aspen L. , Renter (Greenwich, NY USA)

4 out of 5
Not bad, but has some limitations.

This lamp is not bad, especially because it is pretty economical. But I found the 'warm' version is not that warm (compared to my wife's halogen) and I find that I keep wanting a few more degrees of freedom than the lamp allows. I find it hard to get the lamp into the exact position I want it to be in. Nevertheless, it's a nice lamp.

By:Paul F. , Homeowner (Palo Alto)

4 out of 5
Sleek efficient functional

This is one cool and unique desk light! It took awhile to get but the wait was well worth it. It is a nice clean simple design.
The adjustable LED light levels provide plenty of work light in a concentrated area without distracting others. I looked a long time for a sharp light with good light at a fair price. This light is like a piece of sculpture, well made and works great! I would recommend it to anyone.

By:Andrew M. , Homeowner (Corrales, NM)

4 out of 5
best match for the iMac

Wow ! the light is so perfect in front of my new iMac desktop. It matches the metal and trim and displays the light where your hands sit. Originally I was concerned with the balance and the arm length, but the Z-Bar is very stable and just the best! You should feature this with the iMac desktop computers for bigger sales.

By:Barbara B. , Homeowner (Baltimore, Md)

5 out of 5
I love it

I ordered the desk top for a gift and he liked it so much he ordered the floor model and likes that even more.

By:Mary , Homeowner (Atlanta, Ga)

5 out of 5
An engineering design marvel.

The Koncept Z-Bar High Power LED is slim, very unobtrusive, and throws a ton of light for its size. Assembly is so simple - all the wiring is internal and the pieces just snap together. You can choose from 4 different light intensities for the 6 LED bulbs, which together cast interesting rippling shadows on your workspace. Very kool.

By:Darren S. , Homeowner (Troy, NY)

4 out of 5
Good Bedside Lamp

Recently purchased this lamp for my bedroom. It's beautiful, bright and doesn't flicker on the lower light settings or get hot like other lamps I've purchased.

By:Victoria V. , Homeowner (Orlando, FL)

4 out of 5
Great lamp for multiple applications

This lamp is stylish and allow multiple positions to put the light exactly where you want it. The only improvement I could even think of would be locate the on/off switches close to the light head and not at the base of the arm. If you hae to use the light fully extended it can be a bit of a stretch to get to the switch.

By:Paul K. , Architect (Des Moines, Iowa)

5 out of 5
Very satisfied with purchase

This lite is powerful, sturdy, has a clean, contemporary and funky look, and the light can be directed in a seemingly endless number of directions. I use it as a bedside lamp, and it's perfect for that use since it can be dimmed to a low, warm light, or a brighter reading light. It comes in warm or cool light, and I have the warm light for the bedroom. I adore it, and am planning on buying at least one more.

By:Carole H. , Homeowner (Cambridge, ma)

5 out of 5
We love it!

Arrived soon after we ordered it. My 7-yr-old put it together in short order, set it up on an end table, and is now quietly reading under the glow of its LED "wing." We are planning to order another.

By:Jill H. , Renter (San Francisco)

5 out of 5
Nicely done!

Great design, good execution and extremely quick shipping, (especially for free shipping!). I'm thinking I may be shopping here again in the not too distant future.

The Krstiest Kat

By:Kristy , Homeowner (Harrisburg, PA)

5 out of 5
graceful adjustability

The z-bar light is amazingly graceful, sturdy with absolutely every imaginable adjustment (including the range of actual light for low to high - which I would have not imagined with an LED fixture).

This light is fantastic for office task lighting. The daylight version is great for our dark winter days to brighten my spirit in Seattle.

By:Lisa P. , Homeowner (Seattle, WA)

5 out of 5
Nicely done.

Quality piece of lighting for the price, which is a bargain. Easy to assemble, quick shipping, good light.

By:Dennis E. , Homeowner (Harrisburg, PA)

4 out of 5
These lamps are extraordinary!!

My husband purchased a Z-bar to use with his IMac, not only did it provide the exact lighting that he wanted for his keyboard but he no longer had the bothersome glare of a halogen, AND it conforms exquisitely to the design and color of the IMac - a perfect match.

So perfect that he then purchase one for me, thank you!

By:Jodi B. , Homeowner (Petaluma, California)

5 out of 5
Love this light!

We've been looking a lot for a desk lamp replacement, wanted LED but nervous about quality of light. Couldn't be more pleased. The Z-Bar looks great (got it in red), and the light is versatile and not harsh (there's a four-step dimmer). But even at maximum light, it's easy to read under and easy to move where you need the light to focus. It's easy to snap together, looks terrific, and we couldn't recommend it more highly.

By:M. C. , Homeowner (Corrales NM)

5 out of 5
I couldn't have asked for more!

The Z-Bar fulfilled its promise in every way. This light-weight, thoroughly modern lamp sits on my nightstand and is great for reading in bed! In fact, my husband wants one too, for his side. Its four settings make it extremely adaptable. And the price is right!

Telephone service was thoughtful and courteous.

By:M. G. , Homeowner (Moorestown, NJ)

5 out of 5
What a great lamp!

I am totally in love with this lamp! I work at home and my office is very dark and warm. The 6 day light LED give me the impression to have a big window and full of sun... without increasing the heat!!!

By:Valerie C. , Homeowner (Montreal, Quebec, CA)

5 out of 5
Amazing LED light fixture for the cost

I am an architect and bought this fixture for my own home. So, I was surprised to find the fixture even more beautiful than the photo. My fixture is set-up in the Living Room and appears unobtrusive. The body seems to disappear in the room, leaving only the illumination. I am going to order two more fixtures, one for the bedroom and another for the living room. I like that I have the option of using the included base or clamp, fitting the fixture onto the window sill or on a side table. I accidently ordered online the wrong lighting illumination level, and YLighting switched my order to the intended one while I was on the telephone. Koncept was very helpful in explainig how to fit the LED light strip tighter into the body to allow a proper connection.

By:Lee S. , Architect (NYC, NY)

4 out of 5
Great product

This is a very well designed task lamp. It does exactly that; put the light where you want it. Naturally being LED is energy efficient but it also takes up very little space in your field of view. It's great that the light bar doesn't overwhelm the space over my head like traditional task lamps. The lamp looks great as it matches my Mac monitor and stuff. Stays in place and provides very good light for reading and general activities. Can't say a bad thing about this product; you will not be disappointed.

By:Jason , Homeowner (Indiana)

5 out of 5
Nice lamp!

This lamp was not cheap at over $150 but it is well constructed and ergonomically very well designed. Coming from the 'minimalist' perspective, the lamp is functional without the unnecessary complications that some of its competitors carry.

Although it offers four dimmable settings at a touch of a button, the brightest setting is acceptable but not outstanding. This is the current state of the technology and is in no way a reflection of an inadequacy of the lamp. That said, it is still a superb product.

By:Paul , Homeowner (Sacramento, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
have two akready,andtdhey are wondefful


By:George J. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Functional & Handsome

These lamps are splendid.

By:Jane I. , Designer (jamaica)

5 out of 5
One Incredible Lamp

Right after I ordered 2 Z-Bar desk lamps for our home office at our weekend house I saw that they were in a design catalog (for more $$, of course). They are really the sleekest design out there for modern desk lamps - sleek and powerful.

By:KB , Homeowner (Chicago, IL, USA)

5 out of 5
Great looks at a great price.

This is a really nicely designed lamp. It's very easy to assemble and the joints are cleverly designed to allow for 360 degrees of rotation. The high power LEDs throw plenty of light - much more than the original version of this lamp. I'm planning on buying a second one.

By:Eric S. , Designer (Philadelphia, PA)

5 out of 5
A bedtime reading lamp that offers everything!

Finally, I can read in bed with plenty of light and regulate the amount ( four settings) of light I want. The Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp is wonderful! It's flexible and powerful.

You can choose between "cool" and "warm" light. My husband has the warm and I have the cool! I don't think we'll ever have to change the bulbs, either!

Great lamps, reasonably priced and streamlined-looking!

By:Muriel G. , Homeowner (Moorestown, NJ)

4 out of 5
Beautiful table lamp with sculptural quality.

I bought this lamp without ever having seen it in a store display simply based on the excellent reviews of other customers. It's a work of art. My only concern is that it's fairly light and leaves me with the impression that it may not stand up well over time, but for right now it's perfect. The "daylight" model gives off great light at the highest level (#4). I can't imaging using it at any other level. Super-easy to assemble. No complaints at all at present. The upper arms need to be light because they must literally float above the table. If the base and the lower lever were a bit heavier that would make me much more confident that the lamp is going to stand the test of time. Otherwise, a beautiful table lamp. Highly recommended.

By:Websteresq , Renter (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Great Lamp!

The dimming feature and flexibility of this lamp are really exceptional. We are very happy with it! The base is heavy and keeps it where you put it and the joints make it adjustable in every way. The arm is long enought to reach wherever you want it. Love it and would recommend it to everyone.

By:Laurie G. , Homeowner (Troy, MI)

2 out of 5
Nice design but Koncept its not durable!

Electrically, there is poor contact between the LED bar plug and its socket, this causes the lamp to flicker a few times per hour - annoying. The flicker would have caused me to return the lamp, How is this lamp suppose to last the 10,000 + hours it claims?

By:Ducaiuirst , Homeowner (San Diego)

5 out of 5
Very good

beautiful design

By:Daniel Y. , Homeowner (LA)

5 out of 5
Just what I was looking for

Was looking for a thin, fully adjustable LED desk light to use with my Dell monitors and XPS laptop. The silver with black trim is perfect, as those are also the colors of my equipment. It provides the right amount of light from 18 inches on the brightest setting at night. I have it clamped to my desk behind my and between the monitors, and I can swing the light bar around in parallel with the top of either monitor, and lower it in the small gap between monitors if I have to do close up work. I have the warm (yellow) light, which is fine, but the cooler light might have been better with the silver and black finishes of the other components. All-in-all, just what I was looking for.

By:D.H. , Homeowner (York, PA)

1 out of 5
Stopped working after about 1 day!!!

Don't waste your money. I was very excited about the way the lamp looks and looked great lit.... for about 2 hours! Now when we try to turn it on it is very dim and will blink on and off.... very annoying.

By:Lann J. , Homeowner (dallas, tx)

5 out of 5
Just a superb lamp in every respect!

I am an online professor and use the computer for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. There are many times when I have to read portions of a text or reference at my desk. I have tried other office lamps in the past but they just were not bright enough and I did not want the heat generated by a halogen lamp close to my monitor and screen. In addition, I wanted a lamp the produced daylight rather than yellow or other tones. After researching many lamps and reviews I settled on the Z-Bar Gen 2 High Power LED Desk Lamp. I could not be more pleased with my decision! In fact, we are going to purchase the floor model for our reading space in the living room.

By:Dale C. (Oregon)

5 out of 5

My finacee works mainly from home and so has been searching for the right lamp for a while. So I decided to get one for him for Christmas. After looking for a while this was the absolute perfect choice for him. Not only is it LED (energy efficient, doesn't get too hot) but the style is perfect for him. It's fully adjustable so you can direct the light wherever you need it. The lamp also arrived pretty quickly after I ordered it and was in perfect condition

By:Margaret O. , Renter (Somerville, MA)

4 out of 5
The most beautiful desk lamp I've ever seen. . .

This is neither review nor complaint but rather an account of the way your beautiful desk lamp became entangled in the demands of work and constant travel. The lamp arrived in New York the day before we left for a month at Stanford University. Instead of packing, I opened the box and spent a precious hour assembling it--and a truly beautiful lamp it is, fitting our needs and decor exactly. However, I couldn't seem to make it work nor could I find what was wrong before I had to race to the airport for our flight to San Francisco. A quick family conference agreed we loved the lamp so much we would keep it and try to make it work when we return to New York. We thought that when we're back and have time in early April, we'd step through the lamp's assembly with your customer service people, solve the problem and save the lamp. We think it'll be worth all the effort.
Howard and Cynthia

By:Howard E. (NYC (Manhattan))

5 out of 5
Very bright and well designed lamp.

By:Jimmy N. , Architect

4 out of 5
very bezutiful product ,we already buy three at my home for every room

By:Daniel Y. , Homeowner (Canada)

5 out of 5
I love this lamp!

I ordered this lamp specifically for working jigsaw puzzles and it is perfect.
I am really enjoying this lamp, which I have wanted for years mostly because how 'cool' it looks.
I would absolutely buy it again, not only for the great light it provides but the way it looks on the desk.

By:Neil W. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
This is an awesome product, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Z-Bar Gen 2 LED desk lamp exceeds my expectations. It is very well made, solid, yet graceful in design. The three arm sections allow for flexible pinpointing of the light source. The adjustable lamp intensities add further to the flexibility of use. The lamp is very attractive and a delight to use. The price is right. An excellent product!

By:David (San Francisco)

5 out of 5
Excellent! just what I was looking for at a reasonable price.

I was looking around searching for a nice LED desk lamp. I looked at other online retailers but they were very expensive. I came across YLighting randomly and saw this lamp and it seemed perfect and it had a much better price. I choose the red one with daylight brightness although uncertain on weather to choose daylight or warm light, daylight was the way to go!. The lamp stands out nicely in my apartment. The packaging was very nicely done and gave a nice first impression of the product I was dealing with and gave me confidence I made the right purchase once I put the thing together which was easy and fun. Thanks! I will be buying the floor lamp version soon!

By:Travis B. , Renter (Irvine, CA)

5 out of 5

Great desk lamp. Dimmable led's

By:W , Homeowner (Texas)

Customer Questions:

Q: Do the Z-Bar arms hold position by friction only? Or does it have a spring inside?

A: The joints are spring loaded.

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