Modern Bathroom Hardware

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Create a Well-Designed Space with Modern Bathroom Hardware

More than a space for routine grooming activities, modern bathroom spaces allow homeowners to create a serene environment thanks to modern décor and fixtures made of sustainable materials and eye-catching designs. Contemporary bathrooms combine efficiency with luxe details and modern bathroom hardware serves as the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed bathroom space. Designed to coordinate with modern bathroom fixtures like wall sconces, ceiling lights, and vanity lighting, bathroom hardware is available in many of the same designer finishes that make creating a well-designed space easy.

How to Choose the Right Modern Bathroom Hardware

Whether you are looking to refresh your existing bathroom hardware or are in the middle of a comprehensive bathroom renovation, selecting the right modern bathroom hardware is an exciting part of the process. From the classic appeal of traditional hardware finishes to more modern styles, the choices are practically endless. Bathroom hardware includes drawer pulls, towel bars, doorknobs, and utility hooks, and are easy to coordinate with existing hardware and light fixtures. If you want to match your hardware to existing fixtures and décor, consider the style of the modern vanity lighting in your bathroom, and be sure to choose hardware that mimics the overall style and finish of your lighting.

If you are planning your bathroom décor, think about the style of the space. For example, if your bathroom is dominated by traditional details, look for gold or . For a minimalist or ultramodern bathroom, opt for fixtures, accessories, and hardware with linear silhouette and sleek metallic finishes. and works particularly well in ultramodern spaces as well as stainless steel or neutrals like black or off-white.

Choosing the right hardware for your bathroom also means coordinating with modern bathroom accessories. Trash bins, soap dispensers, tissue holders, and shower bars can be easily coordinated with bathroom hardware and help create a professionally-designed look. Try to keep a consistent aesthetic by matching the finish on your bathroom hardware to the finishes on bathroom lighting and accessories.

Other Things to Know About Modern Bathroom Hardware

Aside from matching the finish of your bathroom hardware to the finishes of your existing light fixtures and bathroom accessories, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Aside from the previously mentioned bathroom accessories like trash bins and robe hooks, it is a good idea to coordinate your linens like towels, bath rugs, shower curtains for a well-designed look. When it comes to picking out hardware for your modern bathroom, you have plenty of a la carte options as well as complete sets. The type you choose will be based on your personal design preferences. For example, if you are decorating a children’s bathroom, it might be a good idea to mix and match modern bathroom hardware from different collections for a fun, whimsical aesthetic. If you prefer to keep a refined look in a master bath, contemporary hardware sets are yet another way to make sure your space is well-appointed and consistent.