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This remote magnetic transformer converts standard 120 or 277 volt line voltage to 12 volts, providing the necessary voltage for powering Two-Circuit MonoRail low-voltage lighting system. Each transformer includes fast-acting secondary circuit breakers that will safely turn the system off should a short occur. Once the short has been removed the breakers can be reset. Transformer powers lamp totaling up to 600 watts.

This transformer must be installed in a remote but accessible location (such as above the ceiling or in a closet). To simplify installation the transformer should be located no more than 20 feet from the run or power feed. The electrician will need to supply the proper gauge conductor from the transformer to the power feed location based on distance (see voltage drop chart).

Dimming a transformer may create a buzzing sound, which may be objectionable in some applications. Debuzzing dimming coils can be purchased to reduce audible noise (sold separately).

  • 12.5"L X 6.1"W X 5.9"H
  • 24.2 lbs
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