Design by Ambiance Lighting, 2016.

The Zero Load Electronic Transformer is available in three wattages and in 12v AC and 24v AC versions to power the Ambiance Lx Cable System or Lucarne Niche Lights. Transformers can be operated remotely or with the installed switch. They also seperate from the 120v side making it easy to replace or upgrade. Available in black or white finish. Shown in black with connector cord.


  • Zero load with LED lamp sources.
  • Includes Radio Frequency Interference modules to eliminate interference that may occur when dimming low-voltage fixtures.
  • Dimmable with an electronic low-voltage (ELV) dimmer.
  • Secondary side features quick connection fast install and can be replaced without the need for an electrician or touching the primary wiring.
  • Max run of 35'.
  • 30W and 75W options include an 8' Lx Connector (pictured).

Configure your Lx Cable System:

  • Choose the LED module, length, color temperature, and finish that suits your application.
  • Select a power feed cable.
  • Choose a track for LED modules to snap onto.
  • Select any additional components such as track clips, track covers, and connectors.
  • Select an electronic or magnetic transformer in a corresponding voltage and output.

Configure your Lucarne Niche Lights System:

  • Choose a design, voltage, color temperature, and finish.
  • Select a transformer with corresponding voltage.

  • 96620S, 96621S, 96622S, 96623S: 7.8"L X 1.36"W X 0.95"H
  • 96624S, 96625S: 8.385"L X 2.53"W X 1.22"H
Item Number
96620S-12 96620S-15 96622S-12 96622S-15 96624S-12 96624S-15 96621S-12 96621S-15 96623S-12 96623S-15 96625S-12 96625S-15