Design by Ambiance Lighting, 2001.

The Lx Track with Fascia Panel is one piece of highly stable Noryl® track with integrated fascia panel for use with LED modules and cable for the Ambiance Lx Cable System. Ideal for use inside cabinets, under shelves or in places where track and system cannot be concealed. Features pre-drilled holes to easily attach the track to surfaces with Lx Double Faced Mounting Tape, Lx Track Clip or Lx Screws and can be easily cut to any length. Lx Double Faced Mounting Tape recommended for mounting track on glass and other smooth surfaces. Total track length of 48" and available in black or white color.

Configure your Lx Cable System:

  • Choose the LED module, length, color temperature, and finish that suits your application.
  • Select a power feed cable.
  • Choose a track for LED modules to snap onto.
  • Select any additional components such as track clips, track covers, and connectors.
  • Select an electronic or magnetic transformer in a corresponding voltage and output.

  • 48"L X 0.875"W X 1.125"H
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
9443-12 9443-15