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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient

Design by Arturo Álvarez, 2008.
Made in Spain by LAB Arturo Alvarez.

Wavy face and texture. Select Planum in any one of five silicone colors: white, black, orange, blue or gray. Planum is a diffuser that lets us cover large surfaces with a warm and pleasant light. Delicate shapes with small and subtle relief that allow us to create authentic skies of light in architectural surroundings. Planum is made of an innovative material, created by a proprietary process of infusing silicone with color and then spraying the pigmented silicone over a stainless steel mesh. Planum is crafted from a durable, easy-to-clean material that, when illuminated, casts shadows of youthful wonder. Functional and extraordinary while still maintaining the hallmarks of design and art, Planum is an original visual and kinesthetic experience.

To allow for ambient light leak, this item does not sit flush against the wall or ceiling. The lamps may be visible from certain perspectives.

Shown in gray.

  • 37.75" Sq X 3.25" Ext
silicone, steel
Lamp Type
4 X 24W 120V T5HO linear fluorescent lamps (not included), electronic ballast
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