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Architectural Lighting Fixtures - Functional & Stylish

Modern architectural lighting is a union of highly functional and visually stunning designs that serve an equally central purpose while providing lighting fixtures that blend seamlessly within any setting. Architectural lighting fixtures are a great way to bring beauty to any space and provide illumination where needed. There are many different types of architectural lighting available to choose from such as; pendant lights, suspension lighting systems, recessed lighting, surface lighting, and accent lights. Whether you are looking to illuminate a specific room in or outside of your home, office or commercial space, YLighting offers a vast assortment of architectural lighting.

Architectural Lighting for Every Space

When shopping for architectural lighting, it can feel like quite the task as there are many different styles, finishes, and sizes for various spaces. It may be helpful to first determine what type of space you are wanting to illuminate, whether it be interior or exterior. Then consider your aesthetic preferences and needs for the design. Since different rooms all have different functions, each room in a space should have a combination of lighting that is ideal for that distinct setting.

Perhaps you are wanting to bring ambient lighting into a space while truly making a statement, architectural pendant lights are the perfect solution and lend form, function and added appeal. If you want to highlight a specific focal point whether it be artwork on a wall or shelf, this is best achieved by the use of architectural accent lighting as it may be adjusted to provide directional light. From the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and hallways, recessed architectural lighting fixtures are a versatile solution that work well in almost every situation. For large commercial spaces, including offices and hotels alike, architectural linear suspension lights add a modern aesthetic feel and provide superior illumination.

At YLighting, our wide selection of modern architectural lighting offers state-of-the-art and energy-efficient luminaires for all projects. With offerings from brands such as TECH Lighting, Artemide, Fabbian, and Bruck Lighting, plus a 100% Price Match Guarantee & Free Shipping, you are sure to find the perfect type of architectural lighting that meets your exact needs. For expert advice and planning by an ALA (American Lighting Association) certified expert, please call us at (800) 657-4595.