• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Two-Circuit MonoRail bends very easily by hand to almost any imaginable shape, but the pre-bent 90 degree curve makes Two-Circuit MonoRail even easier to install. Horizontal 90 degree curves are sold by radius (12", 18", 24", 36", 48", or 60"), or the distance from the center of the circle to the outside edge. Join four 90 degree curves to create a circle with a diameter (overall width) equal to twice the specified radius.
Example: Four of the 12" radius pieces will form a circle with a 24" diameter.

Rated for 300 watts per circuit at 12 volts. Each piece of rail is shipped with conductive connectors to join rail pieces end to end. Order additional connectors if cutting and rejoining rails.

  • Radius: 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", or 60"
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700MO2BH9012C 700MO2BH9012G 700MO2BH9012S 700MO2BH9012Z 700MO2BH9018C 700MO2BH9018G 700MO2BH9018S 700MO2BH9018Z 700MO2BH9024C 700MO2BH9024G 700MO2BH9024S 700MO2BH9024Z 700MO2BH9036C 700MO2BH9036G 700MO2BH9036S 700MO2BH9036Z 700MO2BH9048C 700MO2BH9048G 700MO2BH9048S 700MO2BH9048Z 700MO2BH9060C 700MO2BH9060G 700MO2BH9060S 700MO2BH9060Z