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MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger -Open Box

This product is no longer available.

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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  • Energy Efficient
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Design by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, 2005.

Imported from Italy, by Rotaliana.

MultiPot belongs to a new generation of lighting objects and is the first of Rotaliana products to combine lighting with other functions. This hybrid, multifunctional lamp combines an LED ambient night light with multiple sockets, along with a space to keep cables neatly stored. MultiPot provides new comfort levels, both in the home and the the office by catering for both old and new requirements: our habit of emptying keys and other personal items, from pockets into containers, with new requirements to manage our increased use of rechargeable mulitmedia equipment, home computers and the transformation of televisions into home theatres. With its familar looks, lighting function and translucent finish (to filter the light while masking the electrical cables), the MultiPot is a picture of elegant functionality.

  • Built-in on/off switch with illuminated indicator of "Power On".
  • Chargers and LED lights separately switched.
  • 5 outlets for your charging needs.
  • 6 foot grounded cord and plug.
  • LED consumption 4.2W; 60,000 hours lamp life.
  • 2000W maximum power output.

Material(s): Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 9.25"D (top) X 7.5"H X 5.5"D (base)

Lamp Type: LED

Bulbs: 1 X 4.2W 120V LED (included)

Listing: UL

Model(s): 41MPT-000-067 41MPT-000-001 41MPT-000-030 41MPT-000-200 41MPT-000-002

Dante Donegani

Born in Pinzolo (province of Trento) in 1957. Dante Donegani gained a degree in architecture in Florence in 1983. Since 1991 he has been the director of the master’s program in design at the Domus Academy in Milan. In 1992 he opened the D&L Studio together with Giovanni Lauda.

He has designed layouts for art exhibitions, corporate identity projects, and products for a number of companies that include Memphis, Stildomus, Isuz, Steel and Luceplan, Le Cose Nostre, Edra, Radice and Viceversa. Dante Donegani has won important competitions in architecture and his work have been displayed in numerous exhibitions.

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Giovanni Lauda

Giovanni Lauda was born in 1956 in Naples, where he gained a degree in architecture and was a member of the Morozzi & Partners studio from 1988 to 1991. In 1992 he opened the D&L Studio together with Dante Donegani. He has created products in the home sector for Sedie & Company, Uchino, Play line, Le Cose Nostre, Edra, Radice Lucepland and Viceversa, as well as staging for art exhibitions, and commercial layouts. He has been teaching at the Domus Academy in Milan since 1993.

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Rotaliana. Contemporary Italian Lighting.

Enlightenments - both in the sense of enlightenment and of illumination.

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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5
5 out of 5
the Best Invention in a long time

I gave 4 of these to family for Xmas and each person said it was there best gift. A Brilliant and attractive solution to today's techno clutter - even the 16 yr. old girl loved it and USED IT, The geek in the family was totally impressed.

I think it s BRILLIANT and Beautidul!

By:nancy o. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
It's brilliant!

This product definately lives up to its description. Its functional, trendy, hip and comtemporary! I love it!!!

By:Blanca R. , Homeowner (Santa Monica, CA USA)

5 out of 5
A great Light/Cord organizer for Neat Freaks

Can't find the recharger for your iphone? ipod? blue tooth thing? here is a great solution. Keeps the cords out of site and in one place. Plastic. Still looks good and is an excellent value.

By:Light Lover (Galveston, Texas,USA)

3 out of 5
this is a great, innovative product; visually pleasing. not sure if it really helps to cut the clutter, however.

By:hyo y. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Very inventive and useful product.

This little "pot" is super useful as a place to keep all our electronics. Now there is one central location for everything! No more hunting all over the house for that elusive cellphone or discovering that the iPod needs recharging just when we're walking out the door. This product is also cool looking enough to keep out, centrally located, in our home. Great product!

By:Stephanie S. , Designer (Penn Valley, CA, USA)

4 out of 5
Great way to hide cords

Plenty of room for cords. However, PC power bricks don't fit inside.

By:David S. , Homeowner (Houston, TX, US)

5 out of 5
Great design and quality. A little pricey but it is the best looking power station on the market.

By:Hei Peng C. , Homeowner (San Francisco, CA)

5 out of 5
Best-looking Solution I've Seen So Far

I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to pay a premium for good design. The manufacturing quality is high, and it is well-enginereed. As advertised, it cleans up the mess of cords that comes with having multiple recharging devices. One knock: the internal electrical sockets are a little too close together; larger plug housings will conflict with one another. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase.

By:Gear Junkie , Homeowner (So Cal)

5 out of 5
It will become a classic

When one thinks that design has reached its ceiling and there's not too many things left to do, a great idea appears and shows there are still plenty of practical yet beautiful solutions; if you hate the mess that all of the wires and chargers that lie on your desk/table make, this is a fantastic solution, simple but well thought and designed, a "must have" if you're a design lover or fashionist, it gives a touch of chic wherever you place it; its best is at dark when its leds are on. Buy it, period.

By:LUIS B. , Homeowner (Mexico City)

5 out of 5
LOVE it!

I was on-the-fence about this product having read various opinions and reviews on its value and usefulness. I always leaned toward purchasing it because I loved the design (and this was before I knew it doubled as a lighting source!) but it also seemed a bit more like a "nice-to-have" than a necessity. Well, it went on sale and I took the plunge and we love it!

It is: 1) A stylish and cool solution to very neatly charging up multiple devices in one place, 2) As mentioned, it doubles as a discreetN lighting source, 3) If you travel a lot and constantly need to retrieve your chargers, it simplifies access.

No more ugly power-strips, cords and phones, iPods, etc. lying about. I highly recommend the MultiPot!

HIghly recommend it

By:N. , Homeowner (California)

5 out of 5
love the combination of function and design.

Had seen this product once and it never left my mind. I bought it and love it. It is easy to install and works perfect for all the family phones and I-pods.
A functional and good contemporary design.

By:maria , Homeowner (new york, NY)

4 out of 5
Groovy Charger

Stylish way to consolidate the appliances -- no dangling wires, nice clean look.

By:Karen W. , Designer (Newport Beach, CA)

5 out of 5
Efficient & Beautiful

The Miltipot keeps all my chargers hidden and organized. It's also a stylish nightlight for my house! I love the way it minimizes the cords!

By:Linda W , Homeowner (St Paul, MN)

5 out of 5
Efficient & Beautiful

The Miltipot keeps all my chargers hidden and organized. It's also a stylish nightlight for my house! I love the way it minimizes the cords!

By:Linda W , Homeowner (St Paul, MN)

5 out of 5
It's great, combination of good function and design!

We are really enjoying it. Our phones and ipod are connected on it. It's reduced the clutter in a very stylish way. The light is very soothing as well.

By:Maureen H. , Homeowner (New York, NY)

4 out of 5
I love being able to have all my husbands components in one place.

By:rose e. , Renter (Burlingame, Ca )

4 out of 5
neat product!

looks great and is practical.

By:DY , Homeowner (chicago)

5 out of 5
I Love it.. !!!

Perfect for organizing all youre cables etc.
And it looks great , where ever you put it.
great product .

By:k , Designer (texas)

4 out of 5
If Design married Function and they had a child it would be the Multipot

Every home has a "clutter" corner. This is where keys, coins and general pocket clutter end up at the end of the day.This has gotten worse as cellphones/ PDAs and their associated wall wart transformers and cords jockey for position around electrical outlets. It's unsightly and disorganized. The MultiPot banishes this chaos in a single high concept unit. It's basically a "pot" with a removable concave "lid". The pot portion holds and controls the cords for the multiple electronic devices that you have neatly out of sight. The under surface of the removable lid has multiple plug receptacles for the transformers- also neatly out of sight. The MultiPot unit has a single cord that plugs into the nearest wall outlet to power all of the plugged in transformers. The top of the lid holds all the smaller clutter such as keys, coins and pocket debris that would normally litter the surrounding counter. Your electronics sit on top as well recharging as their wires pass through from undder the lid. It also has a switchable LED night light in the lid that helps you navigate during darkness. The MultiPot is available in a number of decor enhancing finishes. It's neat, elegant and OMG! functional.

By:Otto W. , Homeowner (Burlington, Ontario Canada)

5 out of 5
Gorgeous design, love the light!

I had looked all over the web for a charging station that did not contain wood, as that is not our design style....finally come across this one and purchased it for my husband for Christmas. He loved is smart looking and easy to use...would certainly purchase another one......

By:Jill H. , Homeowner (Iowa, USA)

5 out of 5
very cool

this is both functional and beautiful. I ordered one in white, and by mistake received a black one. It was not in the color I wanted, but it was so cool that I decided to offer it to a friend and order another one in white. YLighting handled it well, and quickly. I now have my white lamp, which has helped clean up cable clutter considerably, and provides clean, crisp light to my kitchen.

By:mf , Homeowner (washington dc)

5 out of 5
Love the whole idea of this light fixutre and is so practical for daily use.

I think this fixture is such a great idea and practical. It is perfect to keep thing organised and knowwhere your daily essentials are. I will be getting addtional fixtures to give as gifts. Great product!

By:Michael C. , Architect (Irvine, California USA)

5 out of 5

This is a very cool, functional piece. It provides ambient light, and has a beautiful, streamlined design. I liked it so much that I bought two - one for me, and one for a friend.

By:Manuela , Homeowner

4 out of 5
Great looking, great functional design, but seems to have a manufacturing defect

Love the look and design of this product. After extensive research on charging stations, I determined this one had the best combination of looks and function. The first unit arrived severly scratched. The outside of the pot has a mirrored finish, and it had scratches on the side. I returned the item, and the second unit they sent me also arrived scratched, but less scratched than the first one, so I just kept it. Great design, but they might be having some manufacturing challenges with the mirrored finish.

By:Susan B. , Homeowner (Laguna Niguel, CA, USA)

5 out of 5
Good looking, practical and very cool

This is a fantastic product. We ended up purchasing 2 as we have a lot of gadgets that need charging. One is placed in an area that serves as a bar and if you dont know what the pot is used for you would assume its a cool ice bucket! Both of ours are black and hide the wires very well. If you are considering this product you will not be sorry.

By:AMS , Designer (New Jersey)

5 out of 5
Wonderful light, great for a desk space.

Very cool, very helpful way to coral all the chargers and equipment hanging around the house. I bought the white one; now I wish I had taken a risk and gotten either a black one or amber one. That would enhance the futuristic quality of the light.

By:Melinda B. , Architect (Washington)

4 out of 5
great lamp / organizational piece for a work space!

It is nice to have some soft light on a work table. It also organizes the caos or electrical cords.... although there are many plugs inside the multipot, the space in the top where the cables come out from is rather small and not large enough if you have a bunch of mac cables to organize from computers.
This space should have been larger

By:Erin B. , Designer (brooklyn)

5 out of 5
I really like the pot, it has an excellent, modern design and is very practical.

Good choice of colors and excellent, design. Very practical. Can declutter your living area.

By:Lawrence M.

5 out of 5

By:Ed , Homeowner

4 out of 5
Powerstrips don't have to be ugly

For anyone who hates unsightly leftover cables and powerstrips like behind a tv or homeoffice. Wish it had more sockets. Best used as leave alone with desired items plugged in because design makes it difficult to swap items often.

By:What I think (San Francisco)

4 out of 5
Simple Function.

Nice to find something unique for a charging station. Double purpose with lighting option makes for a smart purchase. Purchased in white and makes for a very clean and modern fixture in the space.

By:Alexi , Designer (New York)

3 out of 5
Great except for the light

It works well for us, but I was expecting the light to be a nice ambiance glow and instead there is a bright beam of light shining up right in my eyes. I wish it was directed inward instead of out towards the ceiling.

By:Sabine L. , Homeowner

5 out of 5
Great way to organize cords

We saw the multi pot in a design store on a recent trip to Italy and thought it was an attractive way to organize an ugly part of our kitchen: the "charging station". We put all the chargers and cords into the multi-pot and it looks so good we moved it to the living room!

5 out of 5
Beautiful & utilitarian light source cum sculpture cum device charger

I'm a "lighting freak" with a history of splurging on beautiful lighting fixtures for decades, even when their cost was painful to me.
This beautiful, reasonably-priced MultiPot "device" proudly graces the mid-Century Danish modern rosewood dining table at which I often work online in the room's sunny bucolic views of Victorian Flatbush.
The MultiPot is perfectly at home within two yards of a Gay Aulenti Pipistrello lamp & other head-turning fixtures that Heaven has bestowed on me.
I may well buy additional MultiPots for other rooms, & also as gifts for people I'm find of.
Thank you, YLighting, for bringing this little marvel to my attention & selling it to me for a song.

By:Edward C. , Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

5 out of 5
Great product

Excellent design and great function. Separate switches for the chargers and LED light.

By:Ekandgh , Homeowner (Mountain View, CA)

3 out of 5
It's Okay

I have it and it's okay. It charges various objects and the concept it fairly interesting. I rarely have the light on. Two major drawbacks, is: 1. I don't think there is a replacement for the bulb. 2. The cord to plug it in is thick which makes it overpowering compared to the charger itself. Other than that it's a fun charger if you have the space for it.

By:Mike , Designer (Vegas)

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