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New Solus Ceiling Fan

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Price: $384.00

Solus Ceiling Fan


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1. Model: SOL

2. Finish:

3. Blade Span:

4. Blade Color:

5. Light:

6. Control:

Material(s): Aluminum, Metal, Plywood, Composite

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Design by Ron Rezek.
By The Modern Fan Company.

The Solus Ceiling Fan features an aluminum body with 42" or 52" plywood blades, available in a variety of finish options. Solus combines functional design with a sleek motif available with optional light kits and controls.

The halogen or compact fluorescent light kit adds 1" to the length of the fan.

Control features:

  • 001 - Fan Speed Control: A basic fan control used to operate a fan only, providing four speeds.
  • 002 - Three Wire Fan Speed and Light Control: Intended for operation of a fan with light. Requires two circuits (three wires). Provides four speeds and full range dimming.
  • 003 - Handheld Remote Control: Designed for independent operation of a fan and light using only one circuit (two wires). Provides three speeds and full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) and comes with a wall hanging bracket.
  • 004 - Two Wire Fan Speed and Light Control: Designed for independent operation of fan and light using only one circuit (two wires). Provides three speeds and full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) and wires into wall box.
  • 005 - Wall Control with Remote Handset: A combination control package including the 004 Fan and Light Control and 003 Handheld Remote Control handset. Provides three speeds and full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) from wall control and compatible remote handset.

Includes 5" and 14" downrods, yielding 15" or 24" overall height. 12° blade pitch.

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5878
  • Watts at high speed = 70
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 83

UL Listed for damp locations.

Material(s): Aluminum, Metal, Plywood, Composite


  • Fan Body: 9.5"D X 15"H
  • Canopy: 5.25"D



  • 470 - Halogen: 1 X 75W 120V G9 halogen (included)
  • 471 - Compact Fluorescent: 1 X 26W 120V GU24 compact fluorescent (included)


Manufacturer Specifications: Specifications Sheet 1, Specifications Sheet 2

Model(s): SOL-BA-42-AL-470-001 SOL-BA-42-AL-470-002 SOL-BA-42-AL-470-003 SOL-BA-42-AL-470-004 SOL-BA-42-AL-470-005 SOL-BA-42-AL-470-NC SOL-BA-42-AL-471-001 SOL-BA-42-AL-471-002 SOL-BA-42-AL-471-003 SOL-BA-42-AL-471-004 SOL-BA-42-AL-471-005 SOL-BA-42-AL-471-NC SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-001 SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-002 SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-003 SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-004 SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-005 SOL-BA-42-AL-NL-NC SOL-BA-42-MP-470-001 SOL-BA-42-MP-470-002 SOL-BA-42-MP-470-003 SOL-BA-42-MP-470-004 SOL-BA-42-MP-470-005 SOL-BA-42-MP-470-NC SOL-BA-42-MP-471-001 SOL-BA-42-MP-471-002 SOL-BA-42-MP-471-003 SOL-BA-42-MP-471-004 SOL-BA-42-MP-471-005 SOL-BA-42-MP-471-NC SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-001 SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-002 SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-003 SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-004 SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-005 SOL-BA-42-MP-NL-NC SOL-BA-42-WH-470-001 SOL-BA-42-WH-470-002 SOL-BA-42-WH-470-003 SOL-BA-42-WH-470-004 SOL-BA-42-WH-470-005 SOL-BA-42-WH-470-NC SOL-BA-42-WH-471-001 SOL-BA-42-WH-471-002 SOL-BA-42-WH-471-003 SOL-BA-42-WH-471-004 SOL-BA-42-WH-471-005 SOL-BA-42-WH-471-NC SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-001 SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-002 SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-003 SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-004 SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-005 SOL-BA-42-WH-NL-NC SOL-BA-52-AL-470-001 SOL-BA-52-AL-470-002 SOL-BA-52-AL-470-003 SOL-BA-52-AL-470-004 SOL-BA-52-AL-470-005 SOL-BA-52-AL-470-NC SOL-BA-52-AL-471-001 SOL-BA-52-AL-471-002 SOL-BA-52-AL-471-003 SOL-BA-52-AL-471-004 SOL-BA-52-AL-471-005 SOL-BA-52-AL-471-NC SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-001 SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-002 SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-003 SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-004 SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-005 SOL-BA-52-AL-NL-NC SOL-BA-52-MP-470-001 SOL-BA-52-MP-470-002 SOL-BA-52-MP-470-003 SOL-BA-52-MP-470-004 SOL-BA-52-MP-470-005 SOL-BA-52-MP-470-NC SOL-BA-52-MP-471-001 SOL-BA-52-MP-471-002 SOL-BA-52-MP-471-003 SOL-BA-52-MP-471-004 SOL-BA-52-MP-471-005 SOL-BA-52-MP-471-NC SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-001 SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-002 SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-003 SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-004 SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-005 SOL-BA-52-MP-NL-NC SOL-BA-52-WH-470-001 SOL-BA-52-WH-470-002 SOL-BA-52-WH-470-003 SOL-BA-52-WH-470-004 SOL-BA-52-WH-470-005 SOL-BA-52-WH-470-NC SOL-BA-52-WH-471-001 SOL-BA-52-WH-471-002 SOL-BA-52-WH-471-003 SOL-BA-52-WH-471-004 SOL-BA-52-WH-471-005 SOL-BA-52-WH-471-NC SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-001 SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-002 SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-003 SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-004 SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-005 SOL-BA-52-WH-NL-NC SOL-GW-42-AL-470-001 SOL-GW-42-AL-470-002 SOL-GW-42-AL-470-003 SOL-GW-42-AL-470-004 SOL-GW-42-AL-470-005 SOL-GW-42-AL-470-NC SOL-GW-42-AL-471-001 SOL-GW-42-AL-471-002 SOL-GW-42-AL-471-003 SOL-GW-42-AL-471-004 SOL-GW-42-AL-471-005 SOL-GW-42-AL-471-NC SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-001 SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-002 SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-003 SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-004 SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-005 SOL-GW-42-AL-NL-NC SOL-GW-42-MP-470-001 SOL-GW-42-MP-470-002 SOL-GW-42-MP-470-003 SOL-GW-42-MP-470-004 SOL-GW-42-MP-470-005 SOL-GW-42-MP-470-NC SOL-GW-42-MP-471-001 SOL-GW-42-MP-471-002 SOL-GW-42-MP-471-003 SOL-GW-42-MP-471-004 SOL-GW-42-MP-471-005 SOL-GW-42-MP-471-NC SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-001 SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-002 SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-003 SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-004 SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-005 SOL-GW-42-MP-NL-NC SOL-GW-42-WH-470-001 SOL-GW-42-WH-470-002 SOL-GW-42-WH-470-003 SOL-GW-42-WH-470-004 SOL-GW-42-WH-470-005 SOL-GW-42-WH-470-NC SOL-GW-42-WH-471-001 SOL-GW-42-WH-471-002 SOL-GW-42-WH-471-003 SOL-GW-42-WH-471-004 SOL-GW-42-WH-471-005 SOL-GW-42-WH-471-NC SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-001 SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-002 SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-003 SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-004 SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-005 SOL-GW-42-WH-NL-NC SOL-GW-52-AL-470-001 SOL-GW-52-AL-470-002 SOL-GW-52-AL-470-003 SOL-GW-52-AL-470-004 SOL-GW-52-AL-470-005 SOL-GW-52-AL-470-NC SOL-GW-52-AL-471-001 SOL-GW-52-AL-471-002 SOL-GW-52-AL-471-003 SOL-GW-52-AL-471-004 SOL-GW-52-AL-471-005 SOL-GW-52-AL-471-NC SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-001 SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-002 SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-003 SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-004 SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-005 SOL-GW-52-AL-NL-NC SOL-GW-52-MP-470-001 SOL-GW-52-MP-470-002 SOL-GW-52-MP-470-003 SOL-GW-52-MP-470-004 SOL-GW-52-MP-470-005 SOL-GW-52-MP-470-NC SOL-GW-52-MP-471-001 SOL-GW-52-MP-471-002 SOL-GW-52-MP-471-003 SOL-GW-52-MP-471-004 SOL-GW-52-MP-471-005 SOL-GW-52-MP-471-NC SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-001 SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-002 SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-003 SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-004 SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-005 SOL-GW-52-MP-NL-NC SOL-GW-52-WH-470-001 SOL-GW-52-WH-470-002 SOL-GW-52-WH-470-003 SOL-GW-52-WH-470-004 SOL-GW-52-WH-470-005 SOL-GW-52-WH-470-NC SOL-GW-52-WH-471-001 SOL-GW-52-WH-471-002 SOL-GW-52-WH-471-003 SOL-GW-52-WH-471-004 SOL-GW-52-WH-471-005 SOL-GW-52-WH-471-NC SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-001 SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-002 SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-003 SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-004 SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-005 SOL-GW-52-WH-NL-NC

Ron Rezek

Ron Rezek designed the world's first contemporary-styled ceiling fan, the Stratos, in 1986. But his list of accomplishments in the design world is long and varied, from lifeguard equipment to contemporary lighting. In 1997, Ron started The Modern Fan Co. in Ashland, Oregon, which produces and sells only contemporary ceiling fans.

His ceiling fans have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, retail and institutional applications, and all types of residential projects.

Ron Rezek's Philosophy:
"I don't think contemporary means a stark white room. I think it means a tasteful alignment of important elements. There are some designers who copy the Modernists who have come before. But I think 'contemporary' is the pursuit of the new." "People assume that all contemporary fixtures are more functional than traditional ones. That is because contemporary fixtures are easier to clean and they seem to be more utilitarian based on their appearance. And because of their simplicity and lack of ornamentation, they also have an alliance with the industrial look. But all of this doesn't necessarily translate into function. The Modern Fan Co.'s fans are designed to be functional and energy efficient. This is part of being contemporary and pushing the edge. Energy efficiency is the wave of the future."

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Modern Fan Company

Modern Fan Company. Consciously cool.

Modern Fan represents a new age in ceiling fans — the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design. Designed by Ron Rezek, the Modern Fan Company's models celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes. The unique ceiling fan styles of Modern Fan represent a new age in ceiling fans — the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design (you won't find any wicker or flowery fans here!).

Modern Fan Company

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