Track Lighting - Low Voltage Track Lights, Line Voltage Track Fixtures, and Other Track Lighting Styles

Track Lighting - Low Voltage Track Lights, Line Voltage Track Fixtures, and Other Track Lighting Styles

There is a lot of helpful information on our track lighting primer. Also be sure to visit our track lighting frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

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YLIGHTING offers the three standards in complete systems of track lighting: the 2-Wire ?L?, the 3-Wire ?H?, and the Wide 2-Wire ?J? systems. All of our low and line voltage track heads are available in versions compatible with each standard, including Halo, Juno and Lightolier, which gives us the flexibility to meet different customer demands. Each standard differs in its connection between the fixture (the head) and the track, so while the fixtures themselves look exactly the same, it is important to choose the right fixture to match the standard of the track you have installed or plan to install. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend the three-wire "H" standard at is the most popular. Take a look at the track lighting FAQ for more information on track styles and compatibility with products from other manufacturers.

All low voltage track lighting fixture styles are equipped with a self-contained electronic transformer that brings the line voltage of approximately 120 volts down to 12 volts, to make the voltage suitable for low voltage lamps (lightbulbs). This transformer is a rectagular block about 4" long that serves as both the base of the fixture and the connection to the track. These transformers will generally will work with standard (incandescent) modern-dimmers. In rare instances, however, customers have reported that their fixtures produce a humming sound when used with a dimmer; in such cases we recommend that a better quality standard dimmer or an electronic dimmer be used, and, should the problem presist, we recommend a noise filter that is generally available from a store like Radio Shack. It is important to note that magnetic modern-dimmers are not suitable for our low voltage track products.

line voltage track heads
Line voltage track heads are offered in a variety of styles. When compared with our low voltage track lighting products, the main difference is that the line voltage fixtures do not require a transformer, making the "base" which connects to the track a lot smaller. Beacuse they do not use a transformer, line voltage track heads use a different set of lamps (lightbulbs) than the comparable low voltage fixutres.

Line voltage fixtures can accept lamps (lightbulbs) up to the stated wattage rating of the fixture (see the specifications on each fixture page). Low voltage fixtures are generally limited to 50W lamps (except for those fixtures that are limited to 35W MR11 lamps). However, for installations which require stronger illumination, the bulk of the low voltage track fixtures we carry are also available in 75W versions (see the specifications listed on the page of the fixture in question).

All low voltage track lighting heads may be ordered with an optional 18?, 24?, 36? or 48? extension, which serves to increase the distance between the track and the head of the fixture with a rigid tube. As a special order, this extension may be ordered with a sloped ceiling connector at the transformer end for use with tracks installed on sloped ceilings. For the low voltage track styles, extensions form an integral part of the fixture (the fixture is assembled with the extension at the factory) and therefore extensions cannot be sold separately from the fixture itself. Furthermore, track lighting fixtures ordered with extensions may take a longer time to ship, depending on availability from our manufacturer, and are not returnable under any circumstances. For line voltage track fixtures, drops can be made using an extension rod. Line voltage extension rods are easily installable, but it is important to note that they are available for "H" style fixtures only.