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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

Design by Ron Rezek.
By The Periods Arts Company.

The Flute may reference a centuries-old Roman architectural theme, but it is modern in every respect. Available in dark bronze metal finish. The blades are a plywood laminate and available in your choice of black, maple or mahogany with a blade span of either 42" or 52". The detailing of the optional light kit is complementary to the die-cast body and is available with either an incandescent or compact fluorescent light source.

The Flute fan only, or fan with a compact fluorescent light source, has earned the Energy Star rating. The fan can accommodate a sloped ceiling up to 33°. For slopes over 33° but under 45°, use the sloped ceiling adapter (sold separately). Includes 4" and 12" downrods, yielding 16" or 24" overall height. Optional downrods available for alternate heights.

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5535
  • Watts at high speed = 63
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 888

Note: Any control ordered with a fan that has been configured with a energy-saving CFL lamp, will be supplied a non-dimming control.

  • Fan body: 7" Dia X 9.25" H
  • Ceiling canopy: 5.25" Dia
  • Includes 4" and 12" downrods, yielding 16" or 24" overall height.
  • Optional light kit adds 3" to overall height.
metal, wood
Lamp Type
  • Halogen: 1 X 75W G9 Halogen lamp (included)
  • Compact Fluorescent: 1 X 26W GU24 Compact Fluorescent lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
FLT-DB-42-BK-750-001 FLT-DB-42-BK-750-002 FLT-DB-42-BK-750-003 FLT-DB-42-BK-750-004 FLT-DB-42-BK-750-005 FLT-DB-42-BK-750-NC FLT-DB-42-BK-751-001 FLT-DB-42-BK-751-002 FLT-DB-42-BK-751-003 FLT-DB-42-BK-751-004 FLT-DB-42-BK-751-005 FLT-DB-42-BK-751-NC FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-001 FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-002 FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-003 FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-004 FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-005 FLT-DB-42-BK-NL-NC FLT-DB-42-MG-750-001 FLT-DB-42-MG-750-002 FLT-DB-42-MG-750-003 FLT-DB-42-MG-750-004 FLT-DB-42-MG-750-005 FLT-DB-42-MG-750-NC FLT-DB-42-MG-751-001 FLT-DB-42-MG-751-002 FLT-DB-42-MG-751-003 FLT-DB-42-MG-751-004 FLT-DB-42-MG-751-005 FLT-DB-42-MG-751-NC FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-001 FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-002 FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-003 FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-004 FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-005 FLT-DB-42-MG-NL-NC FLT-DB-42-MP-750-001 FLT-DB-42-MP-750-002 FLT-DB-42-MP-750-003 FLT-DB-42-MP-750-004 FLT-DB-42-MP-750-005 FLT-DB-42-MP-750-NC FLT-DB-42-MP-751-001 FLT-DB-42-MP-751-002 FLT-DB-42-MP-751-003 FLT-DB-42-MP-751-004 FLT-DB-42-MP-751-005 FLT-DB-42-MP-751-NC FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-001 FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-002 FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-003 FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-004 FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-005 FLT-DB-42-MP-NL-NC FLT-DB-52-BK-750-001 FLT-DB-52-BK-750-002 FLT-DB-52-BK-750-003 FLT-DB-52-BK-750-004 FLT-DB-52-BK-750-005 FLT-DB-52-BK-750-NC FLT-DB-52-BK-751-001 FLT-DB-52-BK-751-002 FLT-DB-52-BK-751-003 FLT-DB-52-BK-751-004 FLT-DB-52-BK-751-005 FLT-DB-52-BK-751-NC FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-001 FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-002 FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-003 FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-004 FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-005 FLT-DB-52-BK-NL-NC FLT-DB-52-MG-750-001 FLT-DB-52-MG-750-002 FLT-DB-52-MG-750-003 FLT-DB-52-MG-750-004 FLT-DB-52-MG-750-005 FLT-DB-52-MG-750-NC FLT-DB-52-MG-751-001 FLT-DB-52-MG-751-002 FLT-DB-52-MG-751-003 FLT-DB-52-MG-751-004 FLT-DB-52-MG-751-005 FLT-DB-52-MG-751-NC FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-001 FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-002 FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-003 FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-004 FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-005 FLT-DB-52-MG-NL-NC FLT-DB-52-MP-750-001 FLT-DB-52-MP-750-002 FLT-DB-52-MP-750-003 FLT-DB-52-MP-750-004 FLT-DB-52-MP-750-005 FLT-DB-52-MP-750-NC FLT-DB-52-MP-751-001 FLT-DB-52-MP-751-002 FLT-DB-52-MP-751-003 FLT-DB-52-MP-751-004 FLT-DB-52-MP-751-005 FLT-DB-52-MP-751-NC FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-001 FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-002 FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-003 FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-004 FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-005 FLT-DB-52-MP-NL-NC