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LBL LED Illuminated Monorail and Accessories

LBL LED Illuminated Monorail and Accessories

When designing your LED Illuminated Monorail System, the first step is to determine what you would like to light. Choose your decorative elements (fixtures) and where they should be installed to put the light where you want it.

Layout your LED Illuminated Monorail run. Rail can be installed straight or can be field-bent to create an organic shape or follow architectural details. Once your layout is complete, measure the length of the run to determine the quantity and length of LED Illuminated Monorail sections required. Fiber optic cable is sold per foot, and should be ordered to match the run length plus one additional foot.

Determine how far from the ceiling that you would like to position the system. Use Telescoping Rigid Standoffs for curvy runs or if you want the ability to fine-tune the drop from the ceiling without any cutting. Adjustable cable standoffs offer a minimal appearance. For wall mounted applications specify LED Illuminated Wall Monorail Standoffs. Remember to space standoffs no more than every 3 feet.

Selecting a transformer is as easy as adding up the total wattage of all the lamps you will be using on the system. Remote transformers with Power Feed canopies offer a minimal appearance. Remember when using LED heads and pendants to choose a transformer that is LED compatible.

Add LED generators. Each end of the run needs a single-ended generator. An additional dual-ended generator is used to expand your rail runs past 16 feet.

An example LED Illuminated Monorail setup is shown below.

For configuration assistance, please contact our Sales Department at (866) 428-9289.

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