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Modern Bathroom Tumblers

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What is a Bathroom Tumbler Used For?

Bathroom tumblers are cups, dishes or bowls that you place your toothbrush is similar to a toothbrush holder. The main difference is that many people may opt to use their bathroom tumbler as a mouthwash cup or for just grabbing a quick drink of water before going to bed. Modern bathroom tumblers, a step up in quality, are most often made of either glass, porcelain, or stainless steel.

Incorporating a Modern Bathroom Tumbler into Your Bathroom

A fully functional needs small accessories to bring the look together. Bathroom tumblers allow you to create a utilitarian space without sacrificing an elegant style. YLighting provides a series of contemporary bathroom tumblers that are sure to bring your modern bathroom design together.

Add a bathroom tumbler with a built-in holder to your bathroom design, or just a simple piece for your countertop. By pairing your new tumbler with other bathroom accessories like and our you can complete the bath design of your dreams.

The can be used as a toothbrush holder, or for a quick drink of water before bed. Either way, it increases the comfort and usage of your home bathroom. Bringing together your bathroom design with designer pieces like modern bathroom tumblers will make a great addition to current and new bathroom designs.

Modern Appeal with Small Bathroom Accessories

Creating a bathroom space is about combining various small pieces to complete a master bathroom worthy of enjoyment. Bathroom tumblers are a great addition to any bathroom simply because of their functionality within a room. By adding a bathroom tumbler, you can create a bathroom design that is as utilitarian as it is sleek and modern. Whether you are into a clean, transparent aesthetic you may choose a glass tumbler for your bathroom or if you are interested in a darker modern aesthetic and desire a chic black tumbler, YLighting can match your desired effect in home design.

YLighting provides high-end, modern home decor, and ships almost all orders for free. If you have installation questions or questions about design and usage, our expert design and sales staff are available to help you.