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Lapa Ceiling Fan

Price: $360.00
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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Price: $360.00

Lapa Ceiling Fan

Item #: MOD-LAP

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days.

1. Fan Body:

2. Blade Span:

3. Blade Color:

4. Light Kit:

5. Hugger option:

6. Fan Speed / Light Control:

Material(s): Steel, Mouth-Blown Glass

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Design by Ron Rezek.
By Modern Fan Company.

A continuing desire to add value along with design resulted in Modern Fan Company's distinctive Lapa fan. The Lapa's optional light is housed in mouth-blown glass and can be specified to use either a compact fluorescent or incandescent lamp. With the fluorescent option the fan qualifies for the EPA's Energy Star labeling as a highly efficient, energy conserving design. Note: Any control ordered with a fan that has been configured with an energy-saving CFL will be supplied in a non-dimming version.

The fan can accommodate a sloped ceiling up to 33°. For slopes over 33° but under 45°, use the sloped ceiling adapter (sold separately). Includes 5" and 13" downrods for 16" or 24" overall height. Optional downrods available for alternate heights. An optional hugger adapter for low-ceiling applications is also available, reducing overall height to only 12".

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5193.33
  • Watts at high speed = 53.1
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 97.8

Click here for Modern Fan Company frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Notes: Steel construction makes this fan NOT suitable for exposed locations. Express shipping is available on this item. In most cases, orders received before 12:00 PM Pacific time will ship the same day.

Material(s): Steel, Mouth-Blown Glass


  • Fan body: 7" Dia X 9" H
  • Ceiling canopy: 5.25" Dia
  • Includes 5" and 13" downrods for 16" or 24" overall height. To calculate overall height when using optional downrods, add 11" to the downrod length.
  • Optional light kit adds 3" to overall height.
  • Hugger adapter reduces overall height to 12".



  • 550: 1 X 75W G9 halogen lamp (not included)
  • 551: 1 X 26W GU24 compact fluorescent lamp (included)


Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Ron Rezek

Ron Rezek designed the world's first contemporary-styled ceiling fan, the Stratos, in 1986. But his list of accomplishments in the design world is long and varied, from lifeguard equipment to contemporary lighting. In 1997, Ron started The Modern Fan Co. in Ashland, Oregon, which produces and sells only contemporary ceiling fans.

His ceiling fans have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, retail and institutional applications, and all types of residential projects.

Ron Rezek's Philosophy:
"I don't think contemporary means a stark white room. I think it means a tasteful alignment of important elements. There are some designers who copy the Modernists who have come before. But I think 'contemporary' is the pursuit of the new." "People assume that all contemporary fixtures are more functional than traditional ones. That is because contemporary fixtures are easier to clean and they seem to be more utilitarian based on their appearance. And because of their simplicity and lack of ornamentation, they also have an alliance with the industrial look. But all of this doesn't necessarily translate into function. The Modern Fan Co.'s fans are designed to be functional and energy efficient. This is part of being contemporary and pushing the edge. Energy efficiency is the wave of the future."

See other lights/products from Ron Rezek

Modern Fan Company

Modern Fan Company. Consciously cool.

Modern Fan represents a new age in ceiling fans — the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design. Designed by Ron Rezek, the Modern Fan Company's models celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes. The unique ceiling fan styles of Modern Fan represent a new age in ceiling fans — the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design (you won't find any wicker or flowery fans here!).

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5

super nice

By:Diane G. , Architect

4 out of 5
Minimalism at its best

This fan is finely crafted and works flawlessly. The design is a great example of form following function. There is even evident thought in the design of the controls - no dangling strings, but an elegant wall-mounted remote instead. My only quibble is that the light from the fluorescent bulb that came with it is too white - I'd much prefer a warmer light.

By:Timothy B. , Homeowner (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

4 out of 5
This Lapa Ceiling Fan is a Great Addition!

It is both functional and decorative and is a great accessory to our design style.

By:Ron K. , Homeowner (Odenton, MD)

5 out of 5
a very nice, clean aesthetic look - nice having the CFL option!

a very nice, clean aesthetic look - nice having the CFL option!

I ordered 3 for our house and had excellent customer service in selecting the correct controls for the CFL. I needed to make an exchange, and the customer service was great in working out how to get the replacement as soon and as easily as possible.

By:Maria , Architect (Amherst, MA)

5 out of 5
I Love the Lapa Ceiling Fan!

The Lapa Ceiling Fan by the Modern Fan Company is light, sophisticated, and sleek. I purchased the Bright Nickel finish from YLighting after it caught my eye while watching an episode of Divine Design (Candice Olson). I love the sleekness of the lapa fan and had to have it in my new home. You can't go wrong with this ceiling fan if you have a modern/contemporary style such as myself. Its a great converstation piece and all my friends and family love it!

By:Kenya S. , Homeowner (Cedar Park, TX, US)

5 out of 5
Clean and elegant look

For low ceilings under 9 ft 6 in, I highly recomend the hugger option. 42" blades look great in rooms less than 13x13. The compact flourescent option is a clean looking. However, I highly recommend ordering the dimmer switches specified for the fans. You'll eventually end up replacing any cheap ones you already have.

By:O. Daniel C. , Architect (New Braunfels, TX)

4 out of 5
So far so good ...

Wanted one of these for quite awhile for my International Style, Hickory Cluster townhouse designed by the late modern architect Charles M. Goodman. YL had the right price, so ... I finally bit the bullet. Bought the nickel finish, 52 inch maple blade, no light version with hugger kit. Was well-packed and arrived undamaged. Main/motor section is larger than I expected, but no problem. Maple blades are a pleasing lighter shade. Plan to use a Decora-style stepped motor control from Home Depot or elsewhere rather than the manufacturer model. Won't install until the renovations are done and new paint is on the walls in a few months. Stay tuned ...

By:Michael , Homeowner (Reston, VA, USA)

5 out of 5
Love It!

This is the 3rd Modern Fan Company product I have owned. The design, quality and functionality is perfect. I highly recommend them.

By:Peyton P. , Homeowner (Las Vegas, NV)

3 out of 5
The Lapa Ceiling Fan is fabulous.

The Lapa Ceiling Fan is fabulous, it looks perfect in our modern gym and works great.

By:James W. (Seal Beach, CA)

5 out of 5
The Lapa fan is perfect in our modern bedroom

The installation went smoothly and the fan looks and operates very well. It is quite attractive and so far effective in cooling off our second floor bedroom. We're happy wit the fan and the experience with Y Lighting.

By:Susan B , Homeowner (Potomac, MD)

4 out of 5
clean lines, no wobble, simple design

had a smaller canopy than the one I had up on the cieling, so it might be nice to give that information to future customers as an fyi, because it could be a problem if you don't take this into consideration. Can't wait to purchase something else from you guys, order came quickly.

By:marye k. , Homeowner (freeland wa)

4 out of 5
A very cool and modern ceiling fan!!

Overall, I am very happy with this fan. It is very modern which was what I was looking for. The color of the maple blades is a bit darker than I expected however still a great match to my floor. The wall switch is fine too just one small complaint... there is no way to switch the rotation to reverse in the winter (or maybe there is I just haven't figured it out yet). I really like the new fan it is perfect for anyone looking for a modern fan at a good price!!

By:Carrie B. , Homeowner (Pittsburgh, PA)

5 out of 5
Great Quality, Very Quiet, High Power

I've been eyeing the Modern Fan brand for a few years and finally bought the Lapa model for our home renovation. It's just as good as I hoped it would be. I bought all brushed nickel with the hugger kit and no light and it's excellent. I've never owned such a nice fan. The installation was really easy and the operation is incredible. The balance was perfect right out of the box and the motor is virtually silent. I'm very pleased and I'll be purchasing three more for the rest of the bedrooms.

By:Adam P. , Homeowner (Chicago)

5 out of 5

The fan works great. This is the second Lapa fan I have ordered. I have had no problems, the fans were easy to install and are made extremely well. I hope to get a third fan for a different room soon. YLighting has low prices, great customer service, and ships fast. Couldn't be happier!

By:George , Homeowner (DC)

5 out of 5
Wonderful purchase.

The fans are well balanced, very smooth and very quiet. The hugger option works well for ceilings 9'-0" high and lower. Make sure to buy the correct wall controls. The less expensive typical dimmer switches do not control the speed correctly. Once everything is setup, they run beautifully. Don't be put off by the thin 4-blade arrangement, these fans move a lot of air.

By:O. Daniel C. , Architect (New Braunfels, TX)

5 out of 5
Great price, great service!

Ordering on the website was easy and delivery was very quick. Love the product and the price.

By:Gail M. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Lovin' my Lapa!

I replaced an ugly home-improvement store light fixture with this sleek Lapa ceiling fan from Modern Fan and it has completely transformed my bedroom. Ultra-clean lines and easy operation. Love it.

By:David A. , Homeowner (Boston, MA)

5 out of 5
Great fan for those demanding contemporary look with solid construction

I luv the look the most and the sturdy construction gives me piece of mind. The wall plates were easy to install and the fan can run on 4 different speeds which is very convenient. This fan model is excellent for an interior that demands a clean line, contemporary look. May be slightly more expensive than the basic fans you get at the home warehouses, but the price is worth the look you get.

By:MSF , Homeowner (Phoenix, AZ)

5 out of 5
Modern and elegant

I now have 3 of these beautiful ceiling fans and absolutely love them. I have the model w/o light and they look great in our modern home. The fans are whisper quiet & perfectly balanced. They are simply beautiful.

By:Gaileyb , Homeowner (San Diego, CA)

5 out of 5
Great fan -- I have 3 of them in my home

I really like the style and quality of the Lapa fan. I love modern fixtures but I also needed something that would "fit" in my 100 year old house, and the Lapa looks fantastic. The quality is great-- very quiet and excellent airflow.

By:Jennifer , Homeowner (Minneapolis)

4 out of 5
Clean lines and no fuss....that's the Lapa.

I like this fan, though it is extremely 'minimalist' looking. My son says it looks like a can with a fan, and he's right. I had it installed professionally with no trouble. The wall switch works well and the fan cools my 14'X16' room nicely. I chose the light kit option even though there were some negative comments about the way it would look. I think it looks just right and I like the light and it's ability to dim.

By:Melanie G. , Homeowner (Birmingham, AL)

4 out of 5
Lapa fan (no light) is a very good product (Design, Quality, Quiet)

Order with YLighting was perfect.

A few pros for the LAPA fan:

-motor is very, very quiet

-good quality for the main body

-very good look overall, changes the feel of a room on its own

-moves a lot of air

-balancing was easy with the provided balancing kit, yet:
!!!!do not use the plastic clip to test the balance, it will scratch the blades and remove the paint; instead, place one of the weight with some electrical tape on top of the blade, be sure to tape it good, otherwise that stuff will come flying and make a dent in a wall.

-for DIYers, easy to wire (labels on wires), better if you get help from someone to handle the fan while you do the connections, there is not a lot of room for wires, especially if you use the remote module. Locate the breaker that powers the circuit you will use for the fan and power down.

A few cons:

-blades feel cheap, just plywood or MDF with paint, which I think is the case for a vast majority of fans out there (would be much more expensive to have stainless steel blades)

-ordered the handeld remote control (nothing wrong with the fan itself), very practical yet very bulky remote, it's almost comical.
If I had the possibility, I would buy the the wall mounted remote, it should be a lot smaller.

- Nothing wrong with the fan here, has more to do with the construction quality for the room you will put the fan in.
If you have a sloped ceiling, make sure that the junction box is flush with the ceiling, otherwise the cover cannot be used and you will have a hard time sticking the remote module up there too. Then has to make a DIY cover box.

By:Nicolas , Homeowner (Knoxville, TN)

5 out of 5
Great fan! Learning curve to install

The Lapa looks great, is very quiet and the high setting creates some serious wind in our little room. We chose the Lapa hugger with CFL light; the Ylighting sales help recommended it as the hugger with the brightest CFL light. The installation took some time, but I think next time things will go much faster. We got the additional hugger kit and had a hard time mating the hugger plate to the Lapa body. The 2 parts were never mated together in manufacturing and the parts aren't toleranced well; my husband had to spend some time banging/bending the plate's lip so it would fit inside the body. But the instructions were otherwise pretty well written and the fan itself is great.

By:Sylvia F. , Homeowner (San Carlos, CA)

5 out of 5
Great Look, Fantastic Quality

I purchased this fan in Bright Nickel with the Hugger Mounting Adapter and the Incandescent Light Kit. It replaced a generic white ceiling fan with light kit.

The fan looks great. Solid construction and super quality. The light kit blends well with the design aesthetic of the fan, but the maximum light output from the 75W incandescent lamp is a little too dim. I would have chosen the CFL light kit but I wanted the ability to dim the light.

The fan itself runs quietly and smoothly. I didn't need to balance the blades. Even at high speed, there's no wobble or noise.

By:James C. , Homeowner

4 out of 5
Great Fan for our new Modern Home

I purchased 7 of these fans for a new home. Very excited about the style and function of the fan. Bright nickel color fits the color palate we are using as well as the hardware. Shopping and delivery was easy online.

By:Steve , Homeowner (Dallas, TX )

4 out of 5
Really nice ceiling fan, very stylish yet simple

I had to solve the double problem of heat and light together and I hate the AC - yes, for real...!
The added constraint is that I don't have a light switch on the wall. This ceiling fan, besides being beautiful and really classy has a remote control that solved all my problems at once, going around the constraint too. Perfect!
and the slim line, almost industrial, makes it look really retro
A great choice!

By:PrimulaRossa , Homeowner (New York)

5 out of 5
Perfect Modern Sleek Design

The ceiling fan was exactly what was need to finish off the space. It is the perfect accent for the contemporary design of the space.

By:Angela F. , Designer

5 out of 5
Clean and beautiful!

This is the second Lapa ceiling fan I've purchased and we just love them. I replaced all of the "old style" fans with these and the transormation is impressive. Lines are clean, but not so modern as to be a distraction.

By:Laura , Homeowner (Tampa, FL)

5 out of 5
Great minimal fan.

Fantastic minimal fan. Works and looks great with hugger kit. Larger size is appropriate for even a small bedroom. Also very quiet. Highly recommended.

By:C. , Designer (Locust, NJ)

5 out of 5
wonderful, as shown and as expected

clean contemporary fan, 5 stars

By:Rhonda T. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Lapa Ceiling Fan adds complements to the modern furnitures/fixtures and equipments!

Lapa Ceiling Fan in bright nickel looks modern and matches good with my Philppe Starck furnitures, lighting fixtures,, even with his plumbing fixtures,, even with my Bang and Olufsen audio system. It's a good choice if you have clean simple looking European furnitures. The model with a light has the dimming function which is smart.

By:Mitsuhiro N. , Homeowner (Novi, MI)

5 out of 5
Nicely styled, constructed with quiet operation.

The product arrived on schedule without any damage. The quality of construction and operation is sound. The fan is quiet. The blades are a few inches shorter than the 52" described.

I have had other Modern Fan Company products before and have always been satisfied. Good pricing on the site.

By:TGB , Homeowner (Phoenix, AZ)

5 out of 5
Beautiful, Sophisticated, Contemporary Fan

I love this fan! This is my 3rd one and it totally complements my home. It's sleek, quiet and does the job. I consistently receive positive comments from friends and family...

By:Michael L , Homeowner (Chicago, IL, USA)

5 out of 5
breezy and bold

you can't go wrong with this fan. it's sleek, industrial, and packs a windy wollop. it's a little heavier than the other modern fans i have, so be sure that you have a way to secure it in the electrical box

By:bulsonic , Homeowner (new york)

5 out of 5
Streamlined Classic

This fan is perfect if you want a classic modern fan. It works silently and produces lots of air circulation. We bought the hugger so it would be even lower profile and it installed simply. We do not have the lighting portion. We never turn our fan off and it is a pleasure to use and look at.

By:M.D. , Homeowner (West Texas)

5 out of 5
what a great fan

great service, great fan.

By:M T. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Nice fan!

I ordered two Lapa fans for the house - they arrived promptly from YLighting. Installation was easy, though I had to download extra instructions for the hugger pack from the website. Fans look great, move lots of air, and are quiet. Just what we were looking for!

By:Cornballer , Homeowner (San Francisco, CA)

5 out of 5
Loving my Lapa

I just purchased my third Lapa ceiling fan, the smaller version in bright nickel finish. I was drawn to its simple, elegant design, which to my mind is much like the design of an Apple computer – spare, sophisticated, and pure. My installer told me it was simple to install and that the instructions were clear and straightforward. I have also ordered the extensions and the angled ceiling adaptor. Thankfully, everything works as promised and the finishes match perfectly.

By:J C. , Homeowner (Los Angeles)

5 out of 5
Beautiful, simple fan.

I bought two of these fans for our family room for an updated contemporary look. The maple blades look soft but contemporary. The fans work well. I would highly recommend them.

By:Sara K L. , Homeowner (Houston)

5 out of 5
Great product so far.

Installed the Lapa with 42 inch blades and the hugger in my small-ish condo bedroom (11X13 ft or so). Looks fantastic, was easy to install, and the motor (even with the smaller blades) does a fantastic job.

By:ATL Shopper , Homeowner (Atlanta)

4 out of 5
Great Product

Contemporary fan that works well in any decor

By:LPD , Homeowner (New Orleans)

4 out of 5
Great Looking Fan!

Everything about the fan is great quality except I would have preferred the blades to be something other than wood. Looks pretty sweet!

By:PonchoV , Homeowner (Colorado)

5 out of 5
Beautiful fan

Very elegant, contemporary, and quiet. Great purchase.

By:Brad R. (Los Angeles)

5 out of 5
Best fan out there!

I felt guilty replacing 2 fine working fans, but did it anyway for aesthetics. What a difference. These fans not only look fantastic, but move air much better.

By:Charley B. , Homeowner (Ohio)

4 out of 5
Modern Fans are well-made.

Fan looks and works great. This is our 2nd Lapa fan and 4th Modern Fan and the installation went smoothly as always. This one had a slight wobble on HI, but was able to tune it without weights using the enclosed instructions.

By:Fan , Homeowner (Long Island NY)

4 out of 5


By:Marcia Z. , Homeowner (CORAL GABLES FL)

4 out of 5
Great fan, quiet and really nice, sleek look.

It doesn't produce a lot of light but if that's fine for your space, than I highly recommend this fan. Unlike other fans, it is very sturdy and doesn't wobble at all.

By:Eric , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Sleek design, excellent quality

I bought two of these fans for our bedrooms. Their weight surprised me. They is very heavy. I was at first reluctant to install them so close to our bed. Fortunately, we had just our ceilings redone. Our constructor had installed a strong box for fans. They reassured me that they would be securely installed.
The design is great. I like the "4 speeds" option. Ideal for living rooms. Powerful.

By:Nadia S. , Homeowner (NYC)

5 out of 5

It hasn't been installed yet but I think it is going to look fantastic in my newly renovated living room.

By:Kate H. , Homeowner (Washington DC )

5 out of 5
Very chic and contemporary Design

The fans make such a huge contemporary statement. All our clients have noticed them and cannot quit asking us where we found these (obviously not local). I have only one control switch that handles all 3 fans, this is GREAT.

By:Steven T. , Designer

4 out of 5
Cool Fan

Easy Installation. Great-looking fan,

By:Jimmy F. , Homeowner (Houston)

4 out of 5
Great fan! Tiny issues with controller and mounting.

Love this fan! Just beautiful. Two small issues: the mounting plate needs a little more flexibility in order to match up with holes in the existing box (we have a 1960s home). The other issue is that the controller for the fan speed seems counter intuitive. That is, you must click all the way up in order to get a slower speed. Seems like it should work the other way, start slower and increase with additional clicks.

By:Betty D. , Homeowner (Colorado Springs, CO)

4 out of 5
Looks Great and Quiet too

We recently purchased the LAPA Ceiling Fan hugger model, in white, with 42" blades (no light). We are using it in a small nyc studio apartment with about 11 foot ceilings. It is compact, low profile and works great -- it blends in nicely with the white ceiling. It is quiet too. We really love it.

By:Tom , Homeowner (new york city)

5 out of 5
Great style and easy to install, highly recommend the Lapa fan.

We ordered the white Lapa fan with the hugger. It looks great - simple, modern design - and was as easy as any ceiling fan CAN be to assemble and install. Definitely recommend.

By:Sandra , Architect (Charleston, SC)

5 out of 5
Beautiful, sleek, and powerful.

Clean modern lines, easy installation [electrician did it, but no glitches]. It looks very nice as a modern upgrade in out great room.

By:Ruth , Homeowner (Sequim, Washington)

3 out of 5
We like this fan so much for its style and functionality, we are going to order a second Lapa fan!

I researched ceiling fans for several months - looking for a modern fan, one that you typically don't find in neighborhood stores. The Lapa fan comes with the highest efficiency rating off the many fans I looked it. I narrowed my search down to 5 fans and chose this fan because of its high efficiency rating, modern look, and wanted a fan with a light and remote control - in other word the works! The Lapa fan has it all and I will be ordering a second one.

By:Dawn G. , Homeowner (Atlanta, GA)

4 out of 5
simple design - great looking

i have used these on a couple jobs and they look great. the design is simple and they work well.

By:Kate H. , Designer

5 out of 5
Lapa Fan is beautiful!

<p>This fan looks great in my Craftsman home. The light fixture is installed in my bedroom.</p>

By:Karen W. , Homeowner (Memphis, TN)

4 out of 5
Clean looking fan goes well with craftsman house

<p>This fan looks great and is functions well. It isn&#39;t the quietest fan I&#39;ve heard but isn&#39;t bothersome, either. I struggles b/c I don&#39;t like the look of most fans, but needed one to help with heating and cooling circulation...this one fit the bill. It doesn&#39;t draw attention but gets the job done. </p>

By:Caryn B. , Homeowner (Hershey, PA)

5 out of 5

<p>this fan has clean lines and a rich look. the operation is very quiet. i used the hugger kit and it worked well in an 8&#39; ceiling room of old house. matches well with mission furniture. the mica light &amp; fluorescent bulb gives off very little light.... so provides more ambience than lighting but is very attractive, just use some floor or table lamps.</p>

By:Leonard , Homeowner (Iowa City, IAa)

5 out of 5
The Fan was fantastic, and looks great

The product arrvied when they said and everything was perfect.

By:Lee D. , Designer (Pittsburgh Pa.)

4 out of 5
beautiful fan

Love the look, this is a fantastic design.

By:Avi G. , Homeowner (Boulder, CO )

4 out of 5
Looks great!

The 42" version for the Lapa ceiling fan fits perfectly in the small space we had. Delivery was on time and undamaged. Appreciated the free shipping too! Was hoping the blades of the fan would be metal, but they are a light weight wood painted grey.

By:Jennifer W. , Homeowner (Pacifica, Ca)

5 out of 5
Love the Lapa Ceiling Fan.

I've looked all over for a contemporary ceiling fan for my new home. I bought the Lapa Ceiling Fan for our master bedroom. It is very high quality and we can't wait for our builder to get it installed as we are thinking about getting two more for the Great Room. Thanks for the quick service and wonderful product. Love your products that are so unique in design that aren't available any place else. And thanks for carrying so many designs where your customers and choose whether they want a light kit or not. I needed fans without lights and it is difficult to find a contemporary fan without lights.

By:Joan J. , Homeowner (St. Louis)

5 out of 5
Terrific, attractive, quiet, easy to install fan!

We purchased this fan for the Master Bedroom of our new home based on manufacturer's reputation and appearance. But buying on-line is still a little unnerving because you can't be 100% sure what you're getting.
We were pleased when the order arrived quickly and excited to see the quality of the fan when it was unpacked.
Installation was a breeze; probably the easiest we've ever done. There was NO balancing of the blades needed. How often does that happen? The fan runs quietly at all speeds.
The contemporary look is perfect for our home. Now we're thinking of getting a second fan for the Guest Bedrrom.

By:Lee S. , Homeowner (Salida, CO)

5 out of 5
A great looking ceiling fan!

I just purchased and installed the Lapa Ceiling fan in my master bedroom. It looks great and works perfectly. I get many compliments on the VERY stylish fan. Thank You Y Lighting!!

By:Scott , Homeowner (Palm Springs, CA)

5 out of 5
Great design, strong motor, quiet performance

I've owned so many different brands of fans throughout my life, but this Modern Fan is the most powerful, quiet, and beautiful fan I've ever owned. I liked it so much I bought three more for other rooms!

By:Adam P. , Homeowner (Chicago)

5 out of 5
Ceiling fan

I bought two of these and they work just great in the sunroom and bedroom. Quiet and efficient. Thanks for fast shipping on these!

By:Marilyn L.

5 out of 5
I love this fan!!!

I looked at many ceiling fans online as well as in retail stores and didn't see any that I could envision in my home, but when I came upon the Lapa, I knew this was the one. Great look, easy to install and it works like a charm. I purchased two... one for my family room, and the other for the master bedroom, where we installed the hugger attachment so that the fan's movement wouldn't interfere with the 4-post bed. The Lapa Ceiling Fan is the winner twofold.

By:Cham , Homeowner (Chicago)

3 out of 5
Not as nice looking as other modern fans.

Modern fans are all beautiful and well designed. The Lapa is not quite up to snuff with everything else that Modern Fan puts out.

Two problems I had:
1) The Lapa fan screws show on the bottom of the fan blade. This just makes the fan look cheap.
2) The paint job on the fan blades was not superior. The edges are a bit rough and the wood shows through to some extent. This also makes the fan look cheaper.

I have to admit that my #2 complaint is probably due to the fact that I have the fan in a bedroom with a fairly low ceiling. I have another Modern Fan which is hung in a room with a ceiling 2 feet taller so I cannot see the blades up close. The paint job on the blades (wood with nickel finish) is not great with defects evident in the painting and the wood that makes the blades.

The fan is still nice looking and certainly better than anything at a contractor/builder store, but I expect more from MF.

By:Michael H. , Homeowner (Philadelphia)

5 out of 5
Great low profile, clean fan.

Great fan. Only comment is direction control seems to be limited to are switch on the fan body.

By:Jason , Designer (Venice, Ca, USA)

3 out of 5
Love the look, hate the wait.

I love the look of this fan. while i actually like the look much better without the light, i needed a light for my ceiling. however, when i called y lighting, they didn't ask me how tall my ceiling was, so i didn't buy an extention rod, it is now very apparent (since the light has been hung) that it's too close to the ceiling. i won't even be able to clean it, unless i buy the extension. this also means calling the electrician back to rehang. so, that kind of customer service would have been appreciated.

By:Paulina , Homeowner (chicago)

4 out of 5
Excellent Product

Bought as a Christmas gift and product is as advertised. Couldn't be happier. Shipping and service first rate. Will buy one for myself.

By:J. S. (NYC)

5 out of 5
Love it!

Sleek and modern!

By:J.S. , Homeowner (NY)

5 out of 5
the perfect blend of design simplicity and functionality.

couldn't be happier with the pared-down look of this fan. modern yet classic in it's simplicity. whisper quiet. looks beautiful turned on or off.

By:D.M. , Designer (NYC)

4 out of 5
Lapa Fan

The fan looks very nice, clean cut and elegant. I wish the wall controls had a bit more style but they are functional.

By:Homeowner , Homeowner (Massachusetts)

4 out of 5
Lapa Fan

Looks very nice once up - clean and stylish. Wall controls are a bit less exciting but functional.

By:Homeowner , Homeowner (Massachusetts)

4 out of 5
Very pleased with our Lapa Celining fans.

We ordered two of the same Lapa fans for our country house. One with the "hugger" option. They are really beautiful installed. The color of the white is just beautiful! Only odd thing is that on the operational unit on the wall the highest # (4) is the slowest setting. Myself and the electrician thought this odd as we would expect #1 to be slowest with #4 being fastest. Otherwise, could not be happier.

By:Ronna B. (New Preston, CT)

5 out of 5
I was really surprised when I saw it installed: perfect!!!

The Lapa Ceiling Fan is the perfect option for small spaces and even low ceilings. I had my doubts because the ceilings of the apt. Were only 7' high and I ordered it (the fan) with the hugger option, which doesn't look bad at all. It has a very simple and clean design which worked out perfect for this project. I wasn't sure at the beginning but now I don't have any doubts that this was an excellent purchase. And they doesn't make any sound!

By:Diego R. , Designer (Miami, Florida)

5 out of 5
Excellent Purchase!

The Lapa ceiling fan is an excellent option if you want something simple, modern and sophisticated. It doesn't make any sound (which is great!). At the beginning I had my doubts about this fan even because it was going to be installed in a very low ceiling, but with the hugger option that you can get separately it works absolutely fine and haven't had any problems with it!

By:Diego R. , Designer (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
Great Design!

shipped in a timely manner - can't wait to get this ceiling fan installed! We searched many sites and found this site to offer comparable prices + free shipping!!! :-)

By:Crystal S. , Homeowner (Fort Worth, TX)

5 out of 5

The Lappa Hugger Ceiling fan is incredible. It's beautiful, easy to install, nearly silent and perfect for lower ceilings. YLighting was able to give me the very best price beating out tons of competition both local and on the internet. The fan shipped nearly immediately and arrived quicker than expected and in perfect condition.

As many people looking at Modern Fan Co. fans already know, the blades are a soft, particle board-like material painted a grey color that gets close to the color of the fan itself. This is a little disappointing at first, but I think it keeps the blades lighter and easier to balance (no wobble).

All-in-all, this is an amazing fan worth every penny of the price and it cannot be beat by other fan companies. Thank you YLighting for your excellent service.

By:Brian M. , Architect (Philadelphia, PA)

5 out of 5
Great modern fan

Product came quickly, installed easily, moves air quietly.
Great addition to modern home.

4 out of 5
Clean, modern, works great!

The fan went up in our new playroom Friday and it is beautiful. We love it so much that we want to add more fans from YLighting to our home! It is powerful yet quiet. I went from hating ceiling fans to loving them instantly!

By:Beverly K. (Natick, MA)

5 out of 5
Looks Great!

This fan is sleek and looks fantastic in our Pool House. It moves the air great and is a quality product.

By:Farrell , Homeowner (Roanoke, Virginia)

5 out of 5

We've specified this product on three projects to date, and continue to be impressed by its workmanship, style, silence and the way it moves air. This one is a no-brainer--step away from the faux-Victorian fans and get one that does the job without visual clutter.

By:Scoarch , Architect (Nyack NY)

4 out of 5
Looks great and works great

All of the options were easy to choose from when ordering. The fans and options were all sent in one box each. I put three of these in and they look classic and edgy and beautiful with the house.

By:Sally , Architect (Minneapolis)

4 out of 5
Very satisfied with style and service.

The fan with lighting fixture looks great: clean and modern. The delivery was fast and when we discovered an electrical problem, customer service anlayzed and resolved it in one phone call. I had the repalcement part within days.

By:William D. (New York, NY)

5 out of 5
This is a great fan and even better that it is made in Oregon.

We think that this fan is compact, modern in design and very tasteful!

By:Libby H. , Architect (Portland, OR)

4 out of 5
Modern fans that are affordable and functional.

We really like the look of this fan. Even better that it's made in the USA!

By:Libby H. , Architect (Portland, OR)

5 out of 5
Great look!

A great, modern looking fan.

By:Richard C. , Homeowner (Seattle, WA)

5 out of 5

I have been looking for a modern fan for some time. This is the only place where I found it for the right price. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. in a few words. If you want a high quality truly modern fan get it here, otherwise just go to the local store where everyone shops.

By:Javier V. , Architect (Tampa FL USA)

5 out of 5
The Lapa ceiling fans have been used in our last two homes. They are quiet, move lots of air and the look great.

The Lapa ceiling fans offer numerous control options, look great, quiet and look great. I highly recommend ceiling fans from Modern Fan Company.

By:Philip T. , Homeowner (Sarasota, Florida)

5 out of 5
Modern Fan Co - Lapa Ceiling Fan

All of modern fan's products are great and the Lapa is no exception. It hugs the ceiling to work within our existing ceiling heights and looks great doing it. It generates great air movement and is quiet. This fan really adds that extra touch of sophistication to our row house renovation.

By:Philadelphia A. , Architect (Philadelphia PA)

5 out of 5
nice clean lines, works great.

I'm very happy with the design and performance of this fan.

By:Cindy , Homeowner (Omaha, NE)

5 out of 5
Nice clean lines, great circulation.

I'm very pleased with this product, its clean simple lines work well in our home. When first installed it made a creaking noise, but it quickly balanced itself and now performs nicely and quietly.

By:Cindy R. , Homeowner (Omaha, NE)

5 out of 5
modern, silent, quick installation + comes in white

The Lapa is great! I had been looking for a long time for simple modern ceiling fan in white for a small bedroom (10' x x12") and soon found out that it is difficult to find!

I was thrilled to find the Lapa fan in gloss white and in 42" on Y Lighting. The installation was fast and easy for my electrician - it took about 30 minutes. It is a simple modern addition to my prewar apartment.

I am sensitive to details and do wish the two screws holding up the canopy where not visible. Not every component in the white version are made of the same material. The fan blades are not metal so the white finish on them is not a perfectly match white gloss of the body of the fan but once installed t no longer bothers me and is not noticeable. The 'half-ball' connection which hangs from the canopy could be more refined.

Overall this is a perfect fan for a nice clean modern look!

By:V.M. , Designer (NY, NY)

5 out of 5
modern and simple fan (lighting option review)

I'm really happy with this modern fan, but had not originally taken into account the following...

It was only once the electrician was installing the Lapa fan that I realized I not ordered all of the correct components. Turns out that there were only 2 wires in my bedroom's junction box so in order to have a light added I needed the 'Two Wire Fan/Light Wall Control'... I called Y LIghting and they were very helpful in explaining what I needed to do to resolve my problem. Lesson learned to first check your junction box!

Also, I had underestimated how nice it would be to have the ability to dim the lighting a domestic environment. I am now going to install a halogen socket and install the correct wall control to be able to change the fan speed setting as well as the level of the light.

The Y Lighting representative I spoke to was friendly and helpful.

By:V.M. (NY, NY)

5 out of 5
Nice Fan!

The fan has worked well for over a year...good design.

By:Robin , Homeowner (Chicago)

5 out of 5
I love this fan.

The fan works beautifully and looks great. My electrician remarked on how well made it was. I purchased the hugger model because of a lower ceiling. The fan is exactly what I wanted.

By:Patricia , Architect (New York State)

Customer Questions:

Q: Can multiple fans be operated from one remote control?

A: For the Modern Fans- as long the fans are fan only and do not include light kits, multiple fans can be operated from one remote. Additional receivers will need to be ordered for each additional fan.

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