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ELEMENT 3 In LED Low-Profile Adjustable Downlight Housing Tech Lighting | YLighting

ELEMENT - 3 Inch LED Low-Profile Adjustable Downlight Housing

Price: $484.00
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Price: $484.00

ELEMENT - 3 Inch LED Low-Profile Adjustable Downlight Housing


Availability: In Stock models ship within 3-5 days.

1. Model:

2. Ceiling Appearance:

3. Lamping:

4. Beam Spread:

5. Function: A - Adjustable

6. Housing Rating:

7. Driver: 010 - Standard 0-10V Dimming

8. Voltage:

Material(s): Aluminum, Metal

Add the Corresponding Accessories:

Price: $82.00
ELEMENT - 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim

ELEMENT - 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim


Availability: In Stock models ship within 3-5 days.

1. Model:

2. Ceiling Appearance:

3. Trim Style:

4. Aperture:

5. Finish:

Material(s): Aluminum

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By Tech Lighting, 2014.

The ELEMENT 3 Inch LED Low-Profile Adjustable Downlight Housing provides a beautiful architectural appearance and high performance for shallow ceiling plenum installations. Designed with an ultra-shallow 4" housing and utilizing the same trim pieces as the rest of the ELEMENT 3" LED series, can be used in conjunction with the entire 3" family and remain undetectable. Ideal for space constrained environments such as elevators and healthcare soffits. Complete adjustability allows for lockable hot aiming with 0°-35° tilt and 361° rotation, eliminating dead spots. Universal IC/Non-IC standard housing assures code compliance regardless of ceiling. Chicago Plenum housing also available.


  • Available with three interchangeable optics: 15°, 25°, and 40° beam angles.
  • LED Bulb provided in 2700K, 3000K and 3500K color temperatures, and 80 CRI or 90 CRI options.
  • Accepts two optical controls and an optional trim mounted lens.
  • Optional 0-10v dimming.
  • Dimmable with ELV or incandescent dimmer.

Material(s): Aluminum, Metal

Dimensions: 17.5"L X 11.5"W X 4"H

Lamp Type: LED

Bulbs: 1 X 19W, 120V/240V/277V, LED Array 2700K/3000K/3500K, 80/90 CRI (included)


Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Model(s): E3RLF-LH8271AS-010 E3RLF-LH8301AS-010 E3RLF-LH8351AS-010 E3RLF-LH9271AS-010 E3RLF-LH9301AS-010 E3RLF-LH9351AS-010 E3RLF-LH8272AS-010 E3RLF-LH8302AS-010 E3RLF-LH8352AS-010 E3RLF-LH9272AS-010 E3RLF-LH9302AS-010 E3RLF-LH9352AS-010 E3RLF-LH8274AS-010 E3RLF-LH8304AS-010 E3RLF-LH8354AS-010 E3RLF-LH9274AS-010 E3RLF-LH9304AS-010 E3RLF-LH9354AS-010 E3RLF-LH8271ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8301ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8351ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9271ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9301ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9351ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8272ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8302ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8352ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9272ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9302ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9352ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8274ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8304ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8354ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9274ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9304ASC-010 E3RLF-LH9354ASC-010 E3RLF-LH8271AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8301AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8351AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9271AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9301AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9351AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8272AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8302AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8352AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9272AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9302AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9352AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8274AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8304AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8354AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9274AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9304AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH9354AS-010-240 E3RLF-LH8271ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8301ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8351ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9271ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9301ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9351ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8272ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8302ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8352ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9272ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9302ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9352ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8274ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8304ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8354ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9274ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9304ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH9354ASC-010-240 E3RLF-LH8271AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8301AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8351AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9271AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9301AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9351AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8272AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8302AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8352AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9272AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9302AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9352AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8274AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8304AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8354AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9274AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9304AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH9354AS-010-277 E3RLF-LH8271ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8301ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8351ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9271ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9301ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9351ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8272ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8302ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8352ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9272ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9302ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9352ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8274ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8304ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH8354ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9274ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9304ASC-010-277 E3RLF-LH9354ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8271AS-010 E3SLF-LH8301AS-010 E3SLF-LH8351AS-010 E3SLF-LH9271AS-010 E3SLF-LH9301AS-010 E3SLF-LH9351AS-010 E3SLF-LH8272AS-010 E3SLF-LH8302AS-010 E3SLF-LH8352AS-010 E3SLF-LH9272AS-010 E3SLF-LH9302AS-010 E3SLF-LH9352AS-010 E3SLF-LH8274AS-010 E3SLF-LH8304AS-010 E3SLF-LH8354AS-010 E3SLF-LH9274AS-010 E3SLF-LH9304AS-010 E3SLF-LH9354AS-010 E3SLF-LH8271ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8301ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8351ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9271ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9301ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9351ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8272ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8302ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8352ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9272ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9302ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9352ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8274ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8304ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8354ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9274ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9304ASC-010 E3SLF-LH9354ASC-010 E3SLF-LH8271AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8301AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8351AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9271AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9301AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9351AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8272AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8302AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8352AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9272AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9302AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9352AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8274AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8304AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8354AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9274AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9304AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH9354AS-010-240 E3SLF-LH8271ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8301ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8351ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9271ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9301ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9351ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8272ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8302ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8352ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9272ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9302ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9352ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8274ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8304ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8354ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9274ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9304ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH9354ASC-010-240 E3SLF-LH8271AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8301AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8351AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9271AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9301AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9351AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8272AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8302AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8352AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9272AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9302AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9352AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8274AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8304AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8354AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9274AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9304AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH9354AS-010-277 E3SLF-LH8271ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8301ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8351ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9271ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9301ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9351ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8272ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8302ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8352ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9272ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9302ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9352ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8274ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8304ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH8354ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9274ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9304ASC-010-277 E3SLF-LH9354ASC-010-277

TECH Lighting

TECH Lighting is North America's premier designer of low-voltage lighting systems and modern decorative lighting fixtures. Innovative original designs and an uncompromising attention to detail make these products a great solution for residential and commercial applications.

What began as a Chicago lighting showroom in 1983 has evolved into an industry-leading manufacturer with broad recognition for their architectural lighting systems and ELEMENT line of smartly engineered recessed lights. Over the years, TECH Lighting became famous for its low-voltage track lighting systems, such as MonoRail, and Kable Lite.

This tradition of excellence continues with the introduction of T-trak, winner of the Lightfair 2003 Design Excellence Award for most innovative new product. T-trak is the first-ever hand-bendable, line-voltage track lighting system. This revolutionary system features a sleek metal track that can be curved in the field to form practically any shape, while simultaneously providing powerful and versatile illumination options.

These systems are complemented by a wide range of pendants, wall sconces, bath lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, picture lights, and more. TECH Lighting and their commitment to innovation, design and craftsmanship is evident in every component, from their rail and cable, to signature glass, to the smallest hardware detailing.

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