Designed with clean and minimal aesthetics in mind, the Bubbles Lamp is an elegant addition to any modern setting. Composed of durable matte polyethylene, the Bubbles is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, in residential or commercial settings.

Available in four sizes. Composed of polyethylene resin by rotational molding. 100% recyclable. Includes LED light with rechargeable batteries, operated by remote control. In RGB model, colors can be selected or changed automatically (white, red, green, blue, light blue, pink and yellow). Provides diffused accent illumination.

  • 46003: 11.75"D
  • 46004: 15.75"D
  • 46005: 19.75"D
  • 46006: 23.5"D
Polyethylene resin
Lamp Type
  • 46003 White Light: 1 X 16W 120V LED module, 4000K, 720 lumens (included)
  • 46003 RGB Light: 1 X 16W 120V LED module, 450 lumens (included)
  • 46004 / 46005 / 46006 White Light: 1 X 72W 120V LED module, 4500K, 2800 lumens (included)
  • 46004 / 46005 / 46006 RGB Light: 1 X 72W 120V LED module, 4500K, 1100 lumens (included)
UL, IP65
UL and IP65 (wet location) listed.
Item Number
46003W 46003L 46003D 46003Y 46004W 46004L 46004D 46004Y 46005W 46005L 46005D 46005Y 46006W 46006L 46006D 46006Y