Design by Ambiance Lighting, 2016.

The Ambiance Magnetic Transformer is available in multiple wattages in both 12v AC and 24v AC and is designed for use with the Ambiance Lx Cable System or Lucarne Niche Lights. The metal enclosure is powder-coated and potted to minimize vibration and noise while featuring thermal protection on the primary 120v side. Available with a black finish and with single output and dual output options.


  • Zero load with LED lamp sources.
  • Include boost tap for use when transformer is further than 20' from the first light.
  • Dimmable and resettable magnetic circuit breakers for short circuit protection.
  • Dual Output options include a switch that operates both outputs, load should be balanced between both outputs.
  • Housings inclde an easy-hang bracket, wiring access, and knockouts for line voltage entry.

Configure your Lx Cable System:

  • Choose the LED module, length, color temperature, and finish that suits your application.
  • Select a power feed cable.
  • Choose a track for LED modules to snap onto.
  • Select any additional components such as track clips, track covers, and connectors.
  • Select an electronic or magnetic transformer in a corresponding voltage and output.

Configure your Lucarne Niche Lights System:

  • Choose a design, voltage, color temperature, and finish.
  • Select a transformer with corresponding voltage.

  • 94458-12, 94459-12: 8.75"L X 4.25"W X 3.75"H
  • 94460-12: 10.5"L X 4.312"W X 4.312"H
  • 94462-12: 10.5"W X 4.375"W X 3.875"H
  • 94464-12: 10.562"L X 5"W X 5"H
  • 94461-12: 10.75"L X 4.5"W X 4.25"H
  • 94463-12, 94465-12: 12.5"L X 6.25"W X 6"H
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
94458-12 94460-12 94462-12 94464-11 94459-12 94461-12 94463-12 94465-12