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51 Results
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Learn More About Artemide

A Look at Artemide's Tolomeo Lamp

Established by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959, has continued to be a force in the lighting industry, most notably for their iconic Tolomeo Lamp Collection. It's a lamp whose name you might not know by heart, but you most likely have seen it. In 1987, Michele De Lucchi designed the Tolomeo series with Giancarlo Fassino and, almost 30 years later, it remains a classic, sought after design that graces many a home and office. Since its inception, the Tolomeo Collection has grown to offer various versions and sizes for just about every lighting situation.

Where it all began… The lamp came about when De Lucchi longed to have one of his own lamps above his drawing table, a place he spent many hours every day.

His design of the Tolomeo design was inspired by a fisherman’s movement of the rods used to support fishing nets. The biggest challenge De Lucchi faced was making sure the lamp stayed put while the arm was being moved into position with only one hand. He solved the problem with stainless steel cables and internal tension springs, and the rest is history. It's no surprise that in 1989 the was awarded the Compasso d’Oro Award for Italian industrial design, thanks to its perfect marriage of design and engineering.

No matter the version, each Tolomeo features a weighted base and a pivoting lampshade. Multiple connected arms allow the lamp to be fully adjustable with the help of those steel tension cables. Also, many of the styles now come in LED versions.

How to Pick Your Artemide Tolomeo

With so many Artemide Tolomeo designs available, you might think making the right choice would be difficult. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Here’s how you can pick your perfect Tolomeo:

Comparison of Artemide Tolomeo Mega, Classic, Mini, and Micro Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Tolomeo Micro

The Artemide Tolomeo Micro LED Table Lamp by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp with Aluminum Finish

Little desk space? Go Micro. If you have an unconventional space-saving desk, then you’ll want to go with a desk lamp that takes up as little surface-area as possible. Enter the . Compact, with all the same task lighting features as the classic, it won’t even feel like your desk lamp is on the smaller side.

Tolomeo Mini

The Artemide Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp with Black Finish

In search for a bedside companion? Try the . If your bedside table doesn’t have a lot of space to spare, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on style or function. For reading at night, the Tolomeo Mini is going to be your best friend. Small enough to not take up much space, but still gives you enough light to read comfortably at night.

Tolomeo Midi

The Artemide Tolomeo Midi LED Table Lamp by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Midi with Aluminum Finish

Want better task lighting? Consider the Midi. While the has been reduced in size from its classic counterpart, a few modifications still make it the ideal desk lamp. With the wattage bumped up to 9, you get more lumen output; in other words, ideal task lighting for a work table. The structure and arms have been extended too, which help increase Midi’s flexibility and reach.

Tolomeo Classic

The Artemide Tolomeo Table Lamp with Shade by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp with Aluminum Finish

Need something iconic? Stick to the Classic. The is anything but basic. This iconic desk lamp has the sleek and modern look you've come to know and love. The addition of LED technology helps keep things modern and tech savvy, while the fully adjustable arm allows you to get the perfect height and angle for task lighting.

Tolomeo Table Lamp with Shade

The Artemide Tolomeo Table Lamp with Shade by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Table Lamp with Parchment Shade

Looking for a little softer look? Opt for the . The standard desk lamp's aluminum diffuser has been replaced with a parchment paper shade, which makes the Tolomeo Table Lamp with Shade a warm, contemporary work space addition. This Tolomeo makes a great bedside reading lamp too!

Tolomeo Mega

The Artemide Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp by Michele de Lucchi
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp with Black Shade

Interested in a larger scale lamp? Then the is for you. A floor lamp that combines the best features from each Tolomeo and blows it up on a larger scale, the Tolomeo Mega is ideal for living room lighting. Another floor lamp option, the Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp is a near exact enlarged replica of the Tolomeo Classic.