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Modern Bathroom Hardware

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Create a Well-Designed Space with Modern Bathroom Hardware

To create a bathroom space that is relaxing and inviting, attention to detail is essential. From toiletries to linens, the little things in a contemporary bathroom space make all the difference. When it comes to choosing the right bathroom hardware, there are plenty of options that fit nearly any decor style. From Zen-like brushed chrome drawer pulls that continue to a spa feel or traditional antique brass towel bars, there is sure to be a hardware and accessory collection that works well in your residential or commercial space.

How to Choose Modern Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware includes handles, pulls, bars, and toilet paper holders, to name a few. These items are essential for the functionality of a bathroom space, but they should also complement the overall décor and lighting choices in the bathroom. Your hardware will need to coordinate with like shelving, benches, and toiletry organizers and many of today’s hardware lines feature similar finishes to .

For example, if your bathroom is dominated by traditional elements, look for hardware with the same finishes as your existing . If your vanity light or bath bar features brass hardware, look for bathroom hardware in finishes like gilded brass, antique brass, or champagne gold. In spaces with a more sultry look dominated by darker tones, look for or that bodes well with utilitarian or industrial light fixtures and bathroom accessories. In minimalist bathrooms or those with monochromatic décor, opt for the sleek look of silver hardware like brushed nickel or .

The right bathroom hardware selection will compliment everything in your space from to wall art and is one of the easiest ways to create a bathroom that looks professionally-decorated.

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