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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

Design by Ron Rezek.
By The Period Arts Fan Company.

The Arcadia is an example of the West Coast Arts & Crafts Movement consisting of hammered-copper bases and shades of translucent mica (alos called isinglass) which is treated with shellac to give them an amber cast. Although authentic in design and appearance, the Arcadia utilizes a modern motor design, electronic controls, energy-saving lighting and a lifetime motor warranty.

Available in Rubbed Bronze metal finish and matching blades in Black, Maple and Mahogany. Optional light kit is available in both Halogen or Compact Fluorescent versions. Includes 3" and 9" downrods, for 18" or 24" overall height. sloped ceiling adapter (sold separately).

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5848
  • Watts at high speed = 68
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 88

Note: Any control ordered with a fan that has been configured with a energy-saving CFL lamp, will be supplied a non-dimming control.

  • 9" D X 13" H X 18" Overall Height
  • Ceiling Canopy: 5.25" D
metal, wood, mineral
Lamp Type
  • Halogen: 1 X 75W G9 Halogen lamp (included)
  • Compact Fluorescent: 1 X 26W GU24 Compact Fluorescent lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-001 ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-002 ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-003 ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-004 ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-005 ARC-RB-42-BK-ES-NC ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-001 ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-002 ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-003 ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-004 ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-005 ARC-RB-42-BK-IN-NC ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-001 ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-002 ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-003 ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-004 ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-005 ARC-RB-42-MG-ES-NC ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-001 ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-002 ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-003 ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-004 ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-005 ARC-RB-42-MG-IN-NC ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-001 ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-002 ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-003 ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-004 ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-005 ARC-RB-42-MP-ES-NC ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-001 ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-002 ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-003 ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-004 ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-005 ARC-RB-42-MP-IN-NC ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-001 ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-002 ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-003 ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-004 ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-005 ARC-RB-52-BK-ES-NC ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-001 ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-002 ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-003 ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-004 ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-005 ARC-RB-52-BK-IN-NC ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-001 ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-002 ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-003 ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-004 ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-005 ARC-RB-52-MG-ES-NC ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-001 ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-002 ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-003 ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-004 ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-005 ARC-RB-52-MG-IN-NC ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-001 ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-002 ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-003 ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-004 ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-005 ARC-RB-52-MP-ES-NC ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-001 ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-002 ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-003 ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-004 ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-005 ARC-RB-52-MP-IN-NC