North American Lighting Designers

Castor Design

Roll and Hill

Launched in 2010, Roll & Hill is a New York City based manufacturer of high end contemporary lighting. Roll & Hill brings a uniquely American perspective to the international contemporary lighting market. Their products are unique, responsible, innovative + add beauty to whatever space they occupy.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Since its launch in 2007, New York City's Rich, Brilliant, Willing has become an internationally renowned design studio and one of the most exciting firms currently working in the United States. With a combination of technical sophistication + old-fashioned sleight of hand, they appropriate existing components and strategically rethink them.


Cerno's mission is to fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with contemporary design. The 3 founders are comprised of an engineer, designer and artist whose unrelenting passion for innovative design fuels their pursuit to continually create one-of-a-kind furniture + lighting products.