• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

A single-feed canopy is mounted to the ceiling above the Two-Circuit MonoRail run. It brings power to the Two-Circuit MonoRail run from a remote two-circuit transformer (sold separately). The low-voltage leads from the remote transformer are connected to the canopy leads inside the junction box. This canopy provides two independent circuits.

This product can mount to either a 4" square electrical box with round plaster ring or an octagon electrical box (not included).

Black and white finish have satin nickel feeds. For use with a two-circuit single-feed remote transformer (sold separately). The shortest rigid standoff that can be used with a Two-Circuit MonoRail single-feed canopy is the 2" rigid standoff (sold separately). If dropping the rail more than 2" below the ceiling, order the desired rigid standoff length and one compatible power extender (sold separately).

  • 4"D X 2.8"H
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