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Artemis Ceiling Fan

Price: $549.95
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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Price: $549.95

Artemis Ceiling Fan


1. Model: F803- Artemis Ceiling Fan

2. Finish:

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Artemis™ by George Kovacs®. The distinct profile of the Artemis™ fan is formed by the Flying Vanes™ that become the fan housing. Three contoured aerodynamic vanes (blades) featuring infinitely variable pitch are the essence of this unique design. Includes 3.5" and 6" downrods (uses ¾" I.D. DR5 Series Downrods), cap for nonlight use and Full Function Wall Mount Control System, WC212. Integrated halogen light with 190W light limiter and etched glass diffuser. Available in transparent/translucent with brushed nickel downrod, silver with silver downrod, liquid nickel with nickel downrod, mahogany colored with matching downrod, maple colored with matching downrod (shown), highgloss white with matching downrod, highgloss black with matching downrod, highgloss pure red with matching downrod or translucent copper bronze with matching downrod. Matching light cap included for non-light use. Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5100
  • Watts at high speed = 94
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 54.26

Included in the permanent design collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Notes: Ceiling Canopy allows for a maximum slope of 40°.


  • Diameter(vane sweep): 58"
  • Overall height(using 3.5" downrod): 12"
  • Hanging weight: 25 lbs.

Lamp Type: HALOGEN

Bulbs: 1 X 100W mini can halogen lamp(included)

Listing: UL

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Model(s): F803-BK F803-CPBR F803-DK F803-LN F803-MG F803-MP F803-RD F803-TL F803-WH

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

As part of the Minka Group, Minka Aire is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and innovative design of its contemporary ceiling fans. "The Art of Air Management" reflects the dedication Minka Aire has to both aspects. We highlight the modern-styled models — Artemis, Concept I, Acero — with sleek lines and clean styling . In addition to form, Minka Aire gives a nod to function as well taking great pride in the quality of the fan motor using copper windings, sealed precision steel bearings, and computer-controlled rotor / stator alignment to ensure minimal noise and optimal air circulation. Shop Minka Aire ceiling fans or see our entire collection of ceiling fans here.

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5
I am in

I bought a pair of the translucent model. First of all, the fans all but disappear into the ceiling. When they are not on, guests just love talking about what a work of art they are. When the fan is in operation, it is actually silent. You will have to look twice before you realize that fans are in the ceiling. The dimmer is really nice.The light brightness varies from bright to amber. The look is completely different when the light kit is on. You don't even notice that there are fan blades present. They are a great choice for people looking for minimalist and sexy design. I have lots of glass and steel details in my home so these fans were just the perfect finishing touch for me. Money well spent.

F.Y.I. Get a licensed electrition to install these fans. They require a dedicated, well secured grounding box and wiring to the wall plate switch that operates the fan. I ordered wireless remotes for my fans and love having control of the fan anywhere in the room. The remotes are NOT universal. You will need 1 remote for each fan.

By:Khumura K. , Renter

5 out of 5
Unique Modern Fan - Like Bent Ply

I ordered two of these for my modern office space with 25' bow truss ceilings to cut down on the heating bill. The maple finish blends into the wood beams. They look great, quite a unique look. It took me a minute to get used to them, because they are so different from anything out there. The finish looks like real wood, but they are actually painted to look like maple. I wish I didn't look at them before the install so I could actually believe they are bent ply! I'm not sure I like the light feature, but have the option to cover them with the cap included. I ordered 12" downrods so they hang a little lower. The 6" and 3" included would work better in a residential space, although this is a large fan and would work best in a space with high ceilings. I had an electrician install these, so I am not sure how complicated they are to put together. I chose this fan because of the blade rotation feature. My ceilings are too high for me to climb up and change the switch each season. The fans are relatively quiet and have a flexible speed options. The functions are not working fully on one of the fans, so YLighting is sending a new control panel and receiver. Hoping that works. They were very helpful and responsive to the problem. Overall, this is a great fan. A bit high-priced for a fan, but YLighting had the best price and free shipping. Our local lighting store wanted double the price.

By:lc , Designer (Portland OR)

4 out of 5
Artemis Ceiling

Love the look!!! Works wonderfully you dont even hear a sound. Ylighting has it cheaper than some other design lighting places.The only thing is we purchased it in the light wood and it isn't wood its plastic. I felt it was a little pricey for plastic.

By:June (NYC)

5 out of 5
This product is wonderful!!

This is a great fan. Went together easily. And it produces an amazing amount of airflow, without any noise. Would recommend to everyone!

By:Tracy , Homeowner (PA)

5 out of 5
Bought another one!

Great fans - modern and different! This is a good option if you are sick of all the standard fan options out there.

By:lc , Designer (Oregon)

5 out of 5
It's not just a pretty face, its a solid work horse, too!

To be honest, I chose the Artemis ceiling fan because of its simple, sensual design. The gentle, artistic turn of the blades matches our mid-century-modern aesthetic, and the light wood tone we selected resembles our authentic period wood pieces. But the great surprise was that this fan is a SUPERIOR mover of air! We live in the desert, where temperatures reach 115 degrees in the summer. The Artemis establishes a consistent air current that cools our entire open kitchen, family, dining and living space--- and we don't even notice its turned on because the motor is so quiet. In fact, it's quieter than our central air conditioning system and our teenagers actually PREFER using the ARTEMIS over turning on the A.C.! There's no higher praise than that! I recommend the ARTEMIS CEILING FAN without reservation! (and it arrived in the blink of an eye, too!!)

By:Joan Z. , Homeowner (Tucson, Arizona)

5 out of 5
Don't even know it's there.

The clear blades offer a very modern feel and you don't even notice a fan overhead.

By:Deborah H. , Homeowner (Arp, TX usa)

5 out of 5
Love them!!

We need more than 1 ceiling fan in the room and with the 2 clear artemis they're not overwhelming. Just wondering how I'm going to dust them because we've got pretty high ceilings.

By:Jospeh v. , Designer (chicago)

4 out of 5
Quiet, looks good, and moves a lot of air...

Not a whole lot to say beyond the headline. I installed this one myself (I have some previous experience installing ceiling fans) and everything went smoothly, although the blades are somewhat finicky to attach to the motor.

It's nice and quiet and moves a surprising amount of air for a 3 blade fan. It's well balanced, but the nearly-imperceptible rocking was enough to cause a bit of creaking in the ball mount. A quick dose of lubricant applied to the ball cured that.

By:Mark P. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Great design, great products

I loved design of this ceiling fan from the moment I saw it first time. Not only it looks great in my bedroom it is quiet, and powerful.

By:Pavel Z. , Homeowner (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
As good as it gets!

It promised to be cool in many ways. It reportedly was stealth in it's quietness. And it is. I didn't like floor fans because of their noise, I couldn't hear the kids in the other parts of the house. With this fan, I can hear a pin drop! There is no shaking involved in the's amost hypnotic in it's sweeping smoothness. And, yes, just can't get any cooler. EVERYONE, even the disaffected must comment on the beauty, uniqueness and obvious quality of this fan. I'd been eyeing it up for years, had it on the top of my 'wouldn't it be nice' list and finally in the middle of an early heat-wave couldn't stop myself. We were only worried because we have low ceilings in our bedroom and this is where we wanted to put the fan. It fits nicely with the lower pole provided and doesn't take up the entire room as I feared. Easy for my non-handyman husband to install, it was his first ceiling fan installation, he found it quite easy. All said and done, we are thrilled with this piece of art, form and function!

By:Felicia R. , Homeowner (Oakland, CA)

5 out of 5
Beautiful fan

I hunted high and low for a well-designed fan that was NOT aluminum or white or bulky and a friend clued me into Y-Lighting. This is the fan - the ARtemis, George Kovacs creation - I've been looking for. Now I just have to save up so I can replace all the fans in my house with this design. Happy Customer!

By:hahenry (CA)

5 out of 5
Even more than we expected!

We knew from the photos the fan would fit perfectly in our family room furnished with bamboo furniture. However, after installation we were so impressed with the look of how the paddles look when in motion. What a great functional architectural addition to the room!

By:R F Mannarino Contracting , Homeowner (Orlando, FL)

5 out of 5
Awesome looking fan and it keeps my whole room cool.

This was the nicest looking fan that I found on the net. However, I was afraid to buy it cuz I live overseas and was not able to ever go to a retail store to actually see one. It's quite expensive for a fan but I decided to purchase it anyway because it looked so nice on the website.
Well I had my electrician put it up yesterday and I'm happy to say I'm ecstatic with my purchase. It really is a beautiful centerpiece to our living room. It's beautiful and it really provides fantastic air circulation.

By:Alex , Homeowner (Taipei)

4 out of 5
Love this fan!

We're so glad we got this fan because it is quiet, has an elegant shape and 'disappears' into our old decorative tin ceiling (we got the clear blade model for this reason). Everything we wanted from a fan. And it looks great in our bedroom and living room.

By:happy customer , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

5 out of 5
One of the best in my opinion.

The fan looks great, the quality is top notch, and it pushes a massive amount of air, and its whisper quiet. If you have been looking at this fan, and like the style, it's a great purchase. I would highly recommend it.

By:Ron A. , Homeowner (Staten Island, NY)

5 out of 5
This fan is gorgeous!

I still look up at this fan and am impressed by its looks. It is svelte, stylish, and a joy to use. It is quiet, and moves a good quantity of air.The remote was easy to install, as was the fan. It has excellent instructions. For those who want a modern look, this fan would be the right choice. It was worth every penny!

By:Bruce B. , Homeowner (Longwood, Florida)

5 out of 5
the design is sexy and it works beautifully.

i installed this fan in our master bedroom. the clear blades work well against our coloured plastered ceiling. it is quiet, moves the air around well, and was easy to install.

By:grete m. , Homeowner (santa fe, New mexico)

4 out of 5
Sleek, silent, SUBLIME. You WON'T be sorry...

Worth every penny, the long gorgeous blades send cool air throughout two rooms. The design and materials are very high quality, contrary to the one bad review I was able to find on the net.

I purchased the maple blades to match the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired interior and blonde wood dining table. The fan is gorgeous both on and off, and once again, I just can't emphasize how quiet it is...

So I glad I went with the Artemis!

By:Rich at Sin , Homeowner (Los Angeles, CA. USA)

4 out of 5

I wanted something to go with my modern design interior and boy did the Artemis do the trick. I almost wish it weren't so quiet so more people would notice it's there!

Thank you, YLighting. Great customer care and best price on the net!

By:Christina , Homeowner (Sunny California!)

5 out of 5
Stunning "liquid" look fan, amazing cooling and quiet operation.

We ordered the Artemis with the translucent blades, which look like clear liquid when it is operating, truly stunning against a rustic cedar beamed ceiling. Even more beautiful than we thought it would be from the online pictures. The operation is almost silent, the volume of air flow and cooling power is better than any fan we have ever had, amazing product!

By:Peggy , Homeowner (Seattle WA)

5 out of 5
I always wanted an Artemis fan.

I love the sleek and comtemporary look of Artemis fans. I am so happy to finally have been able to purchase one!

By:Virginia F. , Homeowner (MIchigan)

4 out of 5
looks great in a cathedral ceiling

we loved the clear vanes but I bet any selection would be just as beautiful

By:Edna C. , Designer (Buffalo, NY)

5 out of 5

I recently put this fixture in my new home and am amazed. The amount of air this ceiling fan can move is incredible; not to mention the impressive design and craftmanship. Highly recomended.

By:John S. , Architect (Salt Lake)

5 out of 5
I adore the sleekness of this fan.

It's not contrived, just elegant. I purchased 2 fans with the clear blades which look great with the stainless plate covering the light. The "faux" wood looked best with the light plate. Very sculptural.

By:MM , Designer (Los Angeles)

5 out of 5
Love this fan.

This fan has the coolest design for a ceiling fan I have ever seen. It gets alot of comments. Performs well too. Nice and quiet.

By:Scott M. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
This fan is fantastic.

The instructions were well written and made for an easy installation. For such a silent fan I'm amazed at how much air it moves and quickly it cools down the room.

By:S. Hayes , Homeowner (Los Angeles, CA)

5 out of 5
This fan is totally awesome because it looks SO great.

This fan turned out to be perfect for our master bedroom remodel. My husband and I settled on the clear blades because a lot was already going on in the bedroom, design and color wise. We have a cathedral ceiling and it almost disappears into it. (was tempted by the liquid nickle one though) As others have commented, this fan is very quiet and functions beautifully. Also purchased the remote control for it. The customer service at YLighting also gets great marks with me. I wanted this fan to be a little bit higher up (from the floor) than the one it replaced and the help I received with fan dimensions and down-rod lengths worked out just perfect.

By:Carrie B. , Homeowner (Muskego, WI)

5 out of 5
This ceiling fan is wonderfully designed and made.

The fan arrived in no time, and the quality is great. Sturdy and sleek. It has all the features you'd want in a comfortable, modern environment. Love it!

By:Holly , Architect (San Francisco, CA)

4 out of 5
I doubt I could of made a better choice than the Artemis

I was surprised to find what a difference the fan made to overall aesthetic of my living room. I had naively treated it as something of an afterthought when putting the room together, but it ended up being one of the more important pieces. The 58" span enhances its elegance in a way I doubt a smaller fan could. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it operates completely silently on all but it's highest setting, and even then it's difficult to notice.

By:Todd , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
Best design for all decor styles

I bought a clear fan for my living room. All my friends loved it. Its so silence that you can only tell is there when you feel the air moving around you.
The receiver didn’t come but Ylighting send it in less than one week. Great customer service!!
I am buying a new one for my master bedroom.

By:Paula , Architect (New Yok, NY)

5 out of 5
You definitely should own one of this if you live in the desert!

I purchased this fan just on time for our 100+ degree summer heat. Immediately after I installed it, I was very impress with how artistically beautiful this fan is. Then when I turned it on, I was even more impressed with how quiet, sturdy, and breezy it is! You would not even know that the fan is on but you can definitely feel the breeze, which felt as cool as the AC! I love it!! I must say the other Minka and Modern Fans I owned cannot even compare to the Artemis Fan in terms of air circulation and style. I would absolutely purchase this fan again, and highly recommend it for anyone living in the hot AZ desert.

By:sonoranbreeze , Homeowner (tucson, az)

5 out of 5
Great peace of modern art in our Condo.

This fan is a great addition to our media/sitting room, it’s a great eye catcher in a modest way. Quality and design is great, the remote control for this fan is a disappointment it’s big and bulky. In the end it’s a lot of money for ceiling fan, for me it was worth it and even thinking to get one in the bedroom.

By:Carlo K. ten Have , Homeowner (Dallas)

4 out of 5
This fan is Beautiful, I love it!

This fan is so pretty. It looks like its made of glass and is just looks awesome in my entry. The only think i'd like better would be if the light had a dimmer switch. It's really a great fan and a great value!

By:John B. , Homeowner (Encinitas, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
Beautiful, sleek lines.

I was afraid the fan would not look like real wood, since it was going on a normal height ceiling, but it is very well done. Everyone so far thinks it is real wood. It is so subtle, that it blends with the design, yet when people do notice it they just say "Wow!". I love my fan, and I'm planning now on buying 2 more for the dining room and master bedroom. Stunning!

By:Robin M. , Homeowner (Rhode Island)

5 out of 5
What a great fan!

I love the look of this fan and I can't believe how quiet it is. I read the reviews that said this is a quiet fan and now that I've experienced it for myself I'll just say: it's a QUIET fan. We installed it in the master bedroom and I actually like a little white noise when I'm going to sleep. If you're looking for that, this is not your fan. Fortunately, I have a another source of white noise to help me out. This fan works great, looks great and I'm really glad we purchased it. YLighting made the ordering process easy and it was delivered quickly. A super situation all around.

By:MiChelle (Westminster, CA)

5 out of 5
Beautiful fan that works really well too.

I was looking for an unobtrusive, but effective, fan for my den/media room and settled on the clear Artemis ceiling fan. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The fan is a beautiful piece of art that moves air effectively and silently. I rarely need to turn on my window air conditioner to be comfortable when the fan is running.

By:Christopher W. (Washington, DC)

5 out of 5
Ultimate Form Meets Function

We live in a split level loft and needed a ceiling fan to help cool, circulate and light. We wanted a quality fan that also had a modern, clean look that would not compete with anything else in the room. This fan met all those requirements and is as quiet as a whisper. We have kept it on for months without issue and both the wall control and the remote control work great. The light dims and on bright covers the entire upstairs. People always remark on how beautiful it is. I recommend this product highly.

By:M&C , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

5 out of 5
Perfect blend of Air movement and Silence

I needed a ceiling fan for the control room of a private recording studio. As you can imagine, a studio control room is quiet, and gets quite hot with all the electronic equipment turned on. I've never considered a ceiling fan for a control room until the client opted for that instead of a cost prohibitive AC system.
This fan moves a ton of air, and is as quiet as they come. Minimal wind noise, no motor noise, no anything. The blades are efficient enough that the unit can spin much slower and produce much more air movement. It's been installed for about a year, and producers and engineers always ask where I got it, and what is it called - nobody quite believes it is as quiet as it is. Without question a stellar performer. We accidentally recorded a vocal session with the fan on, listened back, and could not find any reason to re-record the take. It's that quiet; It's mounted on a 10' ceiling, directly above the center of the room. The lighting system is totally adjustable, and perfect for set and forget mood lighting. As far as the remote control goes, it's a perfect companion. Easy to use and works anywhere in the room. It is not often that I find something that fits a requirement so well. Oh, and it looks absolutly great. We used the clear one, and it literally disappears into the ceiling area when the light is off. When people do notice it, it always gets great comments. I'm spec'ing two more of these for the main residence attached to the studio.
The best money I've spent on a ceiling fan ever.

By:Kelly , Designer (Seattle)

5 out of 5
Slick and cool!

Gorgeous fan that has a sleek, slick and cool appearance to it. The lighting is also strong enough to create a great ambiance in a room. The fan pushes an impressive amount of air and does a fantastic job in keeping the area comfortable.

Looks and performance! Highly recommend it!

By:Tony C. , Homeowner (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

5 out of 5
Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!

Sleek, sexy, art piece. Beautifully accents my new stainless steel kitchen. Drop dead gorgeous!
Y lighting customer service is excellent. This is the 5th fan I've bought from Y lighting. Love em!

By:Bonnie B. , Homeowner (St. Petersburg, FL)

5 out of 5
Impressive Fan

It is a beautiful fan and looks great in both bedrooms that I purchased it for. I recommend using the extension if you have high ceiling, since the rods that it comes with are on the short side.

By:Soyoung J. , Homeowner (Marina Del rey, ca)

5 out of 5
Quiet and beautiful.

With 24 foot cathedral ceilings in a converted industrial space, we needed a fan just to keep air quietly circulating--pulling up cool air to the second floor in summer, and pushing down warm air in the winter. The lowest setting on this fan is perfect for just that. And, as an added bonus, the fan is both completely silent and a beautiful design.

By:Mike A. , Homeowner (Marietta, PA)

5 out of 5
Convincing in form and function.

Really impressed with this ceiling fan. It is beautiful, very well made, easy to install and absolutely silent while very efficient. It contributes to the space in the best possible way.

By:mko , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY,11218)

4 out of 5
Very nice design; wood grain not too convincing.

Knowing in advance it was "fake" wood grain, I'm not really criticizing too fervently. However, I would recommend on of the finishes that is not trying to fake wood. The decision to use a triangular canopy shape is also a bit odd, but doesn't really detract overall. The metallic one looks way cool in the pictures, but the price-doubling effect was more than I could justify for a fan.

By:SAS , Homeowner (Austin, TX)

5 out of 5

We love our fan - it is modern but fits in with our old house because it is so elegant. It provides plenty of air circulation for our bedroom. Highly recommended.

By:Sylvi H. , Homeowner (st. augustine, florida)

5 out of 5
Artemis Ceiling Fan

This fan is really beautiful! Product delivered quickly and I am very happy with my purchase.

By:Sasha M. , Homeowner (Los Angeles, California)

5 out of 5

This fan is gorgeous, a little pricey but well worth the money.

By:Sharon , Homeowner (Canada)

5 out of 5
Beautiful Product!

I've purchased this item (in white finish) for the living room. Initially I was worried whether the modern design of Artemis fan will not blend with the living room furniture, which is rather eclectic. However, the fan blends in beautifully.

By:Sonia S. , Designer (Aliso Viejo, CA)

5 out of 5
This fan is bad a$*!

I cannot say enough about this fan. This is quality. Beautiful, runs quiet and has a dimmable light. My husband had it hung, replacing another fan that had lost one of it's fan speeds, in 1.5 hrs. Not too shabby. The directions are easy and my husband said the fan has very high quality parts. We plan on replacing several other fans in our house with the Artemis. We chose the high gloss white and we're glad we did. We have 9' ceilings and it blends very well with the ceiling while still standing out. I believe you get what you pay for and this fan proves it. Every fan we've ever bought before has been from Lowe's and they've sucked. Never again!

By:Doty , Homeowner (Fresno, CA)

4 out of 5

i've found it difficult to find good looking ceiling fans. this is great; modern, unfussy, and sleek.

By:Kristy K. , Designer (brooklyn, ny)

5 out of 5

By:Kimberly V. , Homeowner (NYC)

5 out of 5
Looks Cool

Had two of these white fans installed on a 15' great room ceiling -- they look great, not distracting, but get good comments when noticed. Have not used them much yet...

By:David , Homeowner (East Hampton, NY)

5 out of 5
Does the Job

Recently installed a pair on 15' ceiling -- look good, work well.

By:David , Homeowner (East Hampton, NY)

5 out of 5
I would leave my husband for this fan if it transformed into a human!

This fan is amazing, I can't say enough good things about it! I bought a 100+ year old rowhouse and it had a horrendous ceiling fan, I searched high and low for a nice replacement fan at home depot/lowes and nothing made my heart flutter. I saw this fan in an article on Apartment Therapy and I fell in love with it. I. JUST. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT. My husband installed it for me and it took him about 30 minutes, a very easy install. He had previously installed an Hunter fan and it took him 5 hours.

This fan is beautiful, everyone that has seen it loves it. The wall mount control is very nice to use. I personally don't see the need to buy a remote control for the fan.

Ylighting customer service was really awesome too!!!

By:Michelle P. , Homeowner (Pittsburgh, PA)

4 out of 5
Fan Looks Better Installed than in the Pictures

Very nice product. Good assembly instructions. Nicely packaged. In addition to how stunning the fan looks, the fan has very good remote control tools for varying the intensity of the light and controlling the three fan speeds.

I've installed 8 other fans in various rooms in our home and this is by far the best fan I've purchased/installed.

By:SDR , Homeowner (Pittsburgh)

5 out of 5
Airplane Blades

Every single visitor, on seeing this fan for the first time, has commented that it looks like the wings of an airplane. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, but I love this new fan so much better than the old fashioned CasaBlanca that used to hang in its place. Its sleek, modern lines are like no other fan I've seen on the market and its possibly late 1920's early 1930's "Age of the Machine" type style works beautifully with our antique furniture and new technology type fixtures and media pieces. We have bridged the generations with elegance and style and this new beautiful fan blends perfectly.

By:Mara D. , Homeowner (California)

5 out of 5
Great Fan

This is a great fan - both in its aesthetics and performance. The only improvement could be to change the light from halogen to LED.

Also of note - it is the same profile as most "hugger" fans for lower ceilings, even though it is not marketed as a hugger.

By:SML , Homeowner (Seattle)

5 out of 5

we replaced a big wooden fan with the white artemis fan. it looks gorgeous and changed the whole vibe of the room. the breeze is great as well, big difference from the old fan. we used the hand held remote because we didn't want to hardwire a new line to a switch - worked out well.

By:Matt , Homeowner (nj)

5 out of 5
Great fan

Love the fan. Looks nice, works well, and is quiet. I was looking forward to getting it, but it's been even better than I expected.

By:KS , Homeowner (nc)

5 out of 5
Just what In hoped it would be.

Happy with the fan. Fun and different, works very well.

By:Evelyn N. , Homeowner (NY, NY)

4 out of 5
Beautiful fan and great quality.

The Artemis with clear blades is a great looking fan. At all speeds it is quiet, and the wall control is good quality. It is a great design for the function of a strong fan without cluttering the visual space. I could give a 5 star rating, but the heat has not yet arrived, so I cannot yet comment on its function after daily use on high speed.

By:Nicole , Homeowner (Claremont, CA)

5 out of 5
Fabulous, this fan is a piece of art!

We are thrilled with the fan, its beauty and operation. This is the rare instance of perfect form following function. Its look is dramatic, causing a gasp among friends who walk in and see it. Thank you, thank you for a product that exceeds our expectations.

By:Linda , Homeowner (ny, ny. usa)

5 out of 5
this is a fantastic fan - beautiful to look at and quite as can be.

i love this fan - we have had it for 3 weeks now and once we worked out the kinks around some of the sounds it was emanating, it has been wonderful to have it on most of the time. and when it is not on, it looks great - we have the clear version so it does not crowd the low ceiling in our room.

By:Mongrel , Homeowner (Toronto)

4 out of 5
Well made. Good value for the money. Lots of air flow

Lots of cool with this fan. Good value for the money. Well made.
Looks nice.

By:Leslie S. , Homeowner (Greenville sc. USA)

5 out of 5

This is truly a beautiful piece. I got this for my clients in liquid nickel and is like a floating sculpture in the living room. Can go both in classic and modern environments.

By:Francis T. , Designer (Manhattan NY)

4 out of 5

Excellent product, looks very modern and the fan is very quiet when it is on.

By:N.S. (Beverly Hills, CA)

4 out of 5
Artemis liquid nickel - Ferrari of the fans

Modern design at it's best.
Great craftsmanship.

By:Brian , Homeowner (OKC, OK, USA)

5 out of 5
Artemis liquid nickel - Ferrari of the fans

great design,
great craftsmanship

By:Branislav S. , Homeowner (OKC, OK, USA)

5 out of 5
This fan is wonderful!!!

I love this fan it not only looks great and everyone that comes in says "what a awesome fan" but it works perfect and will only add to a modern decor

By:Jessica , Homeowner (Brooklyn,ny)

5 out of 5
Gorgeous fan!

This is the best looking & functioning fans- sleek, modern, a tad retro look of the motor/light. We are thrilled with it!

By:Lisa M. , Homeowner (Ross, CA)

4 out of 5
Subtle and stylish!

The Artemis Ceiling fan updated the look of our room, with a subtle touch of style. Didn't take attention away from the rest of the room, but enhanced the overall "feel."

By:Carol D. , Designer (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Beauty and Function all in one!

I just recently purchased the Artemis Ceiling Fan and I could not be more than satisfied. Aside from it's beauty it also provides great ventilation in the bedroom and is extremely quiet. The Artemis Fan is well worth the price.

By:Diane T. , Architect (Miami, FL)

4 out of 5
Absolutely beautiful fan.

We purchased the clear version of the Artemis fan for our home. It's a beautiful addition to the house and so far every single person who's visited noticed it and commented on it.

And it pushes a lot more air than the old fan it replaced.

My only complaint is that the down rods that came with it were too short. Instead of a 3" and 6" it would really make more sense to include a 6" and a 12". This would make the fan immediately more flexible in terms of installation spots. I ended up having to buy a 12" down rod separately and reinstall it so that the blades wouldn't hit the ceiling on high speed (it was installed on a slopped roof).

By:Jamie P , Homeowner (Portland, OR)

5 out of 5
Artemis is FANTASTIC!! I use it in all forms - and love it over and over again.

I am an interior designer and I have used this fan over and over again. Whether in wood or clear lucite - it is a fan that receives many compliments and really changes a room.
Super cool and modern.

By:Joan P

4 out of 5
Fan was easy to install

Packaging was excellent and install instructions were easy to follow. Fan is very quiet and easy to balance.

By:Hans U. , Homeowner (Ann Arbor, MI 48103)

4 out of 5
beautiful artistic fan

great product, beautiful ddesign

5 out of 5
Stunning and powerful

We just replaced three ceiling fans in our apartment with these gorgeous pieces! And they are "pieces" --- like art. Plus they work five times better than our old, standard blade fans in terms of churning air around.

Perhaps the only downside is the lights; they're not very powerful and a bit cold in tone. But if kept dimmed down, utterly bearable. Would not stop us from getting this fan again!

By:Sally , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY)

3 out of 5
Wonderful (except for one minor thing)

The liquid nickel finish fan comes with a black fan motor housing. The stainless looking motor housing with the clear blades should be the one that comes with it.

The edges of the black motor housing show through at the top of the blades.

By:Edwin , Homeowner (Arlington, VA)

5 out of 5
best looking ceiling fan at a reasonable price

we searched for a decent looking ceiling fan that didnt break the bank, and the Artemis is it. We love the fan, the look, and the quality.

By:Monica S. , Homeowner (Kansas)

5 out of 5

The fan is great. Looks great and easy to install.

By:Yaelle Y. , Homeowner (New York)

4 out of 5

We love it

By:Seth A. , Homeowner (Washington, D.C.)

4 out of 5
Great quality

It looks great in our family room!

By:Seth A. (Silver Spring, MD)

5 out of 5
Easy to install. Looks great.

My husband was able to install 2 of these in less than an hour. No special material required. They are in small rooms, but manage to not take over the space. I was initially worried they would be too large, but after a few days they looked like they should have always been there. Be sure to measure for clearance; the wingspan is huge! These are really well made and worth the price. Above all, they MOVE the air. Form meets function!

By:M.C. , Homeowner (Portland Or)

5 out of 5
Fast shipping!

This is my second review, and will be buying a nelson bubble next. As my other review said, this fan is really awesome!

By:M.C. , Homeowner (portland, OR)

5 out of 5
Looks like a clear airplane propeller stuck to the ceiling.

The fan moves a lot of air in our small bedroom. It is a big fan but because we chose clear it doesn't overwhelm the space.

By:Lance C.

5 out of 5
Love, love, love, this fan!

This fan has such an interesting and different look. It performs beautifully. It makes the the room more elegant! The switch controlls are easy to use.

By:Diana A. , Homeowner (Marina del Rey, Ca)

5 out of 5
Great line!

Who wants to stare at a big fan, or a lot of blades or bulk? The design is great, and of course, it serves its purpose. I would buy it again and I would recommend it.

By:M.M. , Designer (Miami, FL)

4 out of 5
Quiet Power

This fan looks great and is SO quiet. The controls are very easy to use and it creates great airflow. I was hesitant to spend so much on a ceiling fan, but this is in the main living area of my house and the money spent was totally worth it!

By:Heather G. , Homeowner (Alexandria, VA, USA)

5 out of 5
The perfect fan

This fan is beautiful and functional. It has transformed the look of my bedroom and I have not yet had to use my AC this summer. Friends of mine had bought 4 fans and installed them throughout their house, and when I saw the Artemis, I instantly knew I wanted them in my home. I have a one-bedroom apartment, and I can't wait to buy another and install it in the living room. I did not want to install it myself, so I hired an electrician, and it took him several hours - he was being extra cautious and careful, but I tend not to recommend a self-install, especially if you purchase the remote (which I love) because that has special programming.

By:Rebecca S. , Homeowner (Brooklyn. NY)

5 out of 5
Love it!

Our Artemis ceiling fan is a stylish and functional addition for air circulation and lighting to our bedroom. We get compliments on it all the time.

By:Genevieve A. , Homeowner (Bellevue, WA)

4 out of 5
This is a great fan.

I love the look with the clear acrylic blades although they do tend to show dust in some lights. The fan is fairly large so it worked well in both my great room & my master bedroom. It's very quiet - I don't even hear it at night. It's a great choice for a modern look.

By:Court R. (Tracy, CA)

5 out of 5

this is the second one of these fans we've ordered and we were pleased, we got another.

The design and workmanship is outstanding.

I can now stand in the hallway and see both of them. and I smile.

thanks so much.

By:Linda P. , Homeowner (new york, new york)

5 out of 5
Love it!

Assembling the fan was an easy task and it really as silent as everyone before me said. It makes a big difference in the comfort of our windowless room.
I bought it in clear, which is beautiful and even though it is a large fan - 58" in diameter - because it is transparent, it doesn't have a bulky effect on the ceiling.

By:Katerina , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY)

4 out of 5

Modern, clean , very efficient, not enough luminosity.

By:Elena S. , Designer (Germantown tn)

5 out of 5
Beautiful Fan

Looks organic and modern. Worked great for our master bedroom!

By:Jimmy C. , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
In love

Very modern and beautiful fan

By:Carlos M. , Homeowner (san Juan)

5 out of 5
Great for low ceilings

I bought this b/c I have a modern/transitional bedroom that needs a fan. Everything in my bedroom is designer black, crystals, mirror with baroque and modern features. I didn't want a cheesy Lowes fan to kill the design. The fan was a pain to install, but it looks nice. It is perfect in my bedroom b/c I keep the fan going and the clear acrylic blades do not pronounce the low ceiling. The thing looks cool, but a bit space aged when off. I'm sure it would look less futuristic if my ceilings were not as low. The wall switch is nice, but you do not get a remote with the wall switch upgrade. All in all this is a perfect fit for my bedroom.

By:J.W. , Homeowner (PCB, FL US)

4 out of 5
Everyone will comment on this!

Great modern design!

By:H.S. , Architect (NYC)

5 out of 5
Artimes is a beautifu, fuctional fan.

Beautiful fan. Works great in a contemptoary setting.
Love the finish.

By:Leora M. , Homeowner (east brunswick nj USA)

Customer Questions:

Q: Does the Artemis fan also go in the reverse direction?

A: The Artemis Fan is a full function fan that is able to reverse through the wall control unit.

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