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Modern Barware, Cocktail Shakes + Wine Accessories

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How To Create the Best Modern Bar

Being your home’s own bartender takes a lot of responsibility - have you considered what it really means to be a bartender? While the benefits are surely there - being able to provide your friends and family with the drink of their choice, perfectly chilled, stirred, shaken, or whatever way is their preference is the sign of the most competent of hosts. So, do you have all the components?

The Components of a Modern Bar Room

Modern cocktail accessories are the first step to crafting the perfect drink for the perfect occasion. Whether you need whiskey cubes to keep a drink cold without watering it down, a for your martinis, mixer spoons, or a foamer to really dazzle your guests, you will find it in YLighting’s .

For those that believe wine is not a pastime, it’s a lifestyle, your bar is going to need those extra that make this so, such as a decanter and decanter pourer to aerate your wine to reveal those perfect tones, or to keep your wine organized in style. And, you can stop there, or further uncork your bar’s hospitality with to keep champagnes or white wines cool.

No matter what you choose, these innovative designs will fancy up your home bar in an instant. We also offer various styles of and to choose from to match your existing decor. At YLighting, we offer the best in modern home furnishings and modern accessories with thousands of designs from more than a hundred well-known and up-and-coming brands.