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Information On Remote Transformers

The transformer you'll need depends on how much wattage your application calls for and what features you want your transformer to have.

What wattage should the transformer be rated for?

While we carry a large selection of transformers, suitability has more to do with how much wattage your lights will require than which lamp you are purchasing. The transformer wattage must exceed the sum of the wattage of all the light fixtures you plan to connect to the transformer. For instance, if you have three fixtures, each with a 20W bulb, you will need a transformer rated for at least 60W.

Should I get a magnetic or an electronic transformer?

Magnetic transformers may have a somewhat longer lifespan than electronic transformers, but they require special dimmers and switches designed for magnetic transformers. You should probably get an electronic transformer unless you plan on buying special switches or dimmers.

Do you offer any plug-in transfomers?

The only plug-in transformer we currently offer is the 60W EN-33PS.

How do the SST series transformers differ from the EN series transformers?

We generally recommend the EN series transformers for remote transformer applications. The SST is really designed for use with the linear track lighting system, but can be used remotely as well and should be selected when you want to be able to turn your lights on and off at the transformer (it has a built-in on-off switch).

What does AR mean in the model number (e.g. EN12PAR, EN12PEAR)

The "AR" means auto re-set. There are three main advantages:

a. Short Circuit Protection: In the event of an electrical short, the transformer will stop functioning. After the shorted condition is removed and power is re-applied, the transformer will continue normal operation with no adverse effect to its life span.

b. Circuit Overload Protection: The transformer will cease functioning in the event of a circuit overload condition. It will re-set once the condition is corrected.

c. Extended life span: Turning on a light switch applies a sudden surge to bulbs and transformers, shortening the life of both. The AR transformer has a "soft on" feature that applies the voltage gradually. When you flick the switch, you will notice a two-second delay until the lights reach full brightness.

Do you provide any further information on your transformers?

Please visit the Q&A section, located at the bottom of this page: Also, there is further information on each transformer page.

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