• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Minimal head pivots vertically 180°, rotates horizontally 350°. Features horizontal locking mechanisms. Includes energy-saving electronic ballast in slim aluminum die cast housing for T-Trak™ systems; input voltage 120V 50/60hertz, THD <10%. Power Jack version is compatible with Power Jack Canopy with Ballast (sold separately).

Satin nickel or white finish. Lamp type selection will determine size of the head.

  • MR16 (162/163): 1.5"D X 1.8"L
  • PAR20 (202/203): 2"D X 2.9"L
  • PAR30L (30L2/30L3/30L7): 2"D X 2.6"L
Lamp Type
  • MR16 (162/163): 1 X 20 or 39W 120V GX10 base ceramic metal halide MR16 (not included)
  • PAR20 (202/203): 1 X 20 or 39W 120V E26 (medium base) ceramic metal halide PAR20 (not included)
  • PAR30L (30L2/30L3/30L7): 1 X 20, 39 or 70W 120V E26 (medium base) ceramic metal halide PAR30 Long (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700PJTWSC16206S 700PJTWSC16206W 700PJTWSC16212S 700PJTWSC16212W 700PJTWSC16306S 700PJTWSC16306W 700PJTWSC16312S 700PJTWSC16312W 700PJTWSC20206S 700PJTWSC20206W 700PJTWSC20212S 700PJTWSC20212W 700PJTWSC20218S 700PJTWSC20218W 700PJTWSC20306S 700PJTWSC20306W 700PJTWSC20312S 700PJTWSC20312W 700PJTWSC20318S 700PJTWSC20318W 700PJTWSC30L206S 700PJTWSC30L206W 700PJTWSC30L212S 700PJTWSC30L212W 700PJTWSC30L218S 700PJTWSC30L218W 700PJTWSC30L306S 700PJTWSC30L306W 700PJTWSC30L312S 700PJTWSC30L312W 700PJTWSC30L318S 700PJTWSC30L318W 700PJTWSC30L706S 700PJTWSC30L706W 700PJTWSC30L712S 700PJTWSC30L712W 700PJTWSC30L718S 700PJTWSC30L718W 700TT2TWSC16206S 700TT2TWSC16206W 700TT2TWSC16212S 700TT2TWSC16212W 700TT2TWSC16306S 700TT2TWSC16306W 700TT2TWSC16312S 700TT2TWSC16312W 700TT2TWSC20206S 700TT2TWSC20206W 700TT2TWSC20212S 700TT2TWSC20212W 700TT2TWSC20218S 700TT2TWSC20218W 700TT2TWSC20306S 700TT2TWSC20306W 700TT2TWSC20312S 700TT2TWSC20312W 700TT2TWSC20318S 700TT2TWSC20318W 700TT2TWSC30L206S 700TT2TWSC30L206W 700TT2TWSC30L212S 700TT2TWSC30L212W 700TT2TWSC30L218S 700TT2TWSC30L218W 700TT2TWSC30L306S 700TT2TWSC30L306W 700TT2TWSC30L312S 700TT2TWSC30L312W 700TT2TWSC30L318S 700TT2TWSC30L318W 700TT2TWSC30L706S 700TT2TWSC30L706W 700TT2TWSC30L712S 700TT2TWSC30L712W 700TT2TWSC30L718S 700TT2TWSC30L718W 700TTTWSC16206S 700TTTWSC16206W 700TTTWSC16212S 700TTTWSC16212W 700TTTWSC16306S 700TTTWSC16306W 700TTTWSC16312S 700TTTWSC16312W 700TTTWSC20206S 700TTTWSC20206W 700TTTWSC20212S 700TTTWSC20212W 700TTTWSC20218S 700TTTWSC20218W 700TTTWSC20306S 700TTTWSC20306W 700TTTWSC20312S 700TTTWSC20312W 700TTTWSC20318S 700TTTWSC20318W 700TTTWSC30L206S 700TTTWSC30L206W 700TTTWSC30L212S 700TTTWSC30L212W 700TTTWSC30L218S 700TTTWSC30L218W 700TTTWSC30L306S 700TTTWSC30L306W 700TTTWSC30L312S 700TTTWSC30L312W 700TTTWSC30L318S 700TTTWSC30L318W 700TTTWSC30L706S 700TTTWSC30L706W 700TTTWSC30L712S 700TTTWSC30L712W 700TTTWSC30L718S 700TTTWSC30L718W